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Saturday, January 29, 2011

[Message] 110127 Hyung Jun @ Japan Official Fanclub Webby

Hello, I'm Kim Hyung Jun.
Today I'm having a photoshoot for a women's magazine.

Musical Cafe-In performances have also ended smoothly
It is only a few days away before I meet everyone in Japan

Have also smoothly signed a deal with Avex
Only left with the official Japanese solo album activity?
Eum?my first target is
my album to enter the Oricon chart!!

JJUNAWAY everyone will give me a lot of support right?

Wish to meet everyone sooner.
Everyone is also thinking the same right? he he

Credit: JJunaway (kimhyungjun.jp) + planethyun@blogspot
English Translation: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)
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[News] 110126 Park JungMin held new album fan meeting, fans not fearing of under zero degree temperature giving passionate support

South Korea popular group SS501 member Park JungMin last saturday held his solo but not disband first solo fan meeting, on the day South Korea receive the first cold front making the weather to change to under zero degrees, lots of faithful fans not fearing of the low temperature waited and queueing at the event venue for few hours, just to meet their idol, while the kind Park JungMin also show his concern to fan queueing under the cold weather, specially requested his staff to distribute heat pack to each fans, making fans to felt touch and cried, kept saying the heat pack that the staff gave to fans not only warm everyone's body, even their heart felt so warm.

This fan meeting of Park JungMin in South Korea, has specially invited popular South Korea entertainment host Jung Joli* (*鄭茉莉, sorry I am not sure what is the correct romanization), at the same time also from SS501, having brotherly relationship with Park JungMin, another member Kim HyungJun specially rush over to Park JungMin's fan meeting right after the completion of his musical, giving Park JungMin who was making his first solo debut his cheer and support, making Park JungMin surprised and happy. His another SS501 member KyuJong although couldn't personally present, also specially send a message to cheer and support Park JungMin, making his local and oversea fans felt SS501 members strong friendship. After holding his South Korea fan meeting, Park JungMin immediately revealed that he wish to come to Taiwan to meet with his Taiwan fans, scheduled on 20 February Park JungMin will arrived in Taiwan to hold his solo fan meeting, the organizer Sony Music also revealed curently the Taiwan Park JungMin fan meeting is being closely planned, once finalize will immediately release related information, also hope that fan do not buy from unknown source and also don't listen to false rumour spreading on websites, all related information will be released from Sony Music Official Website www.sonymusic.com.tw.

Park JungMin first solo debut from popular group SS501, releasing using his personal name, his first solo Mini Album 'Not Album' created warm response at the same time in whole Asia, other than releasing in Taiwan the same mini album which has received great attention in South Korea, in order to give exclusivity to Taiwan fans, South Korea side has agreed to allow Taiwan album to include special exclusive card stickers, there are total 4 different Park JungMin solo photo card sticker, each album will include one piece, making a lot of fans to say that no matter purchasing how many pieces also wanted to collect all 4 photo even before the album sales. Also, fans who purchase this Taiwan edition Mini Album earlier would have chance to win a big poster, it is definitely worth its value.

Starting from Taiwan time 7pm, 26 January for 3 days, the solo song 'Not Alone' will start broadcast at Hit FM. This powerful music MV will also first broadcast on 27 - 29 January in Channel [V], fans who want to see Park JungMin's breakthrough in terms of music and visual, do not miss this opportunity and stay tune to the above channels.

Credit: www.sonymusic.com.tw
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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[Info] 110126 「Itazurana Kiss~Playful Kiss」Premium Talk & Live!

Popular Korean drama 「Playful Kiss」acted by Kim Hyun Joong will be having a Premium Talk & Live. In the「Playful Kiss」Premium Talk & Live, other than Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min and Lee Tae Sung are scheduled to attend, about the passion the cast had for the drama and in addition the talk on interesting stories of the filming etc, Kim Hyun Joong's live stage etc and to enjoy every minute of the world of 「Itazurana Kiss~Playful Kiss」.

This time round, during the period 26th January (Wednesday) 12:00 ~ 31st January (Monday) 12:00 on Kim Hyun Joong Japan Official Mobile Site will be having the first priority to sell the tickets!!

[Preformance Outline]
■Performance Title:「Itazurana Kiss~Playful Kiss」Premium Talk & Live
■Cast:Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Tae Sung (scheduled)
■Date:13th March 2011 (Sunday)
■Venue:NHK Hall
■Entrance・Start Time:
【Afternoon Session】Entrance Time 13:00/Start Time14:00
【Evening Session】Entrance Time 18:00/Start Time 19:00 
※Event time will be 2 hours for both afternoon and evening session.
■Ticket Price:All seats reserved 9,800 yen (tax inclusive)
※6yrs old above are allowed to enter, preschoolers are not allowed to enter
■Ticket Sales Date:
【Priority】Kim Hyun Joong Official Mobile Site
26th January (Wednesday) 12:00 ~ 31st January 12:00
【Playguide Priority】
5th Feburary (Saturday) from 11:00
【Public Sales】
11th February (Friday・Public Holiday) from 10:00

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[Notice] 110124 HnB Notice ~ Notice for Oversea Customers

Welcome to HnBcompany.

Please be noticed for the overseas purchasing.
In case of Japan, the local purchasing will be possible through the affiliates of HnBcompany.
However, the shipping charge of overseas purchasing (except Japan) will be updated in February on Piropiro website.

Those of who already made the bank transfer to HnBcompany bank account can either proceed after the announcement in February or send the bank account number for the refund.

In case, your quantity is over 100, please contact HnBcompany@hanmail.net

Those of you who are visiting Korea, off-line purchasing from HnBcompany near Shinsa Station without paying the shipping fees is also possible.

You can also receive at your Hotel or Accomodation.

The current membership is only for the local people in Korea, however, it will be expanded to overseas in near future.

We appreciate your kind understanding.

Thank you.

Credit: www.piropiro.co.kr + planethyun@blogspot
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[News] 110126 'Strong Heart' Park Jung Min vs Jo Kwon, Winner of Kkab showdown is?

Winner for 'Battle of the KKab' of the century was emerged through the episode of SBS's Strong Heart on the 25th.

On this special episode "Mad Presence" of Strong Heart, 2AM's Jo Kwon had not only showcased his 'Kkab Kwon Best', he haughtyly went on throwing Park Jung Min the Kkab dance challenge.

And in order to live up to the name 'Glamourous Jung Min' and not to be inferior to Jo Kwon for his sense of entertainment and dance skill, Park Jung Min brought the heated atmosphere in the studio to another level with his sexy dance.

