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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hyun Joong Events and Participation Guidelines of Korean Fansite SS601 (Please participate!! and give Hyun Joong a happy Birthday)

Details below:

Happy 25th Birthday Hyun Joong

Sunday June 6, 2010
Kim Hyun Joong’s 25th birthday in, SS6 ♥ 1 is ready to be with you.

★ All My Love For 현중 ★

We are approaching the future SS501′s comeback day in May welcomes pleasant greeting.

Hi ~ is SS601.com staff ^ ^

A new album pictorial cut released only five chapters alone but their charisma are waist down a rank. My heart are having palpitations and happy in May …

SS501′s comeback as a happy day, I’m happy to wait for all of us eternal leader of SS501 Hyun Joong’s birthday, will be arrived for a month in the future.

Law can not touch anyone despite the ceremony looks unrealistic, and a warm heart and your innocence, depth to your eyes

Always think first for TripleS and us “I give the whole thing” Nice and strong, we say that a leader,

So, anyone to give Happy birthday to our own eternal Group leader of SS501 Hyun Joong cannot be gone.

601 families like your own 501% hand-made postcards filled with sincerity and wait to give Hyun Joong more than any gift

You are doing to the usual talk, supported text, the confession of love, birthday, stories, etc. …. to Kim Hyun Joong

Beautiful minds freely towards Kim Hyun Joong Please send all of them in all the postcards yourself ~

Last year, Hyung Joon is the first group member to start a birthday event, 601 already started the event five times, moved into its second birthday, taking up postcard, a lot of people are already familiar with, and were already preparing for a birthday postcards to Kim Hyun Joong can expect it to be magnificent!

Once again review our tips below for writing will send us yours accordingly.


※ How to participate ※

We accept only written postcards. You decorate using your own hands

Please send only one postcard, only your own postcards and only in the world for Kim Hyun Joong

However, the postcards please use reunification to ‘Postcards’ Other postcards or a fancy postcard is not allowed.

Postcards are issued at the headquarters of the Postal Services have been proposed to be standardized nationally.

Postcards can be purchased at the nearest post office.


Please refer to the postcard that is posted on the 601 website for a reference on the standardized postcard.
You can check with your local post offices to obtain a standardized postcard for your country.
You can send in a number of postcards,
however try to limit the size of each postcard to a manageable one, ex: 5×3 index card.
Remember to put the postcard in a separate envelope
with your email address on a separate piece of paper when you mail it to us.
We will send you a confirmation email upon receipt of you mail.

Standard postcard size and format:

No format is specified separately so Write freely.

Draw a great picture for Kim Hyun Joong are good, You can attach a photo or picture is good, only telling the stories, diaries, letters, to Kim Hyun Joong etc.

Containing lots of love and caring heart and the writing and the stories you write down your own unique postcard.


The direction of horizontal, vertical, are independent and give me a letter or postcard decorated beautifully, please send a note of the story.

You may send by linking multiple pages, it does not matter. Free! Make your own unique postcards.

However, use the correct title and tone, I beg you!

Do not ground the completed postcards Insert and come in an envelope will be send to the address below before Fri, May 28.


+ In addition, if you have further questions, leave a comment below or if any mail (ss601.com @ gmail.com)
Or send a note to SS601 will respond in detail.

The deadline : 2010. 5. 28. Fri.

Our Address Post code : 153-014
Attn: SS601
P.O. Box 65,Geumchun Post Office, 286-9 Doksan4-Dong, Geumchun-Gu, Seoul, Korea

※ You want to ask us, please send an email.


English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com

Do not reedit or Hotlink
Please repost with full credit... kamsahamnida!

♥ Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Bace ! Like Yea Kalau Suka ! ♥

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