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Monday, July 5, 2010

[Info] 25th June – 1st July search ranking Best 10

Rank | 06.25 (Fri) | 06.26 (Sat) | 06.27 (Sun) | 06.28 (Mon) | 06.29 (Tues) | 06.30 (Wed) | 07.01 (Thurs)

1 | Sulli (fx) | Heo Young Saeng (SS501) | CN Blue | Simon D (Supreme team) | Lady Jane | Lady Jane | Lady Jane

2 | Sun Ye (WG) | IU | Heo Young Saeng (SS501) | IU | Simon D | Kim Hyun Joong (SS501) | Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)

3 | G-Dragon | Sulli (fx) | Sori | Sistar | Lee Kikwang | Simon D | Simon D

4 | Sistar | SNSD | IU | Victoria (fx) | Kang Min Kyung | Kang Min Kyung | Jaejoong (DBSG)

5 | Sunmi (WG) | Sunye (WG) | Sulli (fx) | Sulli (fx) | IU | Lee Kikwang | 2NE1

6 | Simon D | Lee Kikwang | Sistar | CNBlue | Hwang Bo | SS501 | Park Hyo Shin

7 | YoonA (SNSD) | Simon D | Victoria (fx) | Lady Jane | Sistar | IU | Kim Yeohee

8 | Bae Seul Gi | Sistar | Simon D | Lee Joon (MBLAQ) | Victoria (fx) | Sistar | Ha Yang Soo

9 | Yeeun (WG) | Lee Hyun Ji | Vanilla Lucy | Tiffany (SNSD) | Sulli (fx) | Ha Yang Soo | Jiah

10 | HyoYeon (SNSD) | Taeyeon (SNSD) | Taeyeon (SNSD) | Heo Young Saeng (SS501) | Baek JiYoung | Victoria (fx) | IU

In the No.2 spot, we see Wonder Girls’ Sun ye and SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong in the list.

Sunye lost both her parents which netizens felt sorry for. After hearing about her father’s critical condition on 23rd, Sunye returned immediately to the country. But on the dawn of 24th June, her father had left the world after a tough challenging fight with his health problem. Due to the fact that Sunye was raised by her grandmother since she lost her mother at a young age, netizens really pitied her situation and had their eyes teary.

Kim Hyun Joong collated a bout of issue on the 29th with his newly recruitment into new agency. As former agency company DSP Media told presses about his new recruitment into Keyeast, SS501′s future direction becomes the centre of attraction as well. Netizens expressed their upsetness with “Now that the group’s leader has left the group, is it going to be disbanded”………..such comments……

In No.3 spot, we see G-dragon appearing on the list. He revealed a photo of himself wearing the printed tee-shirt in Taeyang’s new solo album’s title hit ‘I need a girl’ MV and posted that photo on his me2day. That had invited netizens to leave enthusiastic responses like “Date with me right this moment”, “Truly fashionable” etc.

Other than that, we also see SNSD’s Tiffany on the list. She was suspected of undergoing plastic surgery.


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