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Saturday, April 10, 2010

[Message] Kyu Jong new message @ DSP Website [ 01.04.2010]

thanks to ss501fighting for sharing this translation on her blog!


[Triple S][Eng Translation] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong new message @ DSP ~ Long time no see! .. Very early in the morning ~ ~ Ha ha (2010-04-01 7:04:59 AM)

Original Message:

오랜만이네요!!.. 매우 이른 아침~~ ㅎㅎ 2010-04-01 오전 7:04:59

안녕..^^ 다들 오랜만이예요!

저 오늘 완전 일찍 일어났죠!? ㅎㅎ 일어나서 영생이형 글 보고 낚였음니다…

흠..아침부터..말이야.. !! 깜짝놀랬다구요!! ㅎㅎ 만우절일줄이야..음..^^

콘서트마치고 전주고향에서 긴 시간 보내다가 서울로왔어요 ^^

고향친구들도 많이 만나고~ 가족여행도 다녀오구~

그런데.. 내 눈에서 레이저 나올거같지 않아요?.. (은아는 학교열심히다니느라 참석을 못했어요..ㅜㅜ)

하하..^^ 다들 잘 지내세요?!

벌써 4월 1일이라니..와우~~

시간 정말 빠르네요.. 훌쩍! 우리 오공돌이 무대 처음 올라간지 엊그제같은데..

아시아투어라는 멋진 공연을 마치게되다니..아직도 꿈만같아요.

그렇게 멋진 팀의 멤버가 나라는것도.. 아직도 믿겨지지않구.. 자랑스럽구..^^

그리고 우리 지켜주는 이쁜이들도..너무 고맙구. 해냈다 해냈다!!

ㅎㅎ 참!! 앵콜때 해냈다 때문에..멤버들은 생일빵 이렇게 듣고 나 물에 빠뜨린거..

다들 아시죠!!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?! 복수할꺼야..

얼음이..내 몸을 감싸서,, ㅜㅜ 흑흑!! 하지만.. 평생에 잊지못할 좋은 추억만들어줘서

고마워요 ㅎ 멋지게 공연마치고 앵콜때 물놀이하면 그동안 힘들었던거 다 씻을 수 있어서

좋아요 히~

항상..^^ 웃게해줘서 고맙구. 힘나게해줘서 고맙구..

데뷔때부터 지금까지 사진들..이쁜이들이 올려준 사진들 다 찾아봤는데..

시간가는 줄 모르고 봤어요..너무 좋았지요~ 고마워용..^^ 히

참 얼마전에 이런 글을 봤어요.. 제가 롤 모델이라구..

그 글을 보고 다시 마음가짐을 하게되었어요..^^ 내가 누군가의 롤 모델이 되어있다는게..

더 열심히.. 해야겠다라는 생각하구..!!

속으로는 기분도 너무 좋구..히히 아무튼!!

다들 정말 보고싶네요! 우리 열심히 준비해서 쨘 하고 나올테니까~

긴장들하시구!! 그떄까지 공부! 일! 열심히 하기~~ 알았죠?!

고향다녀오니까 사투리가 입에 베서 큰일났어요.. 아따 힘들고마잉..ㅎㅎ^^

안녕 빠빠이~~ 빨리 만나자 빨리.. 보고싶다!

항상 좋은일 가득하도록 맘속으로 기도할께요~

저 별이 되어 이 세상 어디라 해도~ 언제까지나 너희들을 비춰줄께~

24 / 7 from m to s night 언제까지나 행복할꺼야..^^


English Translation:

Long time no see! .. Very early in the morning ~ ~ Ha ha 2010-04-01 7:04:59 AM

Hi .. ^ ^ Everybody Long time no see!

That seems to be up early tonight!? hehe Get up and saw Young Saeng released a trouble message…

Hmm .. in the morning .. Say hey .. !! I’m surprised a surprise!! A lovely surprise for April’s fool day .. um…

Spend a long time in my hometown after the concert to come back to Seoul ^ ^

Go Home to see a lot of friends ~ all family travel ~

But .. I think the eye will have laser coming out Is not it ? .. (Eun had to go to the school so did not attend ..ㅜㅜ)

Haha .. ^ ^ How are everyone doing?!

Is already April 1.. wow..

Time’s passing so fast .. We501 First stage seems like yesterday ..

What a great performance finishing of The Asia Tour .. Still do not believe it.

I have a great team, a member of the country .. They knows so much is still hard to believe ..I’m Proud of them.. ^ ^

And keep giving us too beautiful ..I appreciate it. I did it I did it!

Ha ha true!! I did it because of encore .. member’s birthday cake so I am listening to them for water bath

You know everybody !!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?! There will be Revenge ..

I was bathed in ice… ,, ㅜㅜ hukhuk!! But .. Create an unforgettable memories for the good in life

Thanks after the cool water in the meantime , you can wash away all hard feeling during an encore performance

OK…ha ~

Always .. ^ ^ Thanks for the laugh. Thanks for giving me the power.

Photos ever since my debut .. I’ve looked everywhere everyone gave out beautiful photos..

Did not know it was time to go .. I’ll wish ~ thank you ^^ he

I saw this article so long ago .. I’m a role model ..

Which bring me to the re-reading of my attitude.. ^^ I, who is being someone’s role model ..

I will work harder… Should do the thing you think of me..!!

I feel deep down are good too .. Hee-hee, anyway!

I’d love to see everyone! We are ready to work hard and WE’LL MEET YOU ~

Get regular tensions! Learn to give it a try! Plan! To work hard ~ ~ ok?!

Excited to go home, my mouth got a problem with dialect after coming back.. Thanks to the difficult … hehheh ^^

Good bye, bye bye ~~ Come meet me soon .. I want to see!

I will pray for your heart always be filled with good things ~

That is a star no matter you go anywhere in this world~ You’ll be shed forever ~

24 / 7 from m to s night will always be happy .. ^ ^


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