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Friday, August 27, 2010

[Message][Eng Translation]Hyung Jun new message @ DSP ~ ♡ (2010-08-27 PM 12:52:17)

Hello ~ Peas It’s been a while!

Recently the weather is too hot, even It rains a lot but it’s still hot.

I Kim Hyung Jun’s Music High !!!!!!!!!!!! had prepared with various broadcasting

I’m ready to showcase my many side, huha

I really want to try to jump further into the new heights

To me, will you bring me power? Always thank you. Really

Work harder, and do not forget the attitude of the first, More in attitude of original intention as beginner’s position

Kim Hyung Jun is gonna to return further more into the learning and development

Thank you so much. I love you. You know ^ – ^

We’re all gonna work harder, to expect me

Forever SS501. and Triple S .


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[Info] Baby Jun private fanmeeting in Malaysia new date update

Hope the date is fix... no more postponed again!!

will wait until the date ^^

I really hope to see baby asap...


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[Video] Mischievous Kiss Teaser No. 2


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[News] Kim Hyung Jun, Agency transfer… S+ announced

A member of SS501 Kim Hyung Jun transferred to S-Plus Entertainment (S+) which Kang Ji Hwan, Cho Sung Mo also belonged to.

Today on the 27th, Asian Economic News Sport Today in conversation with S+ side official said ”Kim Hyung Jun with the head office makes a belonging exclusively contract recently to mount full-scale activities”

Kang Ji Hwan, Cho Sung Mo belonging company S+ is a the entertainment enterprise to proceed with the Asian synthetic entertainment including Japan, the invitation of Kim Hyung Jun is a plan to expand their market.

The Exclusive contract with Kim Hyung Jun emerged naturally while discussing about Japan and a Asian activity recently.

A S+ representative urged ”Would like to ask for your ongoing gratefully affectionate attention and comments for Kim Hyung Jun, also has requests constant love and care for SS501.”


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[News] Kim Hyun Joong “Playful Kiss” Press conference various news (+about SS501)

Mostly about Acting Skills:

Fr: http://star.mk.co.kr/new/view.php?mc=ST&no=461812&year=2010

Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong has made his comeback with the perfect and adamant guy so different from ‘Boys over Flowers’ Yun Jihoo.

On the 26th afternoon at 2pm at Seoul, Kangnam-gu, Nonhyun-dong Imperial Palace hotel, MBC new Wed-Thurs drama ‘Playful Kiss’ press conference was held. Casts Kim Hyun Joong, Jung SoMin, Lee Taesung, Jung Hye Young, Lee Si Young attended the press conference. Kim Hyun Joong expressed on the press conference “Baek Seungjo is the combination of Goo JunPyo and Yun Jihoo”.

In the drama, he plays Baek Seungjo, the genius flower boy who possesses the indifferent and aloof charm, and is the romance target of all female students whilst also posing as a threat for male students.

When he introduces his character Baek Seung Jo, “He’s like boF’s Yun Jihoo + Goo Junpyo. Though he’s a tough and annoyable person, but inside him there’s this inability to express what he wants to say, and that point is quite similar to Goo Junpyo”.

With regards to portraying his character, “To be honest I’m someone who doesn’t have many flexible sides, in order to portray this tough guy, even though I managed to be become tough, it ended up that I had became tougher (behaviour set wise)…I felt stressed in the beginning. Though I became tough (personality), still, towards the people around me, I’m affectionate as usual”, rousing chuckles of nostrils.

In order to digest his character, “I’ve been working hard in trying to keep to the right pace/feeling, yet not losing that tough and rough tendency he has towards people. Back in the Yoon Jihoo role, he was very quiet, and if that showed a soft and gentle image, then in this time’s role, he will be so very loud and may end up in a state of wretch/neglect in the middle of drama”, explaining his role.

On the other hand, it will air after ‘Road No.1′ on September 1.


Fr: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2010082614413332275&outlink=2&SVEC

‘In this time’s drama, I play Baek Seung-jo who’s not well bred but is a genius. Even when he speaks, he sounds rude. I’m trying my best to keep to that by speaking as close as possible”.

Kim Hyun Joong who played as Yoon Jihoo in previous Boys over Flowers also said, “Yoon Jihoo was one who could keep very quiet to many things and shows his gentle, soft side, but this time, my role will be one who keeps quack-quacking here and there; you’ll see something that you didn’t see in Bof. You’ll be sure to see some wretched sides of his here and there in the drama. Will be interesting”, attaching a smile of his.

“He’s a genius who has IQ 200 but is a very tough guy. In overall, he is a person who is so tough and corky yet has a very humane side to himself. I’ll work hard”.


