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Monday, July 5, 2010

[Photo] Hyung Jun new official photos @ Park So Hyun radio show “LOVE GAME”

Part 1

World Cup Round of 16 welcome!

Special ceremony!

A wonderful guest following the ceremony of So Hyun’s ballet luck!!!

Is SS501 Kim Hyung Jun-ssi to come out!

Deliberately put on the red tees, Sense-ridden Hyung Jun-ssi ~

1 hour chatchat was so good laugh, do me a favor of broadcast full of fun ~

Time is passing fast without knowing

Music High, to the visitor of Hyung Jun-ssi fans and everybody, thank you for cheering. ^ – ^


Part 2

Celebration of 16 shows! Ballet luck event of Park So Hyun… ^^

In addition, Handsome man Kim Hyung-joon is comic, take a look at a cute face ~

This Photo ~ complete without . .. summer day, be a special gift .. ^_^

Anyway So Hyun sister, I’m flexible .. although It’s been a few years to left off ballet .. ㅎㅎ


When the South Korean representative team holds to Top 8, Hyung Jun ssi who puts on the gauze cloth said that will come again to love game.

It happened .. It happened ..

Unfortunately, our representative teams stopped from Top 16

But the representative team too to fight too well, I want to say thank you once again!

Anyway, Two people really like prince and the princess – matches too well?


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