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[Video] Hyung Joong "HEY GIRL" @ WONDER + FULL KOREA 2009


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SS501 Comeback

09/27 [news] SS501 Comeback – 4th week of October

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SS501 (member Kim HyunJoong, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJoon, Park JungMin, Heo YoungSaeng) had a great performance prior to their comeback on 3rd week of October. SS501 sang ‘Because I am Stupid’ and a great number of songs at ‘Wonder + Full Korea Concert’ held at 6pm on 27-Sep at Seoul Songpa-gu Bangee-dong Olympic Park’s Fencing Stadium.

However, leader Kim HyunJoong was not seen during this performance on that day.
Members confirmed his absence, “(Kim HyunJoong) was sick recently. He couldn’t come because he is sick today too.” And explained the reason, “We are currently preparing for our official 2nd album. Please wait for awhile more because we will show you our new songs by then”

In addition, MC Kim BoSung, Yoon SonHa also asked about their new album.
Kim HyungJoon said “This is an album which took nearly 2 years (of preparation). You will be able to see our startling appearance within a month. It is very different from what we had (before). Don’t be too taken aback and please support us lots.”

Heo YoungSaeng was asked to express about their upcoming Asia Tour “We’ve finished our concert in Seoul and Japan. We will travel around Asia from now, and we are very nervous about it. We are also excited since there are countries that we will visit for the first time, we hope to quickly go to different countries and present our great appearance over there.”

When being asked about the members’ ideal type, “A female who can do the best of what I’ve asked her to do, I will find her very attractive and sexy. And I am very grateful to all our fans who came here with us. Everyone is my type of ideal girl.” Kim HyungJoon said as a representative for the group and received cheering from their fans.

Lastly, SS501 said “Our comeback is scheduled on 4th week of October. The sale for mp3 should be out prior to that. Hope you can anticipate for it.”

Kim Hyun Joong revealed: "1st time felt ashamed because of Hyori noona"

According to reports from Korea media, Korea popular idol group SS501's Kim Hyun Joong revealed his 1st experience to night club.

In the SBS variety show 'Family Outing - Kim Hyun Joong Edition Part 2' which was broadcast on 27 Sept, Kim Hyun Joong revealed: "When in USA, I went to night club together with Hyori noona, that was my first time to night club.", "On that day, the way noona dance made me very shocked, for the first time I felt ashamed because of Hyori noona." Kim Hyun Joong's reveals made Hyori panic.

Lee Hyori expressed: "Is it? How come I can't even remember anything about this?" to avoid the topic. However, Kim Hyun Joong immediately reenact the actual scene during that time. Lee Hyori then nod her head and admitted: "Maybe during that time noona was a little excited."

Kim Hyun Joong reenacting the actual dancing move of Hyori in USA

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[Video][fancam] Young Saeng focus @ Wonder+Full Korea Concert [27.09.09]

[fancam] 090927 SS501 Young Saeng focus talking@ Wonder+Full Korea Concert

[fancam] 090927 SS501 Young Saeng focus talking 2@ Wonder+Full Korea Concert

[fancam] 090927 SS501 Young Saeng "U R Man" focus @ Wonder+Full Korea Concert


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[Video] [Fanscam] Kyu Jong focus @ Wonder+Full Korea Concert [27.09.09]

[fancam] 090927 SS501 Kyu Jong focus talking @ Wonder+Full Korean Concert

[fancam] 090927 SS501 Kyu Jong Ur Man focus @ Wonder+Full Korean Concert

[fancam] 090927 SS501 Kyu Jong focus @ Wonder+Full Korean Concert Because I'm Stupid


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[Video][Fanscam] SS501@ WONDER + FULL KOREA 2009 [


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[Video] Hyung Joon @ music high Singing KARA Song

He’s so hyper and cute! haha.. ENJOY!