Building on to the heated atmosphere, together with Jo Kwon, the 2 took the stage, showing off their dance skills with couple kkab dance, *rob dancing and etc. However, during the crucial round of the dance off, the butt dance, Park Jung Min conceded defeat eventually at Jo Kwon's 'Peak of Kkab'.
(*Note: Rob dancing is a dance like .. shaking? not sure how to explain it but Seo In Young is famous for that!)

At the end of Jo Kwon and Park Jung Min's 'Kkab Showdown', Jo Kwon was declared the winner. Park Jung Min said "Our eyes met while we were dancing and something was caught in our eyes at that moment" which arouses a round of laughter in the studio.

Credit: TV Report + planethyun@blogspot
English Translation: Honeyeee @ Love501.com
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[News Interview] 110126 Jung Min: SS501 is not my rival

The most beautiful group when all five were as one. Now, it’s not as five; but shared as one or as two. Last June when SS501 whose full time contract with DSP Media was up, did not sign on to a new contract with DSP Media. Members Hyunjoong, Jungmin, Hyungjun turned to stand on sole feet, while Youngsaeng and Kyujong moved to a new agency company as all of them began to shoulder troubles on their own as solo musicians. Without his 4 other intimate members, Park Jungmin has returned alone. As he poured his rythm of his heart, we listened to how he told about leaving the arms of SS501 to stand again alone on his own feet.

Our interview with Park Jungmin continued throughout without a pause. Two hours passed by in a huff with someone who was so affluent in speech. He was just like any other youth chattering on and on about his stories. If there wasn’t any time restrictions for interviews, it could have just been like pure comfort listening to someone pour about his personal stories. Though he returned alone, he did not look lonely at all. In fact, even more manly now. Park Jungmin who is a part of SS501 member has came forth for the first time with his solo mini-album titled [Not Alone] as if attempting to make it known officially that he has fought off the word named ‘Loneliness’. So how are his thoughts on stepping forth solo for the first time amidst his 6 years of experience in showbiz?

“The album name of ‘Not Alone’ simply means to want to contain the message of ‘We are all not alone. We are all One’. For my case, it also contains the meaning wherein although I stepped forth alone, I will forever be a member of SS501. If you listen to the entire album, you will be able to feel that this album contains only my personal attributes and not as a concept of SS501′s continuation of line. Without electronics or instruments, we tried our best to use bands and orchestras to animate the entire feel instead”.

In order for Park Jungmin to create only-his attributes, the part that he had put in most effort was in the ‘lyrics’. He wrote the lyrics with his imagination and personal experiences. Through the lyrics with a sentence by a sentence, a word by a word, Park Jungmin had obviously attempted to deliver his story there and then.

“When a singer sings on stage, the most important thing is to hold that sincere heart. For the fact that I decided to write the lyrics, it is for the sake of better expressing my feelings. Just like the songs ‘Do you know’ and ‘Every day is Christmas’ contained positive lyrics because I wrote them then with a serenic heart. Especially the song ‘Do you know’ – it was a song featuring the concept of a re-unite with the lover whom you already broke up with. I wrote the lyrics of this song in a puff upon hearing the melody of it a hundred times. It was in the feeling of a phone call conversation. There are also people who asked me if this song was written in view of feelings towards the members or not, but no it wasn’t hinting at any one, it’s just a story from my imagination (laughs)”.

SS501 may be his forever-roots, but still he wants to create his personal character image. For the sake of transforming into ‘the solo singer Park Jungmin’ and not as ‘SS501′s Park Jungmin’, he’s shed 12kg of weight. With his slimmed body, he’s managed to create a sharp image. Could it be for outlook transformation only? Still, you could see it as a form of stronger highlight of the feeling as ‘solo singer Park Jungmin’ who carries with him a rookie heart instead of that as ‘SS501′s Park Jungmin’.

“I went to watch past SS501 videos when I was preparing for my solo album, and I thought as I watched, ‘Ah this won’t do ne’. I didn’t know that I was so huge in size (laughs). When there were many of us, I couldn’t feel it clearly, but since I have to stand on stage alone now, I came to be worried about visuals wise. In order to slim down on my heavy body, I went on diets like diet treatments and exercising. I shed 12kg of weight, do I look different to you? (laughs)”.

Park Jungmin’s solo debut was full of bumps though. His album was originally scheduled to be released last November, but while he was in midst of preparing it, the North Korea’s Yeonpyeong-do incident occurred, to which his album had to be inevitably postponed. There was no choice but to lay down his hands on it because it was to emphatize with the country matter. However though, it turned out that 2 months of emptiness was incurred. If you think of it negatively, you might have thought that this entire matter could almost fail through already, but for him, he thought of it in a positive light and auto-tuned his mindset. He waited, and waited – his higher goals for the completion of his album.

“I felt sad that the release had to be postponed about close to two months. But if you think of it in the opposite manner, there was more time for me to prepare and so I felt glad. The Yeonpyeong-do incident wasn’t something to be happy nor laugh about, so I thought that it’d have been better as I emphatize with the country affair with the status of a citizen rather than to carry out my personal affairs. At that time I was in Japan holding my fanmeeting. Was studying a lot then as I was preparing for my acoustic band performance. With the incident, it turned out as a period for me to better mature with the name as a musician to carry out activities”.

While preparing for the album, the toughest part was to deal with SS501 related conjectures and unfounded rumors. Park Jungmin was dragged into the talk of town as “the cause for SS501′s dispersal all around the place”. Though that inflicted scars on Park Jungmin, he chose to shoulder all of these on his own. It wasn’t something to have in control about where scars turn out to be inflicted on his family members SS501. He who has that strong affection for his family members strugglingly revealed talks of SS501.

“It was all along five of us, and the toughest thing was when we had to be dispersed. All kinds of thoughts came onto mind, but I managed to tune my mindset. There are many others who are more unfortunate than I am. What is mine as compared to really unfortunate matters? That thought crept through me all time long, and no sooner than later, all bad thoughts disappeared. I just want to talk about pleasant matters of SS501″.

“We may all be in different agencies, but we made it a must to prioritize this one condition that we have to re-unite under the name of SS501″, as Park Jungmin delivered his affections. SS501 is not his rival, but instead his companions who will be walking with him for the whole of his life — as he clarified it.

“The five of us don’t see one another as rivals. All of us must succeed, and when so, that will be the most beautiful graphic is it not. All of us have good abilities, so we’re not exactly very hugely worried. All of us are working hard on our own. Results will be different with each of us as per how much sincere preparation we put in. It will be lovely if you could realize that ‘Ah so there’s a person called Park Jungmin’ through this time’s album. I wasn’t the person who shone to one’s eyes at first sight when I was in SS501, and I wasn’t superbly outstanding with my singing as well, but now I’m working hard for that, and I want to create good results”.

