Sunday, February 27, 2011

[Twitter] 110223 Boys tweet update

2011-02-22 @ 12:53am
Kyujong's father bought us a great dinner! mmmmmmmm delicious :) And tomorrow is KJ's birthday ^^

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[Twitter] 110222 Boys tweet update

2011-02-22 @ 2:26pm
@2kjdream 날씨좋군~수고혀라^^
@2kjdream Weather is good~Put in effort to do^^

2011-02-22 @ 11:57am
@TaewanakaCLuv 형 ~~ 오늘 날씨 너무너무너무 좋아요^^!!!! 언제나 옆에서 응원하고 기도할게요!! 화이팅!!! 내일은 드뎌 수요일이군요~~신난다아아!!! ㅎ
@TaewanakaCLuv Hyung ~~ Today's weather is really really really nice^^!!!! I will always be supporting by your side and praying for you!! Hwaiting!!! Finally, tomorrow is Wednesday~~So exciteddd!!! hee

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[Twitter] 110221 Boys tweet update

2011-02-21 @ 8:55pm
@2kjdream 반달 재활훈련뒤복귀 ㅋㅋ해야지 ㅋㅋㅋ기당겨~!!!^^
@2kjdream Make a comeback after undergoing half a month of rehabilitation keke Must do it kekeke Just wait~!!!^^

2011-02-21 @ 8:48pm
@2kjdream 굿굿굿 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@2kjdream Good good good kekekeke

2011-02-21 @ 8:14pm

@sek0505 ㅎㅎ 멋지죠 웅차형 ㅎㅎ
@sek0505 heehee Isn't he great? Woongcha hyung heehee

2011-02-21 @ 7:24pm
@2kjdream ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@2kjdream kekekekekekekekekeke

2011-02-21 @ 7:23pm
@mastadoo 동참하셨습니다! 주차웅 회원님 ㅎㅎ형 빨리 몸회복하셔서 함께 하자구요!!!! ㅎ
@mastadoo You participated! Member Joo ChaWoong heehee Hyung get well quickly so that we can do it

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

[Twitter] 110220 Boys tweet update

2011-02-20 @ 11:59pm
출장 다녀온 형아가 사준 헤드폰 선물~!! 그리고 건담은 오늘 밤샘고고
Headphone gift from hyung who returned from his trip~!! And Gundam today all through the night go go

2011-02-20 @ 9:23pm

PiroPiro overseas purchase info has been uploaded! Someone translated it. Who's that? Curious? Enter Check it out!


2011-02-20 @ 9:20pm

산더형이 도와줘서 드디어 해외구매에 관한 공지사항이 올라갔습니다! 궁금하다면을 참조하세요!
With Xander hyung's help, finally we have updated the announcement regarding overseas purchase! Please go over to if you're curious!


2011-02-20 @ 1:47pm
출장가셨던 단장님 컴백하셨네요~;> RT @HyungJun87 도쿄에서의 쇼케이스와 팬미팅 잘 마쳤답니다. 역시 즐겁단 말이야~ 최고가 되야지~ 고마워요 다들
Team leader, who has gone on a (business) trip, has came back~; RT @HyungJun87 Showcase and fan meeting in Tokyo ended successfully. That's enjoyable indeed~ I must become the best~ Thanks everyone

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[Notice] 110225 S-Plus Notice Pre-order Kim HyungJun's solo album [Girl] on Bugsmusic

Hello This is S-Plus Entertainment.

Currently in the 'coming soon' section of Bugsmusic

We are having the pre-order for

Kim HyungJun's first solo album [Girl] to be released on 28-Feb.

We hope that you can refer to it and give lots of support to Kim HyungJun's first solo album.

Here is the direct link to the coming soon section where the pre-order of [Girl] is.

Thank you.

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[News] 110225 Kim Hyung Jun Solo Showcase Tickets, Sold Out Within 5mins, Showing His Popularity

SS501 Member, Kim Hyung Jun Solo Showcase Tickets, Sold Out Within 5mins, Showing His Popularity.