He's singing "WANNA"


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this him singing "Honey"


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SS501 Thailand Photobook “Endless Melody” (fans photo)

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[Video] SS501 @ Taiwan “MTV Crazy over Japanese and Korean Music” behind the scene 3


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SS501 Kim Kyu Jong @ New “Canon” CF behind the scene photo

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[Video] Kyu Jong + girl band Kara Photo shooting news


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SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Boys Over Flowers” character JiHoo cute doll


w0w!!! It's really really cute XD!!!

★ SS501 ★ on Wonderful Korea Concert

ministries of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Korea, with Korean Tourism Association held a Korea Grand Sale 2009, Wonder + Full Korean Concert on 27 September 2009 (today) at 6 pm, at Olympic Park Fencing Stadium.

to promote Korean to foreign countries, groups present such as SS501, SG Wannabe, G-Dragon of Big Bang, T-Max and other Korean singers.

source: newsen

[Video] Let's Learn Korean~~~ with SS501

I find this video on youtube ... wah it really interesting! want to learn korean language? okay here with SS501.. thanks to SuperstarSubbing for sharing this video! :)
after watching this video, you may think that they are great people. They really care about their fans!

may happy watching and good learning guy's:)


Let's Learn Korean with SS501 [part 1/3]

Let's Learn Korean with SS501 [part 2/3]

Let's Learn Korean with SS501 [part 3/3]

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Wonder + Full Korea Concert performers namelist include SS501 and others hallyu singers

Credit: SS601 +(Chinese translation) + (English translation) + Hankering for Yong Joon

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Cultural, Sports & Tourism ministry anounced the singer list in
Wonder + Full Korea Concert. The singers include G-Dragon, SS501, SG Wanna be, Kim Jun (T-Max) and others Hallyu singers. This activity is one of the main activities of the 2009 Korea Grand Sale. Named as 'Wonder + Full Korea Concert, it will be held on 27 September at Seoul Olympic Park Fencing Hall.

Due to their increasing popularity from acting in
'Boys over Flowers', SS501's Kim Hyun Joong and T-Max's Kim Jun's performance received wide concerned. Also, the singers who sung the OST 'Only You' of 'Shining Inheritance' would also participate in the concert.

The more special things is, because the participated singers has great reputation in local and oversea, many program items have a special design, such as Kim Jun who has already given notice in his official website mentioning about the special performance, creating much anticipation among fans from local & oversea. In addition, during the concert, many different types of activity would be arranged, such as interviews and also photoshoot with fans and etc... The organizer's main purpose is to create a performance that not only include a singing concert but hope to present it like a large scale fan meeting, to have fun together, allowing fans from local & oversea to participate in it.

Korea Grand Sale is a typical program organized by South Korea's to promote its tourism. Staring from 1999, every year, hosted by Cultural, Sports & Tourism Ministry and Korea Tourim Association, a series of activities to promote Korea shopping and cultural exchange, etc... This has not only strengthen Korea's domestic tourism but also making Korea's image more distinctive internationally.

SS501(Hyung Joon) in Easy Magazine Oct 2009

Kim Hyung Joon x 10 Keywords

KW1 Baby
In one variety show Hyung Joong mentioned that his friends called him as ‘Baby Joon’, the reason is because of his impeccable look and also since he is the youngest and look like a baby.

KW2 Hyung Hyung
Affectionate title called by his fans. Originated from his name ‘Hyung Joon’ and evolved to ‘Hyung Hyung’.

KW3 Cute
As the maknea, he automatically takes on the ‘Cute role’. Once in a program in Japan, in order to sell his own album, he had to act cute infront of all the audience.

KW4 Petty
In fan meeting, being selected by team members as ‘the most stingy’ members,because most of the time when going out to eat, he would not volunteer to pay. In actual fact of course the rest of his elder brothers would not let the maknea pay.

KW5 Mirror
Most fans would think that Young Saeng who cares a lot of his own image would be the person who most liked to look in mirrors, but in actual fact, it is actually Hyung Joon.