The title that Park Jungmin yearns for is a ‘All Rounded Entertainer’. Not just as a singer, but also as an MC and actor, and he dreams to hold results in many multi fields. He also met an agency that could accompany in his strides as they walk the same pace. He moved into the new agency CNR Media which would be his full-fledged partner. CNR Media collaborates alongside Taiwan’s Comic Ritz. While for his activities in Greater China region, he chose to sign on with Sony Music Asia. With these, he is now able to fly wider. Soon, he will be starring in a drama with Comic Ritz who produced Taiwan version of ‘Boys over Flowers’. Starting from May onwards, he will be leaving the country for Taiwan as he stays there and starts his path as an actor.

“I want to become a person who shows his various profiles as a singer, MC, actor, etc. Not only in Korea but also in China, Southeast Asia, European markets, I will work hard to show these people about a person called Park Jungmin. If I am to summarize my name, it would mean ‘a person who sings with his heart’, ‘a person who acts with his eyes’, and then when people recall me in future they would think of these descriptions. I will sprint only ahead bearing these in mind”.

Credit: news.kukinews.com + planethyun@blogspot
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[News] 110126 Standing As Solo, Park JungMin “Aims To Become A Guy You Would Like To Hug” (Interview)

From 5 to 1. Standing alone on stage, he is ‘Not Alone’ even when he feels stressed, or feels difficult to manage. SS501 Park JungMin is back with his very first single solo album ‘Not Alone’.

Into his 7th year of debut, everything from his first broadcast performance to the showcase, everything he does as a solo artiste was labeled with the word ‘first’. Of course, he is the first among SS501 members to engage fully into album activities. Even though the album was supposed to be released in November last year, it was delayed for 2 months due to YeonPyeong-do incident. Park JungMin was counting down to the day to meet with fans and practiced diligently.

“I wrote the lyrics for all the songs in this album. I wanted to express an honest story through my voice. I usually enjoys writing and drawing. This is only one part of what I couldn’t do during SS501 times, I am thinking of writing lyrics to all the songs that I will release in the future. Initially, I am shy to show to anyone what I have written. Even though I felt the stress, but after writing one or two, I also feel the thrill of it.”

As he said this himself, “I prepared ambitiously”, he devoted himself to vocal training and choreography. His performance on stage gives off a feeling like a manipulating General or a conductor. The actions are also big and impressive. With a straightforward point dance as backdrop, Park JungMin raised his voice and said “It’s tiring isn’t it? Let’s do it together”. This is his leadership which embraces and smooths the hearts of these tired people.

“Difference from group activities? Well as a solo artiste, there is no time to rest. I must do everything on my own. During SS501 days, we are able to steal a nap while the other members were filming. (laughs) Even so, I get all the attention on me.”

From last year till early this year, Park JungMin appears to be skinner each and every time we see him. He lost a total of 12kg. “It would be difficult to lose everything at once, now I don’t gain weight even when I eat continuously. My basic stamina also became better. I exercise everyday even though I am busy with my schedules. Kim JongKook hyung, Super Junior, Shinee, also goes to the gym that I go to. Their body is already so good. I won’t lose (to them).”

Leaving DSP Media, which they have grown attached to, and walking their own separate ways, SS501 was not written as being ‘disband’. It means that SS501 will continue even when they engage in their own activities. In 2011, besides the 5 members’ solo activities, there is also a possibility of a group album. “When our SS501 schedule gets confirmed, we have the intention to put on hold our solo activities. I hope that we are able to stand together in one place naturally rather than being forced to.”

Park JungMin is planning for an Asia Tour with a target of visiting more than 5 countries. “Park JungMin will be winning over SS501 soon, but through my solo album activities, I want to let the public know who is Park JungMin. My aim for 2011 is to become ‘a guy you would like to hug’. (laughs) Now that I get older (He is born in 1987, 25 years old), I want to release a sense of masculine beauty.”

Park JungMin also plans to take up the challenge of acting through taking part in a trendy drama in Taiwan and through Korean drama.

Credit: 이언혁 leeuh@newsen.com / 안성후 jumpingsh@newsen.com + planethyun@blogspot
English Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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[Translation] 110124 Park JungMin ‘SS501 Temporary Farewell.. Though Wanted to Quit on Life’ (interview)

Returned as solo. Standing as solo with his own name ‘Park JungMin’ from group ‘SS501’, he has an extraordinary air on him. Even though with a unique mellow voice as before, his face shows quite a determination when saying ‘Not Alone’. ‘Not Alone’ is the title song for his first solo album, and Park Jungmin is also as such.

“Even at the thought of temporary leaving SS501 members, I thought ‘Should I just stop doing everything?’. With that type of mindset, I went through a hard time and even to the extent of having a wrong thought of ‘Should I quit on my life here?’. However, because there are people who believe that I can do well even as 1 person ‘Park JungMin’, and not SS501, I was able to get over the hard times.”

In place of the extreme word ‘suicide’, he used a different word to express, and immediately casually gave a bright smile. This is because he spread out his own wings, putting behind the glamorous title of ‘SS501’, and dumped the thought of being ‘alone’. No, actually that he realised there are things he will do by himself and many others he can do. In addition, this album is filled with songs that tell his own stories.

“Putting in my feelings for the lyrics, it would be a lie if I say that the lyrics for ‘Not Alone’ or ‘Do you know?’ are written 100% without bearing them in mind (his yearning for the members). But I hope even more to convey a hopeful message to those who are neglected in the society, those who felt ‘alone’ that there will always be someone by your side. I hope that you can decipher ‘Do you know?’ as the feelings of a couple who broke up. (laughs)”

In fact, ‘temporary’ as what he said, was not a forever farewell with SS501 members from the start. Park JungMin is still continuing his friendship with SS501 members, and planning to release album every year with the members with the right opportunity and time.

“We always talk about coming back together among our members. However rather than to cramp those unexpected work together, we wish to put aside 2~3 months to work on it and to release the album on a specific date every year. More than being virtual promise, this will be an album that fans will be waiting for like their valentine. The agencies that the members are under, all agreed to it. Only that, all of us are still busy with our own activities….”

Park JungMin’s album title song ‘Not Alone’ is a song where the beautiful orchestra stands out. Especially that it is powerful in the introduction, and the sad violin melody represents his cries. While preparing for this album, he puts in much sincerity in his music in each and every song.

“Even though I heard over thousands of melody but I wrote the lyrics at one go. Initially I wanted to write about thanking Mother Nature but then it seems like it’s too bombastic. (laughs) A song that cannot touch the singer will not be able to touch the hearts of the general public, that I learnt by experience, so in the end I wrote my true feelings within myself. It made me realize that I should be thankful for being ordinary/normal everyday.”