First time coming out with his solo music album, Kim Hyung Jun will be starting his promotions activities in March. This time the showcase is not only Kim Hyung Jun wanting the fans to know that he is coming back but also it is his determination to forge ahead in his music career. His showcase ticket were sold out within 5mins, showing Kim Hyung Jun's popularity. Of course, with regards to his new album, fans are eagerly looking forward, anticipating. Kim Hyung Jun's company said [After the news about the first Solo Showcase is out, fans all over the world are eagerly waiting, for the 1st 2 hours during the ticket sales, the korean website traffic was very heavy. And, when after the start of the ticket sales, the system start to malfunction after which it caused the server to crash, causing the tickets cant be sold.]

Credit: TV Daily
Chinese Trans: 韩星网
Chinese to English Trans:
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I, HyungJun is here!!

Hi everyone! I, HyungJun is here
I am very excited since this is the first time leaving a message in the homepage.
Even so, I have read the messages posted by everyone since the opening.^^
Please come visit this Korea official homepage often. My album will be released in March so please wait for awhile more

Bonus~ for my first message posted!
Hope you are not shocked when you see the photo.T T
Recently, while working through my schedules and preparing for the album, in order to show a greater image
I got a vitamin drip/injection on the day prior to the filming of music video^^

Here is the a proof shot of getting the vitamin drip/injection!!!
I love you everyone!

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[News] 110224 Kim Hyun Joong & Lee Na Young Model For Television Ad

Social commerce company Coupang [representative Kim Bum Hee (slam10: sorry if i translate the name wrongly)] hired Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Na Young as the ad models for this advertisement. After showing the coupang ad on 24th, they will slowly launch a series of ads, the ad will have story theme which shows the characteristics of Social Commerce that is interesting to understand.

In the new ads, model Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Na Young will become a space giant who are overlooking the earth. This concept aroused the curiosity of the audience.

Kim Bum Hee representative said "This advertisement is an investment for the future, against the company's development strategy is the decision." "Social commerce market is huge, company judge that Social Commerce has a need to do some promotions events for the customers, thus we have consider choosing the most effective media to push this ad."

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Chinese Trans: xinhm@金贤重中文网(
Chinese to English Trans:
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[News] 110224 The Unveiling Of Melo-drama {PIANISSIMO} Mystery Which Was Called "Super Star" Previously

A production by eight popular directors, starring over 30 K-wave stars with the topic: "Super Star" on publicity posters, is finally revealed as melo-drama "PIANISSIMO" which aroused heated discussions.

The drama which is making the asian fans excited "PIANISSIMO" which exudes "Come & Goes in Silence" as a theme for all the different love stories. The drama with a total of 8 episodes (Black City, Never Ending Love, Happy Fiction, Love is You, Neddlestick down Grape Prince (slam10: sorry, don't really how to translate this so I literally translate it), Mobius, Magic Hour and Meet), which are presented by the Hallayu stars and famous creative directors for the elements of the melo-drama.

The drama includes SS501 members Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Jun, Park Jung Min, singer Moon Hee Jun, Son Ho Young, Nam Gyu-ri, Tei, Bae Seul Ki, Seo Ji Young, Ex-member of Baby V.OX Shim Eun Jin, Kim EZ, Kong Hyun Joo, Hong Jong Oh, Park Ki Ung, Lee Tae Sung, Hong Soo Hyun, Won Jun Choi etc represented by 30 over korean stars. As they have singers participating, acting in this drama for the 1st time, so you will get a different feeling when watching this drama.

Recently, in a newcomer singer, Eiki, music mv "Tearing", they used the scenes from SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Son Ho Young and Bae Seul Ki [Black City] which caused a topic.

Mainly with K-wave Music Artist acting in this Melo-drama estimated to break television drama's sterotypes at the same time inciting another K-wave. The programme is scheduled to meet fans early 2011.

Credit: newsdaily
Credit: 피오나 @PJMIFC
Chinese to English Translation:
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[News] 110224 Kim Kyu Jong's Birthday, Greetings From Fellow Artistes

To welcome idol group SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong's birthday, fellow artistes and fans gave their congratulatory greetings.

Member Park Jung Min sent his greetings via twitter at around 12.30am KST "Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! I love Kyu Jong! Happy Birthday! (Birthday song tune)" in text. Followed by "Let's work hard together this year, have a huge success which will shocked everyone! I love you!" not forgetting praising him.

Member Kim Hyung Jun also tweeted at around 2am "Happy Birthday! Kyu Jong, I love you. Come quick." birthday greetings.