KW6 Getting married
Hyung Joon’s sweet talk do not lose to Jung Min. In Taiwan’s fan meeting when the host ask about his opinion of the local girl, Maknea Hyung Joon answered: “If I grow older, I want to marry all of you.” causing the audience to high to the tip.

KW7 Victim
As the youngest in the team, Hyung Joon practically become the victim under the hands of his elder brothers. Even during his birthday, the other 4 members would also join hands to tease him, especially quarrelling with Jung Min, making his fans feel sorry for him and like him.

KW8 Ideal type
Famous for his love for food, even when choosing his ideal type of lady, Hyung Joon just wants a girl that would cook for him and a gentle girl.

KW9 Andrewe Kim’s voice
Flower boy looks Hyung Joon has a shocking speciality, that is everytime when he woke up, his sweet voice would become coarse like the Korea famous clothes designer Andrew Kim.

KW10 Wierd habit
Jung Min once exposed in fan meeting saying one of the team member has very weird habit. When going to public bath, he do not take out his panties. When Hyung Joon heard that, he deny it by acting dumb. Eventually he was still exposed by Jung Min.

credit: SS501UFO

SS501(Jung Min) in Easy Magazine Oct 2009

Park Jung Min x 10 Keywords

KW1 Horse
Carrot lover Jung Min was exposed by Hyun Joong that he had to gnaw carrot every night. Other than that, he loves carrot juice. This is why his nickname is ‘Horse’. Follow by this a series of nicknames like Mal, Park Mal, Charisma, was originate from there.

KW2 Acting skill
Jung Min’s acting skill is one of the best among the members. It is not only because of his participation in a musical and received recognition but because when he made fun of Hyung Joon he will feign confusion which made people believed him.

KW3 Atmosphere creator
Jung Min is considered as the atmosphere creator in the team, always able to bring up the atmosphere of the event. Even when in Hong Kong he was unstoppable, no only throwing amorous glances, but kneel down while holding a fans’ hand saying: “Do you want to marry me?” causing all the fans almost gone crazy.

KW4 Sweet talk
About fans support, all the while Jung Min is not stingy. Sweet talk become his best advantage in rewarding his fans. When in Hong Kong, Jung Min once used cantonese to praise his fans “Very Beautiful’, making his fans to burst into joy.

KW5 King of nicknames
Jung Min who likes to nicknamed the rest of the members is actually a King of nicknames. He has all kinds of nicknames, example ‘Park fragrance’, ‘Sister-in-law’, ‘Park Charisma’, etc. A lot of fans jokingly said as long as there is one nickname you can think of, it will be suitable for him.

KW6 Cranky when woke up
Normally active and lively Jung Min when just woke up will turn into another person. He has very serious problem of being cranky when woke up. Whoever tried to wake him up will receive his ‘fist and kicks’.

KW7 Hyung Joon killer
Jung Min & Hyung Joon were like a pair of enemies. No matter what Hyung Joon does would be suppressed by him. Whether during bathing or waking up, both must bicker. Most of the time it would be Hyung Joon begging for mercy. Therefore, Jung Min is also crowned as ‘Hyung Joon Killer’.

KW8 Disciplinary Master
Active Jung Min also takes the role of ‘disciplinary Master’ in the team. When others over do when having fun, he will come forward to stop them. However, most of the time it is to stop others from disturbing his rest.

KW9 Secret of blanket
Team member Young Saeng once revealed that there was once when he flipped Jung Min’s blanket, he found Jung Min eating inside. Jung Min rebuff saying: “It is warmer this way’

KW10 Kindergarten Japanese
During their early promotion period in Japan, in one interview, leader Hyun Joong when being asked about Jung Min level of Japanese, Hyun Joong actually answered: “Around Japan Kindergarten level…”

credit: SS501UFO

SS501 (Young Saeng) in Easy Magazine Oct 2009

Heo Young Saeng x 10 Keywords

KW1 Otter
As member Jung Min think that Young Saeng’s face is similar to an otter, especially when he smile, so he started to call him ‘Otter’, and slowly everybody else also follow suit.

