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Saturday, September 26, 2009

SS501(Kyu Jong) in Easy Magazine Oct 2009

Kim Kyu Jong x 10 Keywords

KW1 Little Bear
In the 3rd episode of variety show ‘Thank you for waking me up’, Kyu Jong kept holding onto a big white teddy bear which looked much larger than him, whether playing around together with Hyun Joong or when sleeping, he would hug it. This is how he get the nickname ‘Little bear’

KW2 Habit
Kyu Jong has an habit which he wanted to change, that is always using his hand to cover his face.

KW3 Young Saeng
This ‘Young Saeng’ is definitely not that ‘Young Saeng’, but it is a name for his fish. Seems like the normally kind Kyu Jong also have another naughty side.

KW4 Kim Eagle
Team Member Jung Min thinks that the look when Kyu Jong put on dark glasses was like an eagle, and started to call Kyu Jong as ‘Kim Eagle’

KW5 Light sleeper
Because he is a light sleeper, during the early debut period when filming a variety show, everytime when the host went to SS501 hostel to wake them up, Kyu Jong would be the first to automatically wake up.

KW6 Shy guy
Other than Young Saeng, Kyu Jong is also very shy. During the Taiwan fan meeting, Kyu Jong was at a loss when Hyung Joon snatched his chinese line. Finally he had to say shyly: “This, that, what is this, what is that…” causing the host to bewilder.

KW7 Stranger
Kind Kyu Jong has a point which make people worry. That was during his filming of a variety show, he always woke up not knowing the surrounding people. When ask why, he mentioned he was not sure also. In actual fact, those were staff from his company. Seems like his actual problem was not able to remember these people.

KW8 Ideal type
Once mentioned in a variety show that he likes Wonder Girl’s member Kim Yu Bin. Recently, he made a lot of people confused with his likings. He mentioned that he is fear of dogs, so he will be mesmerized when seen a lady walking a dog. Could it be Kyu Jong liked strong and brave girl?

KW9 Japanese ability
In order to develop in Japan, SS501 members had to undergo intensive Japanese class. However during the early stage, only Kyu Jong was able to properly grasp the language and was titled as ‘the only person who knows Japanese’ among the team.

KW10 Center of SS501
Kyu Jong likes to call himself as ‘Center of SS501′. Mainly because his age is the 3rd in the team. Also in the song ‘Take U High’ he is in charged of the line ‘I am standing in the center’.

credit: SS501UFO

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