If title song ‘Not Alone’ is the continuity of SS501 music, then 2nd track ‘Do You Know?’ is a song that contains the passion and music style by his own name ‘Park JungMin’. In the alternative rock rhythm, the dreamy British-pop sound makes this song attractive, Park JungMin not only wrote the lyrics but also participated in all its production. Could it be because of the burden that he is ‘alone’ and not as 5, that made him even more hard working?

“Having to do everything on my own when it used to be done by 5 of us, I think that this is a process that anyone must go through when they develop/grow up. Even though now I am still at a stage of challenging it, wouldn’t I be able slowly and steadily find a style of my own? (laughs) Rather than bearing the thoughts of ‘I must do well’ ‘I must show something’, I think I will slowly become stronger. I must become stronger so that others can rely on me, I want to become a great person as such. I don’t think I will give up when it gets more difficult, I will think of the times when I learnt what I can do on my own.”

He lost 12kg, leaving him with a defined jaw line and muscles to be proud of, the chatty Park JungMin made a new promise to his fans. In the love letters sent to his fans are the lyrics to his song ‘My everyday is Christmas’.

“That tired expression in your eyes always remain in me. Other than your breathe, I can’t see your image and can’t make you stay too (Not Alone Lyics)” during the difficult times of his. “Do you know? You are a special person to me (Do You Know? Lyrics)” says his confession. “Hm I am very happy, everything about you is great. Even as I sleep, sometimes I see you so made me excited. Which is why if we are together, my day is Christmas everyday” like this. His love towards his fans is the reason that brings forth a solo musician ‘Park JungMin’.

Credit: gilmong@tvreport.co.kr + planethyun@blogspot
English Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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[Notice] 110114 KeyEast Notice ~ Information about Taiwan promotions

Greetings everyone.

This is Keyeast.

Welcome the new year, 2011.

We wish you a Happy New Year!

We'd like to say some information about Taiwan promotions that was supposed to start the end of 2010.

Last November, Some of the media said that Mr. Kim Hyun Joong would visit to Taiwan for promotion.

At that time, Keyeast and drama production were talking over the promotion.

After the closing of the drama, Mr. Kim Hyun Joong had a lot of schedules. That's why we were under discussion with the production about Mr. Kim Hyun Joong's schedules.

The Taiwan media said that Mr.Kim's visiting to Taiwan is confirmed. In addition, Some goods and events were sold related his visiting for promotion.

We're very sorry about that unexpected news and even goods and events for sale led you to confusion.

After this incident, Keyeast will take a strong measure with news and event for sale from an unconfirmed source.

We will do our best not to give you other confusions.

Please don't forget we only notify every Mr. Kim Hyun Joong's official schedules on "www.hyunjoong.com"

We are really appreciative of your support and love.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours


Credit: http://www.hyun-joong.com/bbs/view.asp?idx=10769&code=notice_eng&searchopt=&searchkey=&category=&page=1 + planethyun@blogspot
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[News] 110122 Kim HyungJun, “Park JungMin Fell into My Charm!”

“If I’m not around by his side, JungMin will get extremely uneasy”

SS501 member Kim HyungJun made a surprise guest appearance in Park JungMin’s first solo album commemoration 1st Showcase & Fan Meeting held on 22-Jan at 7pm at Dom Art Hall in Seoul KwangJin-gu Children’s Park.

Kim HyungJun made his surprise appearance when Park JungMin was singing ‘Rainbow’ which he has written the lyrics for, surprising the fans who attended the showcase & fan meeting.

Finishing the song, Kim HyungJun begun to speak jokingly “I think JungMin will be uneasy if I’m not around by his side, so I came.”

However, soon after he said again “I wanted to be a part of JungMin’s first solo debut. I pray for the success of JungMin’s solo album.”

Park JungMin displayed a different charm that was not shown during their group activities during his first ever solo showcase & fan meeting. With the fan meeting, this is also an event to repay the fans who have supported and cheered him on for Park JungMin’s solo debut.

Park JungMin’s first solo album ‘Not Alone’ is an upgrade musically as compared to during SS501 days, and its style shows his charm fully. While preparing for his own album, he also participated its production by writing lyrics of songs, which attracted the attention of public.

His first title song ‘Not Alone’ is made with luxurious orchestration mixed perfectly with synth, it is a dance song which one can feel both classical and modern music at the same time. With Park JungMin’s distinctly fine and delicate voice tone, orchestra melody which is a representative of lyrical ballad and powerful percussion, it shows a totally new feel of dance song altogether.

Credit: ttp://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1295695368124643010 + planethyun@blogspot
English Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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[News] 110123 Don't call Park Jung Min a 'horse', it's 'Dark Prince'

Park Jung Min broke away from the title 'SS501' and transformed into a solo artist.

Park Jung Min adorned the stage with his overwhelming charisma through 'Not Alone' on the broadcast of SBS Inkigayo (MC: Sulli, Jokwon and Jung Yonghwa) on the 23 of January.

Dressed in a dark black suit, Park Jung Min's stylish-as-ever appeal has captivated the audience. Even though he entered the stage not as a group but as a solo artist, his charismatic stage mannerism made the fully-packed audience go wild with excitement.

With title song 'Not Alone' as his solo debut and despite the uneasiness that he carries with him ahead, the fans have placed their faith on him. With great working ambitions, Shinsadong Tiger and Park Jung min have worked together to produce a new feel in the dance song by incorporating a splendid orchestra as well as percussion beats into the song.

Especially with regards to Park Jung Min's solo album, he revealed his affinity towards the album by personally participating in the writing of the songs. The lyrics of the title song 'Not alone', 'Do you know' and 'My day is Christmas Everyday' are all personally written by Park Jung Min.

- Information about other performing artists on Inkigayo omitted -

Credit: newsen + planethyun@blogspot
Translation: Wonderrrgirl @ Love501.com
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[Info] 110122 Kim HyungJun (SS501) solo album details

Korea popular male idol group SS501 member
Kim HyungJun (Maknae)
Anticipated Japan solo activities!!

The forerunner of current K-pop hot wave
Male Idol Group who own the honour of the top popularity in Japan
SS501 member Kim HyungJun (Maknae)
Full of anticipation decided to start solo activities in Japan!!
Maybe you have seen him in SS501
Please anticipate for a brand new Kim HyungJun!!

Kim Hyung Jun
1st Solo E.P.
2011.3.23 Release!!

