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Saturday, April 10, 2010

[Message] Kyu Jong chat message @ DSP TOKTOK room

Original TOKTOK message:

영생이형에게 낚인 사람 손!! [규종]

복수하러 갑시다 ~~ ㅎㅎ [규종]

아이쿠~ 아침 밥 맛있게 해 드세요 ^^ ㅎㅎ [규종]

학교도 언능가자!! 공부는 소홀이하면안되는거~~ [규종]

아 참! 제 솔로곡이라고 나오는건.. 신곡아니예요~ 오해마세용~ [규종]

501 노래중 한곡 을 혼자 부른거니까~ 기대는 쪼금만 해주세용 안하면 섭섭하니까~ 히 [규종]

근데 그노래가 이노래인지 이노래가그노래인지 암튼 저도 잘 모르겠어용 ㅜ [규종]

저도 끊겼다가 다시 마지막 인사하러왔어요^^ 좋은하루!! 좋은아침!! ㅎ 바바이 [규종]


English Translation: (Green word is ss501fighting opinion)

Young Saeng hyung is trouble man!! [Kyu Jong] ( I don’t know but some said should be raise your hand if you believe Young Saeng?)

Let’s go for revenge ~~ haha [Kyu Jong]

Child ~~ Enjoy the morning and eat rice ^ ^ haha [Kyu Jong]

You better go to school!! Do not neglect the study ~~ [Kyu Jong]

Oh, hey! My solo song would come out .. it’s not a new song ~ don’t misunderstanding ~ [Kyu Jong]

Will do a solo performance on one of the previously unheard song of 501~ give me little bit of hope because not I will be upset ~ heh [Kyu Jong] (Translation updated after confirmation with my friends)

But this song is the one I have to sing or that song anyway even I do not know well ㅜ [Kyu Jong] (So what song???)

Finally, I’ve stopped by to say hello again ^ ^ Have a good day! Good morning! ha Bye-bye [Kyu Jong]


Credit: www.dspenter.com
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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