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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

[Photo+Fan account] SS501 Park Jung Min in Japan


I won’t translate the whole report but just give you a brief translation instead

Coz I don’t want to reveal her words bit by bit

If you are interested in it, go
HERE to see it, thanks^^

She arrived at Haneda Airport around 9:00pm on the 13th…

haha… she said there is even a sign said “If you pick up the Korean star Please yield your seats to those waiting for departure” in the airport arrival hall..

So she just stood up and wait in the lobby

And too bad again .. the security said “For the one which welcomes please go under the roof outside”

so she just run outside…

finally she got a good place to wait for Jung Min… in good view.. keke

She even met another TS who waited for Jm too..

They talked .. then Jung Min arrived..

Then, there is a Limousine coming…

She is so surprised JM is picked up by Limousine.. haha

Everyone was shouting for Jung Min..

Jung Min even signed for someone…

so nice ^^

She is so closed to him … congrats my friend…

She said Jung Min is very beautiful even like a doll

Finally… Jung Min’s car drove off but He waved until the car disappeared..

Here is some photos she shared ^^


Credit: _ameblo.jp/maiko0507

Fan accounts from maiko-nim

Fan accounts from maiko-nim

I’m back from Jungmin’s pickup trip^^
no no, it was wonderful, min sama!
The reason why ‘sama’ was used, because his visit this time was so VIP
Alright, I’ll then begin to write this wow fanaccount
About 10 am in the morning, I arrived at the international arrival lobby at Haneda Airport, I was quite surprised because I saw so many people standing by there already
Amongst the people, I see normal people and also fans, because I got to know where the fans were standing at, I went around there too.
B u t…when I surveyed the surrounding, I see that the fanbase is rather big (age)…
“Omo, Jungmin’s really popular with this wide agebase…”, I thought… It was really wide T.T”
I asked some people around me, “When is Jungmin arriving?” and then I got back the “ah? are you sure his japan visit is today?” reply — they seem to be surprised when I asked
They then added, “I’m waiting for Seo Do Young~”…!
? ? Seo Do Young…??
w h a t …?
And then the people around me began saying that they’re waiting for Seo DoYoung too…
So it seems like these people around me are all Seo Do Young fans nyo T T
After that then I knew, Seo Do young and Kim Minjoon ssi will be in Japan to promote drama “Friends”. And I heard that they will be on the first arrival plane from Kimpo to Haneda through information released on twitter…. If so, then both of their fans are really alot …
Anyway since I see Double’s fans around too, I went over to their side. I see many fans clumping around at the arrival lobby already. In the end, all ended up clumped there…
According to the airport officers, on the first arrival plane is Seo Doyoung-ssi and Kim Minjoon-ssi,
on the second plane is Jungmin… so I guess it was why SDY and KMJ’s fans clumped at first moment then…
(I shall omit Seo Doyoung’s fanacct^^;;)

After their car left, finally, Jungmin’s car…!!
Been waiting for about 30 minutes after the first arrival plane landed…
During that time, I was chitchatting with the surrounding fans, just when that was happening,
Jungmin’s plane finally landed infront of my eyes ^^
Because I was very happy, I waved my hand~~ Though JM can’t see it TT
Until the time JM cleared arrival procedures and everything, there was still some time,
but at this time, some thing surprising appeared!!
And that is…
the luxurious…
I just laughed out then (people around me too)
Why so, because it’s a LIMOUSINE, a LIMOUSINE…!!!!
“A really extreme VIP yo!!!”, I truly felt so…
But it was true that Jungmin is the VIP…
Why because when Jungmin arrived, it was of course that security tightened,
people like the office officials came and went, came and went around (literally, they were like the industry personnels), and even camera-men who were on standby holding their cameras waiting for Jungmin’s appearance…!!!
Truly I felt his “official japan promotion activities” start…
And also…no presents and letters are to be given to him personally, so all of it had to go through JM’s new agency personnel and moved by car…
Ah, sad sad T-T, it seemed hard to reach Jungmin who now feels far away…T T
In 30 minutes of time after his plane landed, we finally saw JM appeared
JM who went past the lobby and went outside, he was with some officers who looked like those industry officials who had been walking in and out around
Who are those officers then? Should be his new agency’s, right.
Also also, he came to us with his smiling face. and signed for 2 young girls who was standing at the frontmost.
When I saw his signature laterwards, he wrote a “Thank you”~~
Whilst he was signing, kept hearing “Jung~min” “jung~min” from people around us
For me…I was focusing on shooting photo ^^;
When I came home and looked again at the photos, I saw that JM definitely clearly saw the rest of the fans behind. It’d be great if he saw me clearly too.. T.T
JM who signed for every one, waved his hand to every one (I then waved my hand for a little and shouted Jung~min at this time too);;
and then JM just went on to his limousine — the back seat — and got ready to engine leave~~
He definitely opened the car window as well even when he got onto the car,
and he waved his hand along with a bright beautiful smile ^_^
Because I waited so long, and since he opened his car window, I was behind chasing the car until the end
and that hand you see out of the car…is Jungmin’s ^__^
bye bye~~ ^^
Jungmin whose fan service is ever fantastic ^+^
Though a short period of time, but I saw alot of the smiling JM…
lovin’ it lovin’ it~~~
So where did he go after that? To a luxurious hotel for lunch~~~
So will he be going on to the streets in limousine? Well, I will have to pay close hard attention to the roads then..TT
Though I dont have a reason to why that limousine has to be his transport medium all the time


Credit:@mayutaro501 tweet


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[Video] Hyung Jun sings Queen (by Son Dambi) on Music High 100814

baby so funny... kekeke



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