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Friday, September 11, 2009

Kim HyunJoong's Health Condition Is Getting Better.

The S
eoul Drama Awards was held on the 11th of September, 6:30pm at The Olympic Park. Boys Over Flowers male cast, Kim Hyunjoong was awarded as the Best Actor.

Kim Hyunjoong was infected with the swine flu during the promotion for the popular drama, 'Boys Over Flowers' in Japan recently. He was sent to the hospital immediately for further treatment after seeing him showing signs of fever and flu. Because of this, he was unable to attend the award show.

Kim Hyunjoong was represented by the three group members of SS501 to receive the award on behalf of him. "Thank you for your concern, Hyunjoong's health condition is getting better", "We're going to show you the best of SS501 in the future", said Youngsaeng.

The current health status of Kim Hyunjoong is getting much better and (I think they said he will need one months time for him to fully recover from the flu).

The award show was a blast with performances by SS501's three members, Kim Kyujong, Kim Hyung Jun, HeoYoung Saeng. T-max, SNSD's Taeyeon and Park Hyo Shin.

p.s. I've read all the comments today. sorry guys wasn't able to answer some since i was out the whole day and i only learned tonight when I got home that SDA was shown live on KBS World.

p.p.s. a friend just informed me that Maknae will not be going on board on Music High for the next 3 days. Kara's Han Seung Yeon will temporarily take his place. I hope his note sick . I hope that DSP finally decided to give him a much deserve rest since he's been really busy since they got back from Japan. He's really getting thin and it's not good when there's so much activites for them lined up. Thanks friend for the tip!

miamihero on
SS501 thread @ soompi +liezle blog's

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SS501 accepting the award for their leader! + 'UR Man @SDA

Congratulation Kim Hyun Joong!! you are great actor!!!

Kyu Jong, Hyung Joon and Young Saeng on stage accepting the award on behalf of Kim Hyun Joong as Best Actor in the 2009 Seoul Drama Awards.

Thanks to hoonfami for uploading the video

'UR Man' Performance at Seoul Drama Awards

Thanks to dailykpopnews1!

they really damn hot!! really love them in white <33

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"Mom's here", HJL's parents fly to Japan to take care of their son

In order to take care of her precious son, Kim Hyun Joong's mother immediately flew to Japan to take care of her son the moment the news came out.

After hearing that her son needs to be treated for more than half a month, Kim Hyun Joong's mother immediately boarded the plane and rushed to Japan to accompany him.

SS501's management company said,
"Because Kim Hyun Joong's parents' were really worried, so they immediately flew to Japan to be with him, and will be taking care of him for the next half month." Currently, Kim Hyun Joong's condition has stabilized, but the hospital is predicting that the length of his treatment will be longer than previously predicted, hence increasing fans' worry.

With regards to the current situation, their management company in Japan and Kim Hyun Joong's personal manager have always been by his side accompanying him, as well as checking up on his situation every second. "His fever has gone down greatly after taking Tamiflu, actually after we arrived we realized that his condition has improved greatly from before. Currently Hyun Joong is concentrating on recovering, and hopes to recover his health quickly."

Credits: sportshankook.co.kr + (Chinese translation) julieann @ hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS5014ever @ WS501|quainte501


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Heo YoungSaeng Caught H1N1 too? “Groundless Rumor”

Credits : anbie@sportschosun.com + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Besides SS501 Kim HyunJoong who is currently recuperating from H1N1 influenza, Heo YoungSaeng who is member of the same group was rumored that he caught H1N1 influenza too, but he confirms that that is a total groundless rumor.

When news of Kim HyunJoong catching H1N1 influenza was known, SS501’s fan café and some entertainment online community had rumors flying around such as “Heo YoungSaeng is in danger too” “3 of the remaining members came back but Heo YoungSaeng is still in Japan”.

In the afternoon of 9-Sep, DSP Entertainment representative said to SportsChosun “It is true that Heo YoungSaeng and Kim HyunJoong stayed in Japan for one more day.”
However, he revealed “They just wanted to spend another day there together since they are really close with each other, and that Heo YoungSaeng would return to Korea on the next day. Besides Kim HyunJoong, all the other members’ examination results are negative.”

With Kim HyunJoong infected with H1N1 influenza, they also explained a little on the news that SS501’s album release schedule being affected. The representative said “Their scheduled Asia Tour stretches till January or February next year, and their album release date has been postponed. This is not entirely due to Kim HyunJoong’s situation.”

And with regards to Kim HyunJoong’s current condition, he said “He is fine. It is nothing serious.” He also conveyed message from HyunJoong “He will recover soon and he asked for fans not to be too worried.”


glad to heard that Hyun Joong has better now ... and Young Saeng and free from H1N1 infection
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[Video] Hyun Joong Performs "Thank You" at BOF Japan Premium Event

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Update from DSP

Thanks to liezle sharing this info at she's blog.. because I'm not a member of SG TripleS .

