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Sunday, February 20, 2011

[News] 110220 Park Jung Min Danced to "Bo Beep" Love Taiwan, Very Warmth Towards Fans

Park Jung Min just say he loves Taiwan is not enough. He still have to dance to Lotus Wang's Bo Peep (Taiwanese Dialect version of T-ara's Bo Beep) to become more Taiwanese! He held his fanmeeting party on 20 Feb at Taipei University Sports Hall, using Chinese to catch hold of girls' heart, he practised Taiwan singer, William Wei's song "Yes or No", making the 2000 over fans who were attending the fanmeeting very touched. He even danced to the recent popular Taiwanese Dialect remake song "Bo Beep", letting them know he loves Taiwan.

1st time having a fanmeeting in Taiwan, Park Jung Min although sang only 5 songs, but his fanservice is totally great. Those fans who were chosen to go up on stage to have close contact with him and he even carried 1 fan and circled her around, making the rest of the fans screamed with envy. Other than that, when playing question answer session, those fans who answered the most questions were get to take a selca with him. After the Fanmeeting, there were around 100 over lucky fans who received [Love Hug] from him, letting you feel the title of Park Sexy Charisma's skinship.

Park Jung Min has successfully finished his important job and will be taking Cathay Flight CX420 at 5.10pm back to Seoul on 22 Feb. He will be coming back to Taiwan in May for the filming of his drama.

For those who dont know who is Lotus Wang, here is the vid of her dancing to "Bo Beep"

And William Wei Li An's vid "Yes Or No"

Credit: Yahoo Taiwan News
Chinese to English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com/
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