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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

[Message] Jung Min new message @ “Royal Avenue”

English Translation:

title: This is Royal Avenue HR representative

name: Representative Park Jung Min


This is HR representatives

‘Royal Avenue’ finally being assembled to reopen newly ~~

Wa ~!!!!

How about the new changes of ’Royal Avenue’ ? ^ ^

Everybody How do you love it? ^ ^

You better comment ~ If you want to leave do with the QnA bulletin board

Make your way along with ‘Royal Avenue’ ~


“Lapin Carrot’ in French, they called Rabbit=Lapin ~! Carrots is carrots … hahaha

You know what roughly means? ^^ we made too many products I’ll show you in the future

Do not miss~!

And the brands, designers, etc. ~!! more more will made out pretty nicely ~

The mall will come to have a wide range of many beautiful things to choose from

Styling Your Life NOW from Royal Avenue!! ^0^*

Because many daily postings of the Royal Avenue, Routing information, etc.

often and often I’m coming out to play ~! haha

Very carefully to ‘Royal Avenue’

Come join hands with your friends!! haha

(Dreaming of Bureaus pyramid ..keke)

Representative Park Jung Min


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