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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm Back!!!

wah! almost a week I do not update my blog ... because my holiday .. back to the village to celebrate Hari Raya. what happens to all kpop .. ? I missed a lot during this week

not much that I want to tell about Hari Raya this year ... because I celebrate alone oh no..no.. not alone lol!hehehe.. I have a family with me but not lively ... because my husband did not celebrate Hari Raya together this year ... He undertakes! the fate of my family there ! hishk hishk!

This only la I can relate... oh yea! I have taken pictures during Hari Raya in my hp ... but not very clear picture la ... because that time is very light... hope your guy's like it =) but Im not in the picture.. actually I don't like take picture :D

here the picture

my family

my sister with her husband and children

♥ Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Bace ! Like Yea Kalau Suka ! ♥

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