KW2 水水 (Shui Shui)
Also one of the nickname of Young Saeng, mostly called by China fans. It is the cute form of Otter, in addtion to Young Saeng’s young & fresh looked, everybody think that this is a suitable title for him.
(Note: the chinese word for ‘Otter’ is ‘水獭’, and ‘young & fresh’ is ‘水嫩’, so this nickname is formed by taking the first character of this 2 words, i.e. ‘水水’. The actual meaning of ‘水’ is water. :D )

KW3 Young Girl
When in Hong Kong, Young Saeng was pushed out by the other members to perform Girl’s Generation’s cute dance ‘Gee’. His shy expression is similar to a pure young girl, very adorable. He had also disguised in lady look on screen many times, his beauty even made Hyun Joong wanted to take him as wife.

KW4 Friend
Seemingly shy Young Saeng actually has very good relationship with people. As he was once a trainee from SM, therefore he has very close relationship with DBSK’s JeaJoong, YunHo, and also Super Junior’s Siwon. He had even stayed together with JeaJoong before.

KW5 Self portrait
Nice looking Young Saeng is also similar to many who love to take self portrait. It has even become an addiction to him. He is very good in choosing the correct angle. Of course sometimes he will pull in the other members, the kind Kyu Jong was always asked to take photo together.

KW6 Ideal type
In the Hong Kong fan meeting, Young Saeng mentioned that he like the look when a girl bite the hair band and tie her long hair. On the spot, he borrowed a fan’s hair band and bit it in his mouth to demonstrate it, causing a commotion.

KW7 Sexy Man
Hyun Joong once exposed, there was once when he went to Young Saeng’s home, when two of them was having fun, suddenly Young Saeng become sentimental and start to light up candle in his room and almost caused his room to burn down.

KW8 Heo Kim Kim (许金金)
‘ 许金金’ was always mistaken as another nickname of Young Saeng. Actually it is a combination title which fans created to represent the team during the time when Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong & Kim Hyung Joon promoting their ‘U R Man’ album.
(Note: This title ‘许金金’ is a combination of their surname)

KW9 Being sneak attack
The way Young Saeng being sneak attack was different from Hyun Joong, because the sneak attack was by his own team members. The reason is because Young Saeng has a otter lookalike face that is very lovable, so the rest of the members like to pinch his face.

KW10 Like to look good
As he cares a lot of his image, he had once run away from the camera and used a hat to cover his messy hair when just woke up. This is just to retain of his screen image.

credit: SS501UFO

SS501(Kyu Jong) in Easy Magazine Oct 2009

Kim Kyu Jong x 10 Keywords

KW1 Little Bear
In the 3rd episode of variety show ‘Thank you for waking me up’, Kyu Jong kept holding onto a big white teddy bear which looked much larger than him, whether playing around together with Hyun Joong or when sleeping, he would hug it. This is how he get the nickname ‘Little bear’

KW2 Habit
Kyu Jong has an habit which he wanted to change, that is always using his hand to cover his face.

KW3 Young Saeng
This ‘Young Saeng’ is definitely not that ‘Young Saeng’, but it is a name for his fish. Seems like the normally kind Kyu Jong also have another naughty side.

KW4 Kim Eagle
Team Member Jung Min thinks that the look when Kyu Jong put on dark glasses was like an eagle, and started to call Kyu Jong as ‘Kim Eagle’

KW5 Light sleeper
Because he is a light sleeper, during the early debut period when filming a variety show, everytime when the host went to SS501 hostel to wake them up, Kyu Jong would be the first to automatically wake up.

KW6 Shy guy
Other than Young Saeng, Kyu Jong is also very shy. During the Taiwan fan meeting, Kyu Jong was at a loss when Hyung Joon snatched his chinese line. Finally he had to say shyly: “This, that, what is this, what is that…” causing the host to bewilder.

