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Sunday, January 30, 2011

[Twitter] 110123 Boys tweet update

2011-01-23 @ 10:45pm
@HyungJun87 고생했어!! 마지막엔 우리도 짠해서 혼낫넹 아주..ㅎ낼 봅셍!
@HyungJun87 You've went though alot!! At the end, we also feel so sad, got into trouble really.. hee See ya tomorrow!

2011-01-23 @ 8:58pm
@momamo222 수고했어 지혜야~ 항상 열심히하고 좋은일만 있길~ 보드복 아껴서 잘입고~
@momamo222 You've worked hard JiHye-ya~ Always work dilligently and hope you'll have only good days to come~ Cherishing the board attire so will wear it well~
*XiaoChu: board attire = clothings to wear to snowboard/skiing

2011-01-23 @ 8:51pm
@HyungJun87 오빠 정신없어서 제대로 인사도 못드린것 같네요. 너무너무 수고많으셨어요 이제부터 테레비보면서 응원할께요!ㅋㅋ
@HyungJun87 Oppa I wasn't in a right mind so seems like I didn't greet you properly. Thanks for the really really hard work put in. From now on, I will support you through watching of TV! keke

2011-01-23 @ 8:46pm
너무나 즐거웠고 행복했습니다. 새해 첫출발이 너무 좋아요, 열심히 하겠습니다. 최고가 되기위해 ~ ^^ 달리자~
It was so fun and I was so happy. It was a very good start for the new year, I will work hard. In order to be the best ~ ^^ Let's run~

2011-01-23 @ 8:45pm
드 디어 마지막 공연까지 무사히 끝났습니다. 고생해주신 뮤지컬 "카페인" 스탭분들, 그리고 함께해준 선배배우님들께 감사인사 드리고싶어요. 수고하셨고 큰 힘이됐습니다. 아~ 마지막으로 함께해주신 관객여러분들께도 ,, 부족한 모습에 즐겨주신 여러분, 땡큐!
Finally the final performance ended smoothly. I would like to thank all staffs of musical "cafe-in" went through hardships, and to senior actors who did this together with me. You've worked hard and you became a great strength to me. Ah~ and lastly to the all audience who were with me ,, everyone who enjoyed despite my lacking, Thank you!

2011-01-23 @ 8:03pm
@HyungJun87 우리 지하에서 연습하던 시절이 새록새록 떠올라ㅠㅡ 장하다 형준이!!
@HyungJun87 The days when we practiced in the basement keeps popping in my head TT T Excellent HyungJun!!

2011-01-23 @ 6:48pm
ヴァレンタインデーイに 聞きたい曲は 何ですか???? (^∇^)
What is the song you want to hear on Valentine's day???? (^∇^)

2011-01-23 @ 6:20pm
@HyungJun87 막공까지 화이팅!!
@HyungJun87 Hwaiting till the very last performance!!

2011-01-23 @ 6:14pm
춥고 눈오는 날에도 한걸음에 달려와준 우리 완두콩 넘고맙고 사랑스러!!^^
Our green peas who came forth a step even on a day where it's cold and snowing, I am very thankful and you're so lovely!!^^

2011-01-23 @ 6:05pm
경락원장누나가 보내준 사진!!앨범사러갔다 없어서 발걸음을 돌리셨다며~~오늘부터 ^^난 완판남이여~ㅎㅎ http://yfrog.com/gyqg4qjj
Photo sent to me by meridian system director noona!! She went to buy my album, but there was none so she had to turn back~~From today ^^ I am sold-out guy*~ heehee http://yfrog.com/gyqg4qjj
*Guy whose album was sold-out

2011-01-23 @ 5:33pm

@uh511 강렬한카리스마눈빛을 위해서 !!ㅎㅎ @uh511 It's for the strong charismatic look in the eyes !! heehee


2011-01-23 @ 5:32pm

@mystyle1103 무대 못부쉈지만 파괴력은 있었대 ㅎㅎㅎ 앨범언제낼꺼야~~~어여내!!! @mystyle1103 Though I didnt manage to smash the stage, there was some destructive power heeheehee When is your album coming out~~~quickly release it!!!

2011-01-23 @ 5:31pm

@Steven_Lee_ ㅎㅎ고마워잉!!!^^우리도 멋진작업해야지!!!^^*

@Steven_Lee_ heehee Thanks!!!^^We must produce great work too!!!^^*

2011-01-23 @ 5:31pm

@2kjdream 너 콜할려했는데 일본이여!!! 한국 폭우야~조심해!

@2kjdream Wanted to call you but you're in Japan!!! There's a downpour in Korea~Be careful!


2011-01-23 @ 5:12pm

@jjjjjin2yo 우씨^^
@jjjjjin2yo Woosshi^^

*sound of trying to hit that person..

2011-01-23 @ 4:50pm

@HyungJun87 뻥쟁이 화이팅 ㅋㅋ

@HyungJun87 Liar Hwaiting keke


2011-01-23 @ 4:46pm

@HyungJun87 아니 요게 진짜 야!!내 쪽지 안보이냐!!!'ㅜ

@HyungJun87 No, this is real!!Didn't you read my message!!!'T

2011-01-23 @ 4:42pm
오늘이 안올줄 알았는데, 이제정말 마지막 무대네요, 자 슬프고 끝내기 싫지만 힘내야지 ^^ 카페인 화이팅
I thought that today will never come, this is really my last performance now, well even though I am sad and hate to end it, I must strive on^^ Cafe-in Hwaiting

2011-01-23 @ 11:54am
점심시간!! 맛있는 점심드세요^^ 저와영생이형은 어제 멋지게 공연 잘 마쳤답니다~~ 감사합니다...^^!!!!!!!!!
Lunch time!! Please have a delicious lunch^^ YoungSaeng hyung and I finished our performance (fan meeting) splendidly yesterday~~ Thank you...^^!!!!!!!!!

2011-01-23 @ 10:52am
드디어 오늘 막공입니다. 많은 분들이 와주시는만큼 멋지게 마무리하겠습니다~
Finally today is the last performance. We will finish it splendidly for the many people who will be coming~

2011-01-23 @ 1:55am
이제 마지막 남은 2번의 공연, 마지막까지 달려보자구요!
There's 2 performance left now, let's run until the end!

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