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Saturday, September 26, 2009

SS501 Persona Asia Tour Shanghai station online ticket website

Time: at 19:30 on November 14, 2009
Location: Hongkou Football Stadium Tickets: 1280,880,680 yuan / in-field (price tentative)
480,280 yuan / Stand (price tentative)
Booking Hotline :8008207910,4008207910,021-61300910
Onsite tickets: 420 Jiangning Road, Shanghai, and a 23 floor building, Block B

Online tickets website: http://www.tickets365.com.cn/tk2005/usr/ticket_detail.jsp?ticketid=60269

This project does not enjoy the discount China Merchants Bank 9.5

Five of the brightest stars in the galaxy in an infinite meet and create a unique miracle

In June 2005 to issue the first single, “warning” SS501, before the debut has accumulated a number of popular network on the Internet. They has also been set up fan clubs for many fans during his teen-idol group not long after debut . In November the same year, released the second single “Snow Prince”, before the official release, has resulted in Pre-order fashion.

In addition to being a singer all-round entertainer SS501, while “multiple roles” to host, radio DJ, the situation of multiple identities such as drama actors active in the entertainment business, and by large-scale Fans meeting, as well as the way the National Concert accumulated so popular.

2006 SS501 forward the Asian market, first of all go to Japan’s development in Japan, launched promotional campaigns. The first public concert, tickets sold out, attracted wide media attention in Japan, and the singing and dancing show amazing strength. Apart from success in Japan, SS501 also started an official album released in South Korea as well as the encore concert, whether in Japan or South Korea, the popular synchronization to new heights. In March 2007 formally to enter the Japan’s first Japanese album released and immediately entered the Japanese Oricon.

End to Japan’s publicity, and in March 2008 in South Korea released a single of “Déjà vu” and “A song calling for you”, received a tremendous response from fans, the same year in July and held in Osaka, Japan,a total of four field concert ticket sales, a total of more than 20000 fans to participate.

SS501 addition to its regular five-man group album have also tried different approaches to things, by the end of 2008 by the members jyu Jong, Hyung-jun and Young Saeng sub-group SS501 release mini-album “UR MAN”, with a new image and music genre by fans support and love, attention greatly. In 2009 the most flamboyant went to leader Kim Hyun-joong because he had performed in 2009 the most popular idol drama “Boys Over Flowers” as Yoon Ji-Hoo seniors, superb acting coupled with resolute eyes, swept all-female audience in all of Asia, but also because of Kim Hyun-joong instant burst of popularity, the SS501 momentum go onto the peak, and now SS501 has been promoted to become Asia’s No.1 South Korean boy Group.

source: http://www.tickets365.com.cn/tk2005/usr/ticket_detail.jsp?ticketid=60269+Translation: ss501fighting@wordpress
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