After which is a very close singer friend, Sim Eunjin also tweeted "Oh, Kyu Jong's birthday! Happy Birthday!" joining in the congratulatory greetings.

Then all Kim Kyu Jong's fanclub changed their fansite picture to "Kim Kyu Jong's Birthday" etc. To commemorate his birthday card they start a blood donation campaign.

Fans sent congratulatory messages like "Sincerely congratulate the 25-year-old birthday!", "Kyu mum, thank you for giving birth to such a great son".

On the other hand Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng had their 1st fanmeeting in Seoul last December. Now they are preparing for their solo activites.

Credit: Star News
Chinese Trans: redcat111
Chinese to English Trans: http//
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

[Photo] 110219 HyungJun promotion poster with Progamer 2 team

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[Info] 110220 PiroPiro Purchase information for overseas customers

Greetings to everyone! This is HnB Company!
Finally PiroPiro can be purchased from ALL around the WORLD! Ta-da!!!

Our homepage will be renewed in March. After the renewal, there will be a notice board specially for our overseas customers to purchase our products. Meanwhile, please purchase our product via e-mail.
If you want to place an order, please include the following information in your e-mail:

1. Name of depositor
2. Name of receiver (name of the person who will receive the product)
3. Address of receiver (Country name & detail address information)
4. Contact number

After sending us the e-mail with the above information, we will reply you about the total purchasing price (including shipping fee). Afterwards, you may deposit the correct amount. (Notice: Please ensure that you include the overseas handling charge at your bank. For details about the handling charge, please enquire your local bank.)

This is our bank deposit detail:
Name of bank: Woori Bank
Bank deposit name: 김기범(HnBcompany)
Bank deposit number: 1005-901-769186

Our product will be sent to you in a BOX.
Maximum limitation per BOX:

1 Box = 1 PiroPiro face cushion + 2 PiroPiro neck cushions
1 Box = 6 PiroPiro neck cushions

*For example: 3 PiroPiro face cushions + 2 PiroPiro neck cushions
= 3 BOXes required

**For customers who purchase 100 products or more, we offer you a 10% product discount.

That's it and that's all! Thank you very much. Have a nice PiroPiro day!^^ God Bless!
(-translation: XanderPiro! LOL~)

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[News] 110220 Park Jung Min Danced to "Bo Beep" Love Taiwan, Very Warmth Towards Fans

Park Jung Min just say he loves Taiwan is not enough. He still have to dance to Lotus Wang's Bo Peep (Taiwanese Dialect version of T-ara's Bo Beep) to become more Taiwanese! He held his fanmeeting party on 20 Feb at Taipei University Sports Hall, using Chinese to catch hold of girls' heart, he practised Taiwan singer, William Wei's song "Yes or No", making the 2000 over fans who were attending the fanmeeting very touched. He even danced to the recent popular Taiwanese Dialect remake song "Bo Beep", letting them know he loves Taiwan.

1st time having a fanmeeting in Taiwan, Park Jung Min although sang only 5 songs, but his fanservice is totally great. Those fans who were chosen to go up on stage to have close contact with him and he even carried 1 fan and circled her around, making the rest of the fans screamed with envy. Other than that, when playing question answer session, those fans who answered the most questions were get to take a selca with him. After the Fanmeeting, there were around 100 over lucky fans who received [Love Hug] from him, letting you feel the title of Park Sexy Charisma's skinship.

Park Jung Min has successfully finished his important job and will be taking Cathay Flight CX420 at 5.10pm back to Seoul on 22 Feb. He will be coming back to Taiwan in May for the filming of his drama.

For those who dont know who is Lotus Wang, here is the vid of her dancing to "Bo Beep"

And William Wei Li An's vid "Yes Or No"

Credit: Yahoo Taiwan News
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[Photo] Park Jung Min Japanese Sapporo Hokkaido Fanmeeting Handbook

Credit: + My Inner World
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[Magazine] Park Jung Min on Japanese Magazine Vol. 5

Credit: + My Inner World
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[Video + Text Translation] 110218 JungMin @ Taiwan MTV 'JKPop Craze'

