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Thursday, November 5, 2009

SS501 Jung Min cut of DSP official website new message (conversation) with Korean TS

source: SS601+ DSP website

English Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress

Give proper credit when reposting, Kamsahamnida!


091102[Triple S] SS501 Jung Min cut of DSP official website new message (conversation) with Korean TS

2년 7개월만의 글인데….이렇게 써버렸군… [정민]
그리스는 진작에 볼것이지..ㅉㅉ 좋은 구경 놓쳤네 [정민]
영생이형 생일 많이 축하해주세요…우리 남자 영생이형!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ [정민]
2년 7개월 만이네요….와우웅^^ [정민]
얼른 자요… 나두 이제 잘꺼예용~~^0^ [정민]
우와~~필리핀팬두 있구나..^^ 고마워라…. [정민]
허느님은 쪼끔 ㅇㅂ다….ㅋㅋㅋ [정민]
흐규흐규~!! [정민]
왜 반말이야!!!댐벼 [정민]
컴터만 정상이였어도 딱올리는뎅~~1시간 기달리게 해서 미안미안 [정민]
댐벼~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! [정민]
아…맞다…하지만 울 누나컴터엔 영어빼고 다른 기능이 없고 있어도 할줄 모르니까 생략..ㅋㅋ [정민]
참!! 재용이형두 생일 축하해줘요 울 댄서형^^ [정민]
딱콩 100대 완전 머리 뚫려요…ㅋㅋ [정민]
앗…바이러스 깔리는거야? 나?ㅠㅠㅠ [정민]
그리스 이제 안할껀대안할껀대~~~~못 본 사람은 땡! [정민]
보고있어요~마따네는 일본말! 또봐…라는? [정민]
암튼 여러분 너무 흥분하게 한 것 같아요…전 낼두 일해야되니까 이제 잘꼐요 [정민]
모두 좋은 꿈꾸고, 우리 메니져 집단 꿈꾸세요…(도야지 꿈.ㅋ,ㅋ) [정민]
잘자요~~~~~~~~~~~^0^ 안뇽 [정민]

밑에 댓글에 이렇게 남기셨네요~약속 잘 지키는 울 이쁜 민군도~잘자요!ㅎ


English Translation:

Message after 2 year and 7 months ….. thus wrote… (Jung Min)

Grease, why not see it earlier.. whoo ㅉ ㅉ you missed a good show (Jung Min)

Many Happy birthday to Young Saeng … Our man Young Saeng!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ(Jung Min)

Already 2 years and seven months… wow wow (Jung Min)

Come sleep … I am sleepy too~~^0^ (Jung Min)

Wow… you’re Filipino..^^ Thanks… (Jung Min)

Someone wish Happy Birthday to “Heo heaven” which means YS comes from heaven, then Jung Min answer

“Heo Heaven” is kind of over … ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ (Jung Min)

hey hey!!! (Jung Min)

Someone use the direct name “Park Jung Man”

why not using polite title …. come here (Jung Min)

As long as the computer is not having problem I will be on time ~ ~ ~ need you to wait for an hour I am so sorry (Jung Min)

Some said “Come and fight with me Park Jung Min !!!!!!

Come ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! (Jung Min)

Someone said why only use Korean in good bye, why not using multi-language

O… right… but my sister’s computer only can only type English… even can… don’t know how to use so forget it …ㅋㅋ(Jung Min)

Right!! happy birthday to our hyung 재용too… he is in our dancer group ^^ (Jung Min)

my head will have a hole if knocked 100 times in the forehand completely… 뚫려요…ㅋㅋ

Some people say that if the official website pop-up plug-ins are installed, then will be infected with the virus

Oops … will have the virus? me? ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ (Jung Min)

I am not acting in Grease now ~~~I can not make this one ding! (Jung Min)

You’re seeing ~ matta neneun is Japanese ! means… good bye? (Jung Min)

Anyway you are getting too exciting … I should get to work tomorrow, I have to sleep (Jung Min)

These are all good dreams, we are picturing a group manager … (doyaji dream. ㅋ, ㅋ)(Jung Min)

Good night~~~~~~~~~~~^ 0 ^ Bye (Jung Min)

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