KW7 Stranger
Kind Kyu Jong has a point which make people worry. That was during his filming of a variety show, he always woke up not knowing the surrounding people. When ask why, he mentioned he was not sure also. In actual fact, those were staff from his company. Seems like his actual problem was not able to remember these people.

KW8 Ideal type
Once mentioned in a variety show that he likes Wonder Girl’s member Kim Yu Bin. Recently, he made a lot of people confused with his likings. He mentioned that he is fear of dogs, so he will be mesmerized when seen a lady walking a dog. Could it be Kyu Jong liked strong and brave girl?

KW9 Japanese ability
In order to develop in Japan, SS501 members had to undergo intensive Japanese class. However during the early stage, only Kyu Jong was able to properly grasp the language and was titled as ‘the only person who knows Japanese’ among the team.

KW10 Center of SS501
Kyu Jong likes to call himself as ‘Center of SS501′. Mainly because his age is the 3rd in the team. Also in the song ‘Take U High’ he is in charged of the line ‘I am standing in the center’.

credit: SS501UFO

[News]Hyun Joong ( Easy Magazine October Issue – Most Popular Male Artist Ranking )

#1 – Kim Hyun Joong
#2 – Yamashita Tomohisa
#3 – Akanishi Jin
#4 – Kamenashi Kazuya
#5 – Park Yoochun
#6 – Ikuta Toma
#7 – Kim Bum
#8 – Kim Jaejoong
#9 – Wuzun
#10 – Kim Heechul
#11 – Lee Min Ho
#12 – Kim Junsu
#13 – Lee Jun Ki
#14 – Tachibana Keita
#15 – Ryo Nishikido


Kim HyunJoong participated in 'Family Outing', showing his excellent skills

Credit: + (English translation)

Korea popular group SS501's Kim HyunJoong participated in SBS variety show 'Family Outing' showing his excellent skills. This episode received wide attention due to the appearance of Kim HyunJoong who was diagnose with AH1N1 in Japan early this month.

In the program, there was a special dating moment for Kim HyunJoong and Lee Hyori picking vegetable together. On their way, while chatting with Lee Hyori and found out that he stepped on faeces, Kim HyunJoong said: "Last time when noona and I were in the same management company, there was once we had to take the same car with Fin.K.L, when going up the car, I also accidentally stepped on faeces."

Lee Hyori said: "Is it? No wonder, during that time there was definitely some unpleasant smell." Follow by that, Kim HyunJoong said: "Once I met noona, I will step on faeces." When he noticed that she was not very happy about that, he added: "Stepping on faeces will bring good luck!" showing his wits in reacting to situation.

On the other hand, absent due to his accident, BigBang member DaeSung, during his telephone conversation with Kim HyunJoong said: "I originally wanted to have a competition with Kim HyunJoong based on our looks." His words had caused all family members to convulse with laughters.

SBS will broadcast the continuation of Kim HyunJoong in 'Family Outing' on 27 Sept 2009.


Fans drawing SS501 Kim Hyun Joong pictures

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wow! it's actually looks like a photo!

SS501 Persona Asia Tour Shanghai station online ticket website

Time: at 19:30 on November 14, 2009
Location: Hongkou Football Stadium Tickets: 1280,880,680 yuan / in-field (price tentative)
480,280 yuan / Stand (price tentative)
Booking Hotline :8008207910,4008207910,021-61300910
Onsite tickets: 420 Jiangning Road, Shanghai, and a 23 floor building, Block B

Online tickets website:

This project does not enjoy the discount China Merchants Bank 9.5

Five of the brightest stars in the galaxy in an infinite meet and create a unique miracle

In June 2005 to issue the first single, “warning” SS501, before the debut has accumulated a number of popular network on the Internet. They has also been set up fan clubs for many fans during his teen-idol group not long after debut . In November the same year, released the second single “Snow Prince”, before the official release, has resulted in Pre-order fashion.