Movie Disc
2940 yen (incl tax)
[First limited edition special]
Making of MV video clips

Music Disc
CD only
2100 yen (incl tax)
[Bonus TRack]
2 other Japan Main Title song

Photo Disc
Picture CD
2100 yen (incl tax)
[First Limited Edition]
Luxury 16 piece photo set

Pre-order at Kim HyungJun Japan official website or the following websites:

Credit: http://www.avexnet.or.jp/kimhyungjun/index.html
Chinese translation: 哈娜 @ 870803.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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[Info] 110122 Kim Hyung Jun’s Anticipated Solo Debut!

Kim Hyung Jun Anticipated Solo Debut!

JJUNAWAY Club Members:
All staff that Kim Hyung Jun has always been very supportive of, sincerely report here.

Everyone’s Kim Hyung Jun’s Japan Solo Debut has finally been confirmed!!!
Now a contract has been officially inked with AVEX ENTERTAINMENT which has always obtain very successful results in Japanese sales records with Korean artistes.

As everyone would already know, Hyung Jun is currently performing in Korea for the musical [Café In], after the last performance on the 23rd, he would commence his production for his solo activitiy.

The content that has been tentatively confirmed includes: Besides original Korean version, Japanese version is also being prepared, new songs’ Music Video and Off Shot images, as well as a deluxe photo spread booklet. CD will have 3 different packaging and will be released on 23 March.

Kim Hyung Jun personally expressed that “Really delighted to be working with AVEX, I’m looking with anticipation and passion towards this new start. From now on will work hard in the style of Kim Hyung Jun while being active in both countries, Korea and Japan.

On 19 February, at Shinagawa Stella Ball [Kim Hyung Jun Japan 1st Party in Tokyo] will introduce this work in advance to all fans.
Look forward to the new image of Hyung Jun who has grown since his time in SS501.

JJUNAWAY members who place reservations at AVEX Marketing Operated Mu-Mo online shop are entitled to special gifts. They also are entitled to take part in the high-five session on 19 February at Shinagawa Stella Ball.

As you all know, if you purchase from here sales would be reflected in the Oricon Chart, so everyone please gather your strength to allow Hyung Jun’s first solo work to enter into Top 10!

Will begin sales on 24 Janurary 2011 (Mon) at noon
※Please place your advance reservations at “JJUNAwAY OFFICIAL SHOP” at the fan club website “JJUNAWAY”

■mu-mo shop
Will begin sales on 24 Janurary 2011 (Mon) at noon

Kim Hyung Jun Avex Offcial Site:http://www.avexnet.or.jp/kimhyungjun/
※Please visit the site only after 5:00AM

Credit: JJUNAWAY (kimhyungjun.jp) + planethyun@blogspot
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)
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[Notice] 110122 KeyEast Japan Notice ~ Kim HyunJoong (SS501) Mobile Website open for 3 major Japan Telco

Finally Kim HyunJoong mobile website linkage with 3 major Japan Telco has opened!!
Limited to Mobile Website only wallpaper, incoming ringtone, and also Kim HyunJoong personal blog and staff blog, member could also used BBS and many more services.

Also will conduct a lucky draw among members to win Kim HyunJoong autographed products. Please anticipate for Kim HyunJoong mobile website.

[Kim HyunJoong mobile website details]
Monthly 315 yen (incl tax)

Omit registration method since it only applies to Japan Telco user of Docomo, Au Ezweb and Softbank

Credit: http://kimhyunjoong.jp/index.php
Chinese translation: 雪舞天涯&雨涵 @ http://www.hyunbar66.cn/
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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[Info] 110122 JungMin Fan Support for 'Not Alone' FM

Credit: www.dreame.co.kr 1544-8489 + 딸기_인형@ SS601 + planethyun@blogspot.com
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[Info] JungMin 'Thanks to...' message in 'Not Alone' album

I would like to express my gratitude through penning it here to the many people who has helped to release my album! I've been living in the much blessings of God.

To my beloved dad and mom who's suffered because of this very problematic kid..! When I return to home at dawn, they definitely don't fail to wake up and prepare healthy meals for me... Always sorry but I love you! (even when I make uncalled talks at times, but because they are my closest mom and dad, I'm sure they will forgive me right?^^ Love ya~~!!)

Our very kind sister..! Sorry for having you to inflict wounds on me with your stern talks! Yeah anyway get yourself a boyfriend soon and move to your hubby's home already!~ Move it!

As well as our beloved brother, sister-in-law, and His Majesty...! Fighting as always - healthily and courageously!^^

As well as our charismatic CNR Media's Na Kwang-hoon CEO nim who has always dearly looked after me though I was still very much imperfect, WoDeLaoBan (mandarin; meaning my boss)!! WoDeBaBa (mandarin; meaning my daddy)~! Thank you. (Thanks to our lady boss as well! Hoping the kid will be born healthily too!^^)

As well as our adorable co-CEO Kim Tae-hyung ajussi..! Your excuse of not having any girlfriends due to your hardworking pains my heart..but the fact that you always work hard in whatever you do makes me thankful. But keep working harder!

As well as NaiNai (mandarin; grandma), Ahma (mandarin; granny)~! Cute granny, our director Wendy nim... The Mandarin teacher..!! Let's work harder and move to the 30-storeys high building ya, aja aja!!

As well as our so-ever-talkative and passionate mom~~ Nam Ji-yeon director~! Thank you for always fighting and fighting~ You are already down with health issues, so don't push too much further ya~!!^^

As well as our new staff - Jinah, Hun-hee ssi~! You guys are very very precious treasures, you don't know how fortunate we are to have you with us..! Let's get closer as we form our huge business ya!

As well as our very charismatic director Kim Bum-jun nim who has become a part of our family, and also to our Hong Seung-sung director who is of a huge support for us -- thank you.

Not forgetting about our beauty centre's staff members who make us look so yummilicious handsome, I want to say thank you too. And our Seo-yoon nuna who always preach so fast in such a weird manner whom I dont-know-why I'm close to! We've gotta make a trip to Taiwan together!!

As well as our pretty Shin-ae teacher who resembles Kyungho ajussi~hh.. Again, thank you to our friendly staff and employees.

As well as to our An Sung-yeon Director nim who always gave me flattering stylings and made me a fashionista - please give me your guidance in future too! Thank you to Geum-nam nuna too for always being there for me no matter what kind of matter I may have!!^^

As well as our Seung-hoon hyung who rears this flower boy with beautiful complexion (who is me) through-out Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter! You're the best~!

As well as the secret to my body! The 'daughter' of blood-vessel therapy -- SkinStar family, thank you!