Fr: http://news.tvreport.co.kr/cindex.php?c=news&m=viewv4&artclid=60918

“Until now, I still feel awkward/shy being as an actor. Though I’m now acting, I am much more natural when I’m on the stages out there performing”, “Because I began as a singer when I first stepped into this entertainment industry, it will be more apt if my profession would be named as a singer instead”, “When I become better as an actor one day, it will then be more suitable to title me as an actor”, divulging his aspirations.

Kim Hyun Joong who was borne from SS501 played the role of Yoon Jihoo in Boys over Flowers. In the initial state, his acting and pronunciation was criticized by the audiences. He mentioned to that, “I placed wine corks in my mouth this time to correct and practise my pronunciation”. “I will show you guys my more matured acting skills this time than BoF that will have you all go Wow!”, hence flaunting his confidence.


Fr: http://www.unionpress.co.kr/news/detail.php?number=70158&thread=04r01r04

In order to overcome people’s criticism of my acting, I frequently stuck wine corks in my mouth and practised my pronunciation. I practised alot on that. The result was…indeed my pronunciation improved much during interviews”.


ABout SS501

FR: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201008261744001001
Group SS501′s leader Kim Hyun Joong revealed his stand to his team’s disbandment after his recruitment into new agency.

On 26th afternoon at 2pm at Seoul kangnam-gu, Nonhyundong’s Imperial Palace hotel, MBC new drama ‘Playful Kiss’ held its press conference. When asked about SS501′s disbandment,

Kim Hyun Joong expressed ”Never once did I mention about my moving out of SS501″, mentioning his stand to this disbandment talk.

He added, ”None of our members mentioned anything about disbandment at all, it was the press media who kept making many talks like this. I don’t think of it as ‘because we cannot do activities for now’ and then feel sad. It’s not like that”.

“Though my moving into Keyeast will be mainly focused on acting, but we had compromised on my status as singer too. Around next year, I will be showing my side as a singer”. However, if he is to prepare in his new agency, then he will become a solo singer, and if so, carrying out activities as SS501 will seem quite translucent at that…..
-omit talks about Jangki story line & history-


FR: http://www.segye.com/Articles/SPN/ENTERTAINMENTS/Article.asp?aid=20100826004508&subctg1=&subctg2=

6th paragraph.

Kim Hyun Joong who recently moved into Bae Yong Jun’s agency Keyeast expressed, ”Will be venturing as an actor more for this year, will rest for a little as a singer. We want to do really well, so that’s why we decided to take on a drama like this at once”.

He also revealed his thoughts about first meeting Bae Yong Jun, ”Yong Jun hyung appeared in the car, my first feeling of him was ‘what a Zeus’, the first moment I saw him, I remembered about ‘Yon Sama’ immediately, because we shared quite a few words with each other, I recalled that he’s a human. He’s like a close brother next-door kind”, attracting attention with his words. With regards to talks about him being very similar to Bae Yong Jun, ”Because only our photographs looked similar”.

His good friend Micky Yoochun who will be starring in his own SBS drama ‘Sungkyunkwan scandal’ as well, HyunJoong expressed, ”Yeah but because we are not competing on the same day, he is on Mon-Tues, I’m on Wed-Thurs. I feel relieved”, ”It’s Yoochun’s first work, so it’s very important to him, and for me, because it’s my 2nd work, it’s very important to me too, if our dramas were to air on the same day, I think we won’t be seeing each other soon in these few years as we would have carried out a war of nerves”, laughing to his statement.

Regarding his kiss scenes with Jung Somin, ”There were few times we don’t look at each other and without giving prior notice, we just kissed. It was very awkward, but probably because of that, the effect came out well and natural. So literally, a naughty kiss shows itself, just like the drama title”.

He also changed agency company, ”I don’t feel sad that I cannot do activities as SS501 now. The five of us didn’t mention any once about any official disbandment at all”, leaving some mystery to his words.

Talking about his upcoming plans, ”Upcoming December in Tokyo Dome, there will be an event. I will also be preparing as a solo singer next year, right now, about 5% of it is completed”.

Fr: http://www.gwangnam.co.kr/news/news_view.htm?idxno=2010082618423532695

3rd paragraph.

“Though it’s not exactly finalized, I’m indeed preparing as a singer. Whether it’ll be with my group or as solo, I don’t know. But according to the situation now, I’m preparing for my album with the thought as solo”.
Talking about disbandment of SS501, he said, ”Nothing’s decided. People say SS501 will disband. People say that, but nothing was ever said out of our mouths. Then what will happen if SS501 comes out with album? Let’s just wait and see”.
He also said, ”When I first received invitation for this drama, I knew I was gonna have to work harder to portray this high school student role, because I will to get affirmation from everyone, that’s why I took it on”.


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