English translation:
MC: Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen

SS501 fans
Pea princesses
Do you miss them?
Yes, right?
Although previously they have came to Taiwan
but it has been sometime since then
But now
There's one person will come first
Because he has already release his solo album
'Not Alone''s Park JungMin
Why is he not lonely?
Because he has you companion him
Park JungMin Is it ok
So he come to Taiwan
On 19 and 20 February
This Saturday and Sunday
There will be press conference
Then at Taiwan University Sports Hall
There will be a fan meeting
So I think
Everybody should really support him
Because I can understand this feeling
What if
I am alone fighting alone
Performing alone and whatever
I will definitely feel very lonely
I will definitely feel worried
You see
He worried until he already
Reduce weight up to 12kg
Could only say he is even more care about his body shape
But 12kg I think really is
Too much already!
Therefore on 19th & 20th
Everybody definitely must go to cheer for him
Support a bit
So what does he want to say
to Taiwan fans
Lets listen now
Coming back later
Will give you his personally autographed diary
Please see

[Note: The rest of the interview is similar to the interview by SonyMusic which I had already translated here]

English translation:
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[News] 110218 Park Jung Min will go to Taiwan for a long stay in May

JungMin admitted that he is cheerful & very loyal towards love,
likes girls who are humourous

Park Jung Min will be coming to Taiwan to shoot for Taiwan idol drama, and will be having a long stay in Taiwan, he said excitedly yesterday “hope that the crew plans on a lot of different shooting sites, so can tour the places as well”. he was on diet for his new album ‘Not Alone’, but now the diet is over, he immediately ate the desserts the Taiwanese fans gave him!

He arrived in Taiwan the day before yesterday, during the interview, he expressed that he is very interested in acting, and confirmed to come to Taiwan for his drama in May, has been watching Luo Zhi Xiang’s drama “Love in the Corner” lately to study acting skills, at the same time learning chinese, he is able to communicate with simple chinese, after taking photo, he shouted in chinese “Let me see!”. He says “I dont mind kissing scenes. If i am worried about fans’ reactions, then I won't be able to act in dramas”.

Park JungMin eating fruit jelly given by fans

He ate the food the fans gave to him
For the good appearance for photoshoot of the album, he worked hard and lost 12Kg, exercising everyday, and rejecting all the delicious food, it has been hard for him. As now the diet ended, he looked at the food the fans gave and says “very thankful for the love from the fans” and begin eating immediately. He tried Wu Geng Chang Wang previous night* (*MiniUFO Note: Wu Geng Chang Wang 五更腸旺 is a dish comprises pig intestine, duck/pig blood, sour preserved lettuce, leek and etc, it tasted spicy), and gave a thumb up and said in chinese “delicious!” , he also expresses that he will go and eat mutton steam boat before leaving Taiwan.

Park Jung Min’s fansign at Xi Men Ding is at 2pm today, fanmeeting is at 7pm tomorrow, there are still about 100 tickets left, please go to for more details.

Jung Min admitted that he is cheerful and very loyal towards love. He likes girls who are humourous.

Credit: + planethyun
Eng Trans: Zi Qi @ babyvfan (
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[Photo] 110219 JungMin @ 'Not Alone' Taiwan Fan Sign Event by Mint Angel

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[Fan Account] 110219 Hyun Joong @ Sushi Restaurant

Kim Hyun Joong came to Binguel? (the direct trans of the name) Sushi restaurant

My friend works at the sushi restaurant. Today, she got a 8 person reservation. When those people come, she found that one of them looks like jae joong from the way he walks (two of them were friends, they look alike) . So she wondered if Kim Hyun Joong also came? Then, another staff came over and asked “did you see Kim Hyun Joong?” , so she looked closely, it’s hyun joong oppa! !!! my friend knew for the first time today that kim hyun joong is this handsome!! he was smiling, keke, he also wore that black beanie, kekeke. anyway, he came with foreigners, those people looks like dancers from the crew. Hyun joong’s english level is like a primary school student when talking to the foreigners..kekeke.

Hyun Joong is very well mannered, he gave a 20 000 won tip to the waiter for their table, and signed autograph for everyone employee in the restaurant before leaving, wowowo. . .

And, my friend also got his autograph!! so jealous!!!

Ah, oppas ate 45 sets of sushi today, kekekek

chinese trans :米娜姨@百度金贤重吧
eng trans – babyvfan (
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[Photo] 110219 Hyung Jun @ Japan Fan Meeting & Showcase

Credit: Pretty Boy
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