Our Hong Jang-hyun director and staff who make me go 'indeed (awesome massaging)!!, no matter how many times we congregate together to do blood vessel therapy' -- thank you very much! Also, to our Johnny Brothers Hong Won-gi PD, Lee Sang-ho PD, Kwon Jin-mo PD who are always with me, thank you very much. Much hard work from all of our countless staff! Thank you!

As well as our Horaeng hyung (Shinsadong Tiger) who delivered the songs so last minute and can truly anxiously murder people~! Thanks alot for having worked so hard~ Indeed, Horaengi is the trend! But, if it happens again the next time I'm gonna catch you straight! hh..

As well as our Kang Hyun-min teacher who's been with us in this period of time too? Senior? Hyung? Truly thank ya~! It's a lovely song the moment it rings around the ear..! It's struck a sensation already! At least it will be with us!! Lo..Likin' it! kk..

As well as Sangwon hyung, Yoonwon ssi, Yeonjung ssi, Steven hyung who would like to compose again for me~~! Very thanks to all of you!^^

Also, to our Han Won-jong hyung who teached me how to sing in a so-ever-charismatic manner! Thanks~~ Though we have more chit-chats than straight lessons~! hh, was so enjoyable!

As well as Shin Sung-won teacher who aided me in how to become an amazing actor, thank you~! I need to become an actor who can deliver with my eyes, and, my heart.

As well as Ok-soon teacher, Hyun-won hyung, Min-bum hyung, Hak ajussi, Gunja, Syndorim, Maknae, thank you for being together for this time's chereography team, thank you for the powerful cheoreography.

As well as to Na Jung-yoon professor who willingly 'lent' his students for this time's music video, very thank you!!

As well as to our Royal Avenue's family members. We need to keep fighting fighting to create business records!

As well as to our DSP CEO Lee Ho-yeon nim who made me where I am now, and of course to our lady boss and also inclusive of all other company employees, I wish to say thank you. (I miss all of you very very much!!~ Though we do see one another sometimes... But because we are all scattered around like this now, one by one...one by one... All of you, I miss you all so much..!! By the way, Jin-hee nuna! Nono, Junchul reporter nim pasted 'PJM Donation' on the outfits that I bought and placed in the rehearsal room~ Or he didn't?? hh)

As well as, though we are all dispersed around now... Keep guarding by SS501... Will definitely deliver right before your eyes..kk

Also, more than anything - because all of thee are reading this for now, and so I exist. I will never forget! All TripleS, Thank You.

Credit: 뉴스플뽐 님@ ss601 + planethyun@blogspot.com
English translation: SS501ode.blogspot.com
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[Info] 110121 Park JungMin 'Not Alone' Taiwan Edition

20 January 2011 announcing a completely new start! Restart with completely new 'Park JungMin' ! First solo mini album, personally involved in song writing, truthfully presented his determination and idealistic.

Artist Name: Park JungMin
Album Name: Not Alone
Release Date: 2011-01-28

Album song list

Disc 1

1. Not Alone
2. Do you know?
3. Everyday with you is Christmas
4. Not Alone (Instrumental)
5. Do you know? (Instrumental)
6. Everyday with you is Christmas (Instrumental)
* Song Name translated from Chinese Song Name

Album Introduction

Since SS501 go on solo activities, a brand new 'Park JungMin' make a completely new start!

First solo Mini Album personally involved in song writing, truthfully presented his determination and principle.

* Taiwan Edition exclusive included one card sticker (Total 4 different style of card sticker, one each in each album)

* First edition include 20 February 2011 hold in NTU Sports Centre (台大體育館), [2011 Park JungMin 'Because there's you' Not Alone Showcase & Fan Party] lucky draw ticket, have a chance to have a love hug from Park JungMin during the event, details of activity please see instruction on lucky draw ticket.

20 January 2011, Park JungMin first solo mini album 'Not Alone' finally reveal its mysterious veil. Holding the title of the most popular super male idol group, even prepare to use his own name 'Park JungMin' to come back splendorous to the music circle in South Korea and various Asia countries.

In this brand new solo album, working together with the hottest star producer 'Sinsadong Tiger', showing richer than SS501 period and more advance musical, creating a brand new style which is different from the past.

Especially during the preparation of this first solo mini album, participated as a song writer in the album production, allowing him to have the actual feel of the hardship and sweetness of music production. From the title song 'Not Alone', 'Do you know?' and also 'Everyday with you is Christmas', every songs are personally written by him, showing his most sincere feelings between the lines of lyrics.

I am not lonely, because there is you!!
- Not Alone

Park JungMin first solo mini album, first title song is 'Not Alone'.

Together with the producer 'Sinsadong Tiger' after going through a long period of deep thought, decided to make 'Not Alone' as the title song. Hope that via this song, will convey Park JungMin's gratitude towards his fans. Because of the existence fans, even though with the lacking of SS501 members beside him, he do not feel lonely.

The title song 'Not Alone' is a song accompanied by gorgeous orchestral, mixing with real instrumental and synthetic instrument, combining beatbox with classical music's avant-garde dance music. Through Park JungMin unique gentle and delicate vocals, mixing with soft and lyrical orchestral music and strong percussion ensemble, creating a brand new alternative dance music.

The entire album songs are ingenuity arranged, track by track coordinate cohesively, very worth listening. In addition lots of effort is being placed in 'Not Alone' song lyrics, showing a unique style exclusively belongs to Park JungMin.

Previously during group activities not often listen before, exclusively 'Park JungMin' special vocal charm, will be completely presented in 'Do you know?'. 'Do you know?' is a song with dreamy British rock style, Park JungMin personally involved in the song writing and behind the scene production, it is a song fill with 'Park JungMin' music style and passion.

'Everyday with you is Christmas' is a love letter presented to his fans. With lyrics writen by Kang HyunMin from Loveholic, it is a dreamy like, lively and sweet song. From this song, could feel the warm Latin jazz (bossa nova) style, and will easily mesmerized by Park JungMin unique sensual and warm music charm.

After SS501 'Love Ya' activities, on 2011 Park JungMin stand on the stage for the first time, in future his traces will cover South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and other Asia countries, predicted to received passionate support and welcome from his fans.

Credit: www.sonymusic.com.tw/album_info.php?al_prodno=88697854122
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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[News] 110120 Kim HyungJun (SS501) - Kim KiBum (U-KISS) brothers become 'PiroPiro' CEO

[News][2011.01.20] Kim HyungJun (SS501) - Kim KiBum (U-KISS) brothers become 'PiroPiro' CEO

Kim HyungJun (SS501) - Kim KiBum (U-KISS) brothers became 'PiroPiro' CEO predicted to become a topic of discussion!