In addition to being a singer all-round entertainer SS501, while “multiple roles” to host, radio DJ, the situation of multiple identities such as drama actors active in the entertainment business, and by large-scale Fans meeting, as well as the way the National Concert accumulated so popular.

2006 SS501 forward the Asian market, first of all go to Japan’s development in Japan, launched promotional campaigns. The first public concert, tickets sold out, attracted wide media attention in Japan, and the singing and dancing show amazing strength. Apart from success in Japan, SS501 also started an official album released in South Korea as well as the encore concert, whether in Japan or South Korea, the popular synchronization to new heights. In March 2007 formally to enter the Japan’s first Japanese album released and immediately entered the Japanese Oricon.

End to Japan’s publicity, and in March 2008 in South Korea released a single of “Déjà vu” and “A song calling for you”, received a tremendous response from fans, the same year in July and held in Osaka, Japan,a total of four field concert ticket sales, a total of more than 20000 fans to participate.

SS501 addition to its regular five-man group album have also tried different approaches to things, by the end of 2008 by the members jyu Jong, Hyung-jun and Young Saeng sub-group SS501 release mini-album “UR MAN”, with a new image and music genre by fans support and love, attention greatly. In 2009 the most flamboyant went to leader Kim Hyun-joong because he had performed in 2009 the most popular idol drama “Boys Over Flowers” as Yoon Ji-Hoo seniors, superb acting coupled with resolute eyes, swept all-female audience in all of Asia, but also because of Kim Hyun-joong instant burst of popularity, the SS501 momentum go onto the peak, and now SS501 has been promoted to become Asia’s No.1 South Korean boy Group.

source: ss501fighting@wordpress
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Kim Hyung Jun clothing sponsor "bluntkorea"

[Video] Taiwan MTV - SS501 Introduction of DVD

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SS501 Kim Kyu Jong New message @ DSP official site

KyuJong make an effort to post message to all his fans again. The message was posted on SS501 DSP site, on September 26, 2009 2.23:08 am.

here's the message

Hello ^^

Good night .. ^^
I miss you and I wanted to see you soon
All of us want to see you soon..!

Please wait for a while and we’ll be back soon
Have a nice dream for a few days while waiting for us ^^ and we’ll be there soon..
We’re doing well ..
We’ll do great and will not disappoint you.. ^^
hehe… ^^

You might be really surprised !
So be ready for it !!!
With our surprise we’re going to see you!
Bye bye .

goodnite ^^ hehe,,

original message posted by KyuJong

보고싶다 빨리 다들 보고싶어
우리멤버들 다들 빨리 너희들 보고싶어해 ..!
조금만 기다려 금방가니까
몇일만 좋은꿈꾸면서 기다려줘 ^^ 금방갈께요..
우리 열심히하고있어..
멋지게 실망안시킬꺼니까..^^
너네 깜짝 놀랄지모르니 ! 긴장바짝하구있어!!
우리 깜짝 놀랄모습으로 너네보러가니까 !
안녕 . 잘자 ^^ 히,,

Credit: SS601 +(Chinese translation) + (English translation)
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I'm Back!!!

wah! almost a week I do not update my blog ... because my holiday .. back to the village to celebrate Hari Raya. what happens to all kpop .. ? I missed a lot during this week

not much that I want to tell about Hari Raya this year ... because I celebrate alone oh not alone lol!hehehe.. I have a family with me but not lively ... because my husband did not celebrate Hari Raya together this year ... He undertakes! the fate of my family there ! hishk hishk!

This only la I can relate... oh yea! I have taken pictures during Hari Raya in my hp ... but not very clear picture la ... because that time is very light... hope your guy's like it =) but Im not in the picture.. actually I don't like take picture :D

here the picture

my family

my sister with her husband and children

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[Video] Hyun Joong - Arirang Mail Box

[09.09.18] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong - Arirang Mail Box


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SS501 @ Singapore Teens magazines October issue

Credit: SS601

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