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Monday, October 4, 2010

[Message] Hyung Jun: ^-^ 2010-09-22 AM 11:45:17

Original Korean Message

[형준] ^-^ 2010-09-22 오전 11:45:17

사랑하는 여러분,
어제 비피해 없었죠, 다들 추석인데 고생하셨어요.
비가 너무 많이와서 깜짝놀랬어요,
전 어제 일본 다녀와서 오늘부터 며칠간은 추석연휴를 가족과 함께 보내려구요.
완두콩이 그립고 보고싶은 날이네요 오늘따라 더...^-^
우리 더 힘내고, 앞으로 다섯명이 하는 멋진 활동들 더 응원해주고, 더 아껴주기에요
항상 그래왔듯이.
쌀람해요~!! 메리추석 and 해피추석 입니다.

English Translation:

HyungJun, ^-^
2010-09-22 11:45:17am

Dear everybody,
Didn't get any rain damage yesterday right? Everyone must have had a difficult time since it is Chuseok.
I was stunned because the rain was so heavy,
I will spend a few days of the Chuseok long holidays with my family from today onwards as I just returned back from Japan yesterday.
I miss Green Peas and it is a day I want to see you all. Even all the more today...^-^
Let us work even harder, cheering even more for the splendid activities that 5 of us are doing in the future,
And cherishing us even more.
Always as it was.
I love you~!! Merry Chuseok and it is a happy Chuseok.


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