HyungJun and PiroPiro together took a glittering smiling certification photograph! Kibum, while temporary resting, was together with PiroPiro neck rest!

Kim HyungJun (SS501) - Kim KiBum (U-KISS) brothers direct management cartoon character design cum media development company HnBCompany, with the first product 'PiroPiro' official sales, started their cartoon character career become a topic of discussion. Having the same CEO role's Kim HyungJun - Kim KiBum brothers revealed IQ full mark's 'PiroPiro' usage certification photo and at the same time started the promotion of 'PiroPiro'.

This time for 'PiroPiro' certification photograph, HyungJun-KiBum brothers has each taken photographs with 'PiroPiro' neck rest. HyungJun wore 'PiroPiro' neck rest to photograph a glittering smiling certification photographs. While brother KiBum show the actual usage of 'PiroPiro', photographing his sleeping look during his resting time. The special point is HyungJun-Kibum brothers have involved from the starting of designing to manufacturing process, and even taking photograph for PiroPiro pillow and neck rest usage certification photographs, both brothers CEO even directly promoted for the product, predicted to gain even more heated responses from fans from various countries.

Kim HyungJun & KiBum brothers' 'PiroPiro' features are dark eye circles and a pair of unfocused tired eyes, via the bear shape cutely show the modern society tired look when studying, love courtship and working life. In particular, in order to portray the working people 'tired virus', if coming back from working place 'PiroPiro' will have dark circle, it is a very interesting character design setting.

At the same time as popular idol group members, blood brothers Kim HyungJun (SS501) and Kim KiBum (U-Kiss) has receive hot response from worldwide fans from the start of their cartoon character business which is name after their names. It has response explosive responses, 'PiroPiro' pillow and neck rest could be purchase at its homepage.

Credit: gooddaysports.co.kr
Chinese translation: 小鬼@ 初心-金亨俊中文網
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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[News] 110118 'Storm Zerg' Hong JinHo give his response towards SS501 Kim HyungJun

[News][2011.01.18] 'Storm Zerg' Hong JinHo give his response towards SS501 Kim HyungJun's 'Samgo Choryeo'* (* Means in order to get approval from somebody, persistently visit a person until he approves)

MBC Game Channel starting from 21st this month will broadcast a new project program by SS501 Kim HyungJun started a new game team, named 'SS501 Kim HyungJun, started a game team', On the 18th revealed the program team's manager will be KT Hong JinHo.

Kim HyungJun used his own name to start a game team, become even more responsible, in order to become a more professional team he has seek the help from Hong JinHo to be the manager.

Hong JinHo reign in e-sports for 10 years and is a living legend, anticipate the newly join players to show their ability become a professional gamer.

Kim HyungJun after hooking on to Hong JinHo, has also scheduled to select via open audition for players to select talented and skillful player.

Credit: http://news.mk.co.kr/v3/view.php?year=2011&no=38192
Chinese translation:小鬼 @ 初心-金亨俊中文網
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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[News] 110120 Park Jung Min's first solo performance, "I will never forget 20110120"

Male Group SS501 member Park Jung Min took the lead and started off his first solo broadcast today.

Midnight on the 20th, the solo album 'Not Alone' was released to the public on Park Jung Min's official homepage.

The highlight in Park Jung Min's solo album, where the songs 'Not Alone', 'Do you know' as well as 'My day is Christmas Everyday" are all personally written by him.

Moreover, as the title song 'Not Alone' is the solo debut song to be performed on the stage, Park Jung Min's anxiety together with the messages from the public have gathered much attention.

The splendid orchestra is the main thing in 'Not Alone', with Park Jung Min's voice and the orchestra's melody in the centre. It is said that this attempt has created a new feel for a dance song.

Park Jung Min will have his first solo album showed on the M.net's M.Countdown on the 20th, followed by KBS2TV 'Music Bank, MBC 'Music Core' and SBS "Inkigayo", through which plans for the special performances will be revealed.

Meanwhile, Park Jung Min wrote on his personal twitter on the 20th, " I will never forget these numbers 20110120", which revealed how deeply moved he was.

Credit: IBTEN.co.kr and hankyung.com + planethyun@blogspot
Translation: Wonderrrgirl @ Love501.com
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[News] 110119 What are the plans of 7 Handsome Stars on Valentine's Day?

Actor Lee Jong Seok, SS501's Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng, Supreme Team's Simon D (Ssamdi), Infinite, Doosan Bear's Oh Jae-won and Lim Tae Hun talks about their upcoming plans for Valentine's Day through Cosmopolitan.


SS501's Heo Young Saeng is in the midst of preparing his solo album, while Kim Kyu Jong is preparing himself as he ventures into acting for the first time. When asked about the first thing which they want to do most had they have a girlfriend, Kim Kyu Jong said "I want to go to the theatre and amusement park while holding hands with my date.", while Heo Young Saeng revealed "I wish to be able to talk about everything over a cup of Soju."


Credit: Newsen + planethyun@blogspot
English Translation: Honeyeee @ Love501.com
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[Info] 110119 JungMin to perform in 'The 7th Asia-Kawasaki Music Festival - Asian Healing 2011'

Date: 2011.04.16 (Saturday) Opening: 17:00 / Event start: 17:30 (Estimated)
Location: Japan Musa Kawasaki Symphony Hall 日本ミューザ川崎シンフォニーホール
Participated Artists:
Park JungMin (Korea) / Kousuke Atari (Japan, Amami Oshima) / Jyongri (Japan) / Swallow & Nightingale (In to Yan) (China)

~Other contents omitted~

[Park JungMin introduction in Music Festival website]
As a SS501 member, Park JungMin first appear onstage to debut is solo 'Warning' on June, 2005 in South Korea.

Starting from October 2007, he had officially acted in Fuji TV "Trilling night~ Charming boys united nation~".

November 2008 ~ March 2009, acted as Denny in musical 'Grease'.

4 June 2010, signed his solo contract with CNR Media (Taiwan Comic Ritz and Korea Roymedia joint venture).

As idol group SS501 member, JungMin had activitely involve in their activities in Asia region.

At the same year September, with his fluent Japanese skill, he has started his Japan solo performance activities. His tagline is sexy charisma.

Kindness in his thoughts when corresponding with fans, a lot of passionate fans are proud of his fluent Japanese.

December 2010 at Tokyo and Osaka, he held his first fan activities.

20 January 2011, will release his latest solo album in South Korea.

In February will have new album come back activities in Tokyo and Koe, after that also planning for fan meeting in various Asia countries.

With the start of his solo activities, activities like drama and musicals and other activities are being anticipated.

