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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[Message] Kyu Jong @ DSP TOKTOK room [23.06.10]

English Translation:

Republic of Korea!! JJak JJak JJak JJak JJak !!! [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:36:26

Let’s delivers our Green Peas power everybody to our Korean fighter heroes who fight hard !! [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:37:22

Oh. homepage is strange .. My computer has been weird ego ..The writing becomes the TOKTOK.. hmmhmm… [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:38:39

It’s the exam period!! Interesting!! Test fighting!!! Heh heh heh heh [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:39:07

I’m watching soccor !!! [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:39:32

The problem is my computer .. oumoum haha [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:40:37

Woohahaha I eat KimChi pancake Heh heh [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:41:08

Woohahaha the pancake will be delicious ~~ Nice shot! Heh heh [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:41:39

Friend of mine Kang Min is sleeping Heh heh Does not wakeup even the smell of a pancake Heh heh [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:42:16

Ask me to wake him up but not wake up at all Heh heh Then, assume I will be blamed Heh heh [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:42:33

My father should be eating 2 pancakes hahahaha [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:42:49

me too… [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:43:57

The overload is being caught to the computer.. Ahem! Ha ha [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:45:04

All cheering for soccer !! Good bye good bye !! ppuog~ ^^ I want to see you for long .. hi bye bye ..!!! [규종] 2010/06/23 AM 1:45:46


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