NOTE : When re-posting, please give proper credit to the translator and original source. Thank you.

Translated into English: miyo @SgTripleS

2009.09.09 [Notice] This is DSP Media

Hello, This is DSP Media.

Since yesterday, there has been alot of news reporting on Hyun Joong that makes everyone worried.

Currently, Hyun Joong's condition has turned so much better. Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min and Hyung Joon are feeling alright and do not have any H1N1 symptoms.

To be on the safe side, we are intending to send them for check-up today.

With Hyun Joong suddenly taken ill, there has been a lot of enquiries on his confirmed schedule.

Currently, we are in the midst of rescheduling it.

On 11th Sept, Drama Awards and 13th Sept KBS Special, due to the current status, Hyun Joong is unable to attend and Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon has been decided to attend instead.

On 11th Sept, Drama Awards, for Hyun Joong's award and SS501 performance, we have planned to have Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon to accept the award on his behalf and for the performance, to perform "U R Man and Because I'm Stupid",

If Hyun Joong is unable to attend and accept the award, please do still go and support and celebrate for him winning the award!!

We thank you for all the concerns and love.

We hope that he will be able to get well quickly and stand before everyone.

We will inform again here if there has been any changes in the schedule.

[ DSP Media ]

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KAC says “Kim HyunJoong will continue to be our ambassador”

Credits : Starnews + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


While the fact that 5-member male group SS501’s leader Kim HyunJoong caught H1N1 flu virus is made known to the public, it is expected that they will continue to be the Korean Airport Ambassador.

KAC representative revealed to Money Today Star News on 9-Sep “We heard that Kim HyunJoong was infected with H1N1. However, this will not affect Kim HyunJoong and his group SS501’s status as our ambassadors will remain unchanged.”

SS501 had been appointed as Ambassadors of Korean Airport Corporation (KAC) through the appointment ceremony held in Kimpo Airport on 13-Jul. At that time, KAC explained “SS501 is a rising Hallyu Star and their image is in line with Kimpo airport’s image which is to become the pivot airport for Northeastern Aisa, which is why they were appointed as our ambassador.”

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong went to Japan for KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’ Promotional event held in Yokohama on 5th & 6th Sep, and is currently diagnosed with H1N1. He was admitted to one hospital in Tokyo to receive treatment.

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[News]Kim Hyun Joong in Yokohama

Credit: namikero@youtube + (Chinese translation) 暗香浮動&sola + (Eng translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
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20090905 Boys Over Flowers in Yokohama SS501 Kim HyunJoong 김현중(Part2)

The host asked him, in BOF, Yoon JiHoo used his 1st pay to buy a pair of shoes for Guem JanDi. In actual life, what did Hyun Joong bought for his first pay?

3:20 - 3:30 Hyun Joong answered he bought himself a guitar.

Then the host asked, if he has a girl friend, what would he buy for her?

3:47-4:00 Hyun Joong said he would want to go to play with his girl friend and then KISS.

At that moment, all the audience started to shout and laugh.

4:07 - 4:12 Hyun Joong laughed at himself and saying that he is low life/ shameless/despicable. (cagali : pick your own choice of word. :P I can find a word suitable to describe 下流, if any of you know, please send me a comment)

After that the host asked, where does he want to bring his girl friend to visit in Japan?

4:26 - 4: 40 Hyun Joong answered Disney Sea, because he has been to Disneyland but not to Disney sea.

5:14 - 5:51 At the end he also mentioned that he wish to hold their concert in Tokyo Dome next year, but all these would need everybody's support. (Note: Because it is a glory to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome, example DBSK who are extremely popular in Japan, had also held their concert in Tokyo Dome.)

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Young Saeng back in SK 09.08.09

photos courtesy of eheka8687.com
[thanks to Mariposa for the links]

Young Saeng was spotted at Gimpo tonight arriving from Japan. Seems like he was also under the weather but was given a go signal to travel since his case was just fever.

Videos lifted from shirbogurl21 YT channel, originally from http://heoyoungsaeng.ivyro.net/

Video courtesy of Best Friend [http://www.bestys.net]

Here's one from http://www.eheka8687.com

One more video from HSScandal. Thanks to irenelin005 for uploading on YT.

Extracted from Newsen
Korean to English translation by susAmerica

Newsen contacted DSP representative by phone. DSP suspects that perhaps KHJ may have been infected in Malaysia Promotion Trip. Although the rest of the SS501 appear fine, DSP plans to have them thoroughly examined as they worked together constantly until KHJ became ill. KHJ is resting and trying to recover.

credit: liezle's blog

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