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Thursday, August 12, 2010

[News] New cast member joining drama "Playful Kiss” [10.08.2010]

Indie band 'Annyong bada' will be challenging a drama once more. Annyong bada who's starred in SBS drama 'I'm Legend' recently attained good feedback from audiences, and this time round, they will be challenging full-time acting in upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama 'Playful Kiss'.

Namu, Junhyuk, Myungjae, Daehyun etc, these 4 people make up Annyong Bada. In the drama, 4 of them will be playing Bong Jungu (Lee Taesung)'s 4 buddies who equally fares badly in academics, and 4 of them supports Bong Jungu's love for Hani (Jung Somin). Annyong Bada's roles will be yet another icing character responsible for weaving fantasy for the drama with their unique image.

PD of the drama Hwang In-roi met up with Annyong Bada through recommendation of his friends, and after doing so, PD Hwang decided to cast them right on the spot without hesitation, and that was because of Annyong bada's unique personality traits and energy vibe they give off. PD Hwang who's well-known to be careful and serious with casting has made immediate decision for the first time this round, which surprised even the people around him. However, for the poster shooting and even for official shooting, Annyong bada's good acting and good emotional portrayals have earned the praise of staff, which velveted the talk of 'immediate decision making'.

Annyong bada has long been well-known in the indie-band world with their high quality music and beautiful emotional portrayal. Kim Hyun Joong and Jung SoMin's 'Playful kiss' is in midst of speedy shooting in the city hubs of Seoul. Its first broadcast will be on September 1, 9.55pm.


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