Credit: http://www.tvk-yokohama.com/asia/#park
Chinese translation :vivian @ http://www.jungmintw.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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[News] 110118 Park JungMin "Among SS501 first to come back, I am not lonely"

Park JungMin makes his solo come back. After his contract with his previous agency has ended and moved on to his new agency, he is the 1st among the members to make his solo come back. His single "Not Alone", denote the meaning of not lonely.

Actually, Park JungMin originally had scheduled to come back on last year end November, however due to the North Korea attack to Pyongyang Island incident, his album release is delayed for 2 months.

Despite that, Park JungMin still remain optimistic. "On the day of the incident, I was at Japan. Receiving such bad news in other country, no matter what the feeling was very complicated. To be frank, in the beginning I felt very exhausted. However, if were to release the album during this kind of time, my heart felt that it was very inappropriate. Therefore made the wise decision."

'Not Alone' MV has been released on mid November. In the MV, it included homosexual and other marginalized group in the society kind of content. As SS501 member, Park JungMin who is known as an idol singer, because included serious and heavy social topic directly into MV, created wide discussion.

"For a singer that make general music, will definitely sing love song. However, currently I don't want to purely sing love song. Other than giving a message to the society, I wish to include various type of message and convey via the song. Especially during the beginning of the come back, wish to add on this image."

In actual fact, 'Not Alone' lyrics which Park JungMin wrote, its lyrics could made many kind of explanation. For example, it could be explained as the feeling of lovers desiring each others, or regarding the area of society, marginalized group hoping to be treated with equal and tolerance. Other that this, could also explain as, among the SS501 5 members, Park JungMin's feeling of being the 1st person to make his solo come back.

As for music, it has conveyed both the majestic and retro style. Beginning with majestically orchestral music and strong beat electronic music, constitute to the sad mood for the whole song. The melody and structure are equally consistent, reducing the unbalance and distance feel from electronic noise. The overall feel, despite the continuation of SS501 style, it feels very good.

"Actually when choosing the music genre, I was very worried. Choosing 'Not Alone' and not selecting other nominated main theme songs, was because this song's lyric sounds very faithful and trusty. What a singer needs to learn, is to turn a 100% not touching song, to inspire the general public. Until now, song produced during SS501 period, no doubt still hold a place in my heart."

Of course it is not all of SS501. Second track "Do you know" and "My Everyday is Christmas" contain band music, showing a different style. "Do you know" is rock folk song, while "My Everyday is Christmas" is Bassa Nova (Samba dance music mixed with modern jazz) medium speed music. Park JungMin laughed and spoke frankly: "Because now going to come back, don't need to find my style again." Actually, Park JungMin had already held his solo fan meeting on 22 & 23 last month at Japan Osaka and Tokyo, during that time there were also live band performance.

Park JungMin mentioned when working alone, do not feel very heavy burden or pressure. "Because is the 1st among five of them, I seem to get a lot of attention. The result of my activities might become a stimulation for the other members. Therefore, I hope to work even more harder to start, hope to show in all area my strength and talent. I will work hard and worthy of SS501."

SS501 is one of the best idol group. However previous glory, cannot continue to mesmerized like perfume. Debut for 7 years, currently in his flower like 25years old, to singer Park JungMin, the past has already recorded in the history, the future will be an even more dazzling and splendor page.

Credit: Startoday
Chinese translation: 피오나@PJM IFC http://www.park-jung-min.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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[News] 110124 Lee HongKi – Kim KyuJong, Affectionate Face to Face Confirmation Shot “It’s Been A Long Time!”

FT Island member Lee HongKi recently released a photo of him with SS501 member Kim KyuJong through his own twitter account.

Lee HongKi wrote “It’s been a long time since I meet with KyuJong hyung”, and attached a photo showing their close friendship which attracted much attention. Both their faces were right next to each other and showed an affectionate pose while smiling brightly.

Netizens left messages (tweets) in respond to this “Both of them appears to be so affectionate”, “Please show us your affectionate look!”, “Unexpected closeness?! Cute”, etc.

Credit: htree@tvdaily.co.kr + (photo) Lee HongKi’s twitter + SS601 + planethyun@blogspot
English Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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[Video] 110128 Jung Min 'Not Alone' @ KBS Music Bank

Credit: 4everKPOPgirl01@ yt
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[News] 110122 JungMin flaunts his friendship with HyungJun as they share a bobo

Starting the opening with his title track 'Not Alone', Park Jungmin pulled his vibrant stage with a chic atmosphere accompanied by his more refined outlook where he lost about 10kg and above for this time's comeback. After which, he lifted the atmosphere of the venue where he answered to 'fans drilling' corner with his witty and humorous replies.

In the middle of the fanmeeting, SS501's Kim Hyung Jun appeared on the stage all of a sudden as this stimulated all passionate reactions from the fans. Park Jungmin held hands tightly with Kim Hyung Jun as they exchange affectionate and amorous stares at each other, singing to a duet together warmly.

On this day, Kim Hyung Jun answered to the question of 'The Park Jungmin in your eyes?' as follow "Multi-vitamins, Knowledge-IN, humidifier" etc, which drew much laughters from fans.

'Multi-vitamins' refers to Park Jungmin's constant reminding to others about taking vitamins, it means his existence just like vitamin as he gives a form of power to others. 'Knowledge-IN' refers to Park Jungmin's undeniable amount of knowledge in this field, but in reality, if one were to search for the meaning on the internet, it always comes out as the opposite, hence hinting such a meaning, which drew much laughters again. As for 'humidifier', it refers to the cute mini humidifier gift that Park Jungmin gave to him when the latter went to support Hyungjun at his musical 'Cafein' not too long ago, showing his gratitude towards him.

On this day also, with regards to the hot response from fans, Park Jungmin and Kim Hyungjun both shared a massive fan service with a bobo (tiny peck). Amidst all the feverish atmosphere at the venue, fans cheered on for a 'bobo!', as soon as Kim Hyung Jun heard that, Kim Hyung Jun made an immediate dash bobo towards Park Jungmin. After the fanmeeting, Park Jungmin revealed in an interview, "It's been a while with Hyungjun, and it seems like all of us enjoyed it alot. Next time I must go to support Hyung Jun too and render him my huge support", as he delivered his gratitude.

On this day, Park Jungmin performed to his album's title track 'Not Alone', 'Do you know', and 'Everyday is Christmas' and also not forgetting to songs from SS501 as he spun sweet, moist memories for fans.

When requested to say something to the rest of the SS501 members, "No matter where you may be alone, please do put in much effort as you work to your career", sharing his support message.

Credit: http://osen.mt.co.kr/news/view.html?gid=G1101220237 + planethyun@blogspot
English translation: SS501ode.blogspot.com
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