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Sunday, January 30, 2011

[Twitter] 110120 Boys tweet update

2011-01-20 @ 4:24pm
@JungMin0403 와우!!첫방 잘해~~ㅋㅋ무대를 부숴버렷!!

2011-01-20 @ 1:10pm
@JungMin0403 화이링~~~토욜날봐!!!

2011-01-20 @ 12:38pm
이제 방송국으로 출발 ^^ 첫 방송 응원해 주세요
Now on my way to broadcast station ^^ Please support my first broadcast (performance)

2011-01-20 @ 12:31pm
^^ http://fb.me/tzmSkWoA
*It is the link to his new MV 'Not Alone' at his facebook

2011-01-20 @ 3:50am
@JungMin0403 미국에서 앨범 국제오더했다 ^^ 활동열심히하구 대박대박!!
@JungMin0403 I made an international order of your album from USA ^^ Work hard for your activities and Daebak Daebak!!

2011-01-20 @ 3:49am
@2kjdream 금방보자 쫌만 기다려 ^^ 많이 보고싶네. 얼어죽진 않겠지? ㅠㅜ 캘리는 따뜻하다 이제
@2kjdream Let's meet soon, please wait for awhile ^^ Miss you lots. Not freezing to death right? ㅠㅜ It's warm in California, now

2011-01-20 @ 3:05am
20110120 잊지 못할 숫자가 될 듯. http://yfrog.com/h5m9sjzwtzpj
20110120 will be a number that I cannot forget. http://yfrog.com/h5m9sjzwtzpj

2011-01-20 @ 1:14am
@JungMin0403 뮤비 멋진걸!!! ㅎㅎ 낼 첫방잘하구!!!!!!!!!^^ ~~ 콜 미 맨!!!~
@JungMin0403 MV is great!!! heehee Do well for the first broadcast (performance) tomorrow!!!!!!!!!^^ ~~ Call me man!!!~
*XiaoChu: keke.. Kyu is so into English these days. ^o^ He wrote in Konglish 'call me man'

2011-01-20 @ 12:58am
드디어 박정민 군 앨범이 공개 되었습니다^^ 많은사랑 부탁두려요^^
Finally Park JungMin's album has been released^^ Please give it lots of love^^

Credit: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com + planethyun@blogspot
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