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Saturday, December 11, 2010

[Trans] 101209 HyungJun MK StarToday Twitter Interview

"It is my first time meeting fans directly through twitter. It was really fun!" Sorry HyungJun. We didn't realise that he is such like a world star. SS501 Kim HyungJun came to the MaeKyung Media Centre located in ChungMuRo, Seoul on 9-Dec morning to find StarToday and had his twitter interview. Even though we somehow we felt sorry for getting Kim HyungJun to spend time for this since he is busy with musical 'café-in' recently, we felt relieved that he was enjoying the different flavor of meeting with fans. After the notice of twitter interview with Kim HyungJun was made, there have been visitors from all over the world coming to StarToday (twitter). Even though we cannot do it together, they did their own English translations, doing their best and we can feel the fans' affection for SS501 members as warm as ever. On this day for Kim HyungJun's twitter interview, fans from all over the world joined, including our country Korea, Asia regions, Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Brunei, Peru, Turkey, etc. Flooded with fans¡¯ questions in real-time, Kim HyungJun was no doubt, shocked by it but handled it well with his unique groundless confidence. "Person with appearance for Arab world" Kim HyungJun replied fans with a faster typing speed than expected and grinning ear to ear. Nearing to the end of the interview, he rolled up his sleeves and left us an impression for the interview. In the 50 minutes of limited time, the 'explosive' twitter interview with Kim HyungJun was explosive to a regretful extent. Well, what stories came out in the interview?

Hello~^^ I am here~ This is the very perfect man Kim HyungJun!!!!!!!!!!

@mkstartoday All the members (excluding JungMin) held fan meeting, don¡¯t you have plans for fan meeting in Korea?? And what is your future plans??
@kongja08 We are going to have album and concert with all 5 of us next year! Please support us lots^^

@mkstartoday Do you contact the members often???
@kdh6141 Really very often~ Had too much!!!^^

@mkstartoday 1 year later, you will be 25 years old, is there anything you must do when you become 25?
@youngjinmam Next year, solo album and drama!!??

@mkstartoday You look very awkward with the actress when shooting for the poster, how did you become close to actress Shin EuiJung? Is it because you have such great sociability that you can become close with other actors immediately?
@0803mile Extremely great sociability!

@mkstartoday What is the source for HyungJun¡¯s unique great sociability + infinite positivity?
@suyeong84 That is none other than,,,, Everyone~>??^^ Isn¡¯t it confidence!?!?!?!?!??!?!!??!

@mkstartoday Do you even know about Turkey fans? Please come to Turkey. Yours _ ^eui ^ Thank you
@novalyamo Thank you to fans living in Turkey! Till then when I can go and have performance in Turkey soon!!

@mkstartoday Do you know that in Russia there are many people who likes you? fighting! And don't forget to have a rest!
@PrettyFluffy thank you so much~ see u in Russia ssoon~

@mkstartoday Do you have plans to change 2am Music High to morning? TT
@jinsol94 That.. discuss with Broadcast Station chief...

@mkstartoday What is your favorite color, please reply
@bshbsh19 @hyungjun87 I like black~ and blue~

@mkstartoday At this very moment~!! Who is the person that you are thinking of most??ke
@JuWon_8863 Our members~! Especially JungMin!

@mkstartoday What is the mistake that you had and remember the most in Café-in performance? ¢¾
@junvirus I had to go out after transformation, I ruined it because I didn't wear the teeth and glasses! keke

@mkstartoday Why don't you reply to my questions TT TT I am being abandoned by HyungJun oppa?? TT TT –Sora-
@StaR0828 I love Sora~ Peace!

@mkstartoday HyungJun-ah, what are you eating for lunch later??? Please recommend some food kekekekeke
@kissNmusic2u I ate BoongEuhBbang (fish-shaped red bean bread)~ I recommend Ginseng Chicken soup!!!!!!! Peace

@mkstartoday will hyung jun come to singapore again?
@ivywithss501 sure~ next year ill go singapore

@mkstartoday HyungJun oppa^^ What is your new year resolution?
@betterlily I will come out with a solo album and several other!

@mkstartoday HyungJun oppa!!!!!!! Hello~ I am a Chinese fan^^ When are you coming to China?????????????? I really want to watch fan meeting.. [news reporter: Uhng.. Your Korean is not good..Sorry.. ]
@kikiaijun It's okay! Work hard and try to converse in Korean! Hwaiting!

@mkstartoday HyungJun, what food do you like best? I am going to school now... TT TT I am a Singapore fan~~^^ Have a nice day~~
@hugamooo Electric eel~

@mkstartoday Favorite song of ss501?
@Grace_ljw let me be the one

@mkstartoday I definitely want to have a date like this! If you have a chance for this, what kind of date will it be??
@JuWon_8863 Cruise ship date~? keke

@mkstartoday Jjunnie yah~ Do you know Triple S Indonesia?? Please use English ^^
@triplechangjo I know ~ thank U see u soon~ byebye~

@mkstartoday Won't Café-in be made into DVD? I want to watch it a few times
@yun0606 Will be out soon~^^

@mkstartoday I love Choco very much keke Where is Choco?? At home? ^^
@jina_me She is resting at home~ Princess Choco!

