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Sunday, May 23, 2010

[Message] Jung Min left message + reply @ DSP website

English Translation:

Today? No is yesterday, too too too ~ Thank you ..!!!

The triple S crying was beautiful..!! hahaha

The music video will come very soon ~

Need to back to dance practice

Chest pain? And complain of a headache so lies awake and writing to leave a message


I will not forget today’s Memories ~~^0^*

And it is able to stand on this big stage, right? We ~~?^^

Ajajajat !!

I’ll come take a pretty good music video ~

Jaljayong ~ ~! (Bye bye in Chinese) Ohyasseumi (Good night in Japanese) ~Wangan (Good night in Chinese) ! Goodnight!


Jung Min’s reply

English Translation:

kikiru12 is a friend I know about .. Good night

haha Thanks to 20 (years old) ~ Thank you everything to all grandma too

Sleep well!!! I have chest pain and headaches continue becoming better sleep


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