@mkstartoday keke Oppa I am thinking, how did you think of the name Kim ChulSoo..kekeke-YoungShin
@YoungShin113 It caught me off guard so I used the easy ChulSoo !! keke

@mkstartoday hyung jun please reply me...
@FutagoDestiny ^^

@mkstartoday oppa contesta please You are superb and we love you in SouthAmerica
@Katha3plov3 do you know me~?^^ oh very surprise~ thnx~ I love Clombia

@mkstartoday Please tell us a little of the genre of your solo album and what song will it be~
@lovecloud2010 It's a secret~!!!!

@mkstartoday You are indeed good Kim HyungJun!!
@icejji You know it now~?

@mkstartoday If you collect 7 dragon balls what is the wish you will wish from the dragon god??? +_+?? ke
@kissNmusic2u I want to bring one more dragon god~

@mkstartoday This Arabian Name كيم هيونغ جون , Your name, the Arabic What do you think
@LoOLoO2010 OMG

@mkstartoday Do you know in PeulKa is KyeoTeol JjaJangMyeon?
@SS_5_01 What¡¯s that

@mkstartoday What should I ask TT Ah right! Do you want to go on a date with fans~? I¡¯m curious ^^
@yakultmilo Of course I want to! When I start my activities next year, go go!

@mkstartoday COME TO GREECE!!! Opaa we have SOUVLAKI!! Please!!!
@xenia33 Greece Thank U!!!!!

@mkstartoday Hungry ¤Ì¤Ì
@lick83 I have eaten

@mkstartoday Oppa, I want to eat food. Do you have something you cook usually?^¤·^
@alwaysmilingly I am good at cooking cup ramyun!

@mkstartoday Why is there not much of HyungJun's replies? Quickly quickly dilligently reply us.
@sohnsb I am already working hard on it

@mkstartoday You are the very first one among SS501 members to start twitter, what do you think is the attraction of twitter? And do you check fans' mentions in your free time?
@suyeong84 Can't keep my hands off, I am always on twitter! Peace

@mkstartoday I went to support the first performance of Cafe-in the other time ... Why does Kim.Hyung.Jun looks like this !!!!!!!!!!!! I am a lady and I am not petite!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are gorgeous like a man
@Snowday0507 What can I say~ Because I am a man!

@mkstartoday I skipped shool so my teacher called me TT TT What should I do?!!!
@SoYoung96 Go and get scolded. How can you do that!!! Why skip school!!!

@mkstartoday Jjun oppa, what are you doing on Christmas?
@SS_5_01 Will be performing for Cafe-in

@mkstartoday do you know about fans in Argentina (southamerica)?
@nati_1825 i know!!! Argentina!

@mkstartoday You know the fact that there are many fans in Arab. Saudi Arabia
@seeso4 Thank you, Saudi Arabia!!!!

@mkstartoday HyungJun oppa Do you know where is Brunei? If you have a chance, will you come???
@fungfung87 really!?^^ omg ThankU

@mkstartoday COME TO ENGLAND SOON! There are Triple S here Too!!!
@jessiiikpop England!!!!! ohohoohohohohohohohohoho!

@mkstartoday Oppa, do you like the fringe to be left down or combed up?? I like it combed up
@Aloefarm64 Both are perfect ~ I like both

@mkstartoday Euahni Where does oppa's confidence comes from...keke -YoungShin
@YoungShin113 From my heart!

@mkstartoday Is there plan to hold fan meeting in Japan??
@malioct27 Will see you very frequently next year!

@mkstartoday How do you feel when fans scream when they see you?
@Kyujunnie Totally Happy

@mkstartoday Is there anything else you want to use besides blackberry? I am using iphone 4.
@reL_gabU Nope. Buy for me keke

@mkstartoday Please don't forget to rest more. Thailand fanclub
@nongpomx Thank you. I will see Thailand soon!

@mkstartoday #mkstartoday Oppa, what time is this until ^TT^? from. SeoWooReu fan
@Aloefarm64 Another 20 minutes more! Talk to your heart's content!

@mkstartoday It has not ended yet right? Why did the replies stopped TT TT There isn't much time left now TT TT¢¾
@junvirus Quickly quickly send in your questions!

@mkstartoday KiMyeongJun come out~ Oppa!!! Has it come down due to congestion? TT TT¢¾
@junvirus Totally congested!

@mkstartoday Your acting is improving. How much will you give on your acting skills?
@lick83 100 marks

@mkstartoday Don't you miss USA fans??!!? Please reply me!! I am now working hard translating your tweets!!' real-time!!!
@Quainte501 I miss you~ I will go soon if you keep on supporting!
@mkstartoday Please just say a work of 'hello' to me TT T TT T
@9_eunji Annyong

@mkstartoday When will you start doing drama??
@ellie820909 Next year !!1

@mkstartoday Shelly unnie will be going to Korea tomorrow~ Unnie will go there directly and support.^^
@selina_jun Yes, thank you. Looking for your support in the future too

This is Kim HyungJun who has been conversing with you till now! It was fun~ In the future too, I will become a hardworking Kim Hyung Jun with even greater image. I love you! Peace!!!! I love you baby!


Credits: Daily Economy Star Today Park SaeYeon reporter psyon@mk.co.kr/Photos=Kang YoungGuk + SS601.com
English Translation: xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
Don't re-edit + HOTLINK
Give proper credit when reposting, thanks!

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