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Sunday, May 9, 2010

[Message] Hyun Joong new message @ DSP website

Original post from DSP:

English Translation: [Green word wingwing opinion only ^^]

Hyun Joong: ………….. 2010-05-09 8:43:49 am

Hello … kekeke

There are 112 articles writing in the meantime [I think he talked about all the news] I wanted to write this message

What still ……. To the person who descends when the day ended without flower boy kekeke

What do people interested in this …… kekekekekeke Still however I got left over will not be good

I have prosper but Sorry for the little postponed for the comeback

May 1st day … kekeke Delay of SS501 album is also a formula

Do not you ever think of anything, there is a time when put out to the same date???? keke

Gets deceived for 5 years expectations.. kekekekeke simple fools

I’ll meet you sooner or later please wait .. keke Oh, and I’m sorry

Here is the big album comes out but songs could be a little less, do not be disappointed [Is that mean will be a mini-album again?]

Well …

With I wants to do, will write to put out now if passes over June and about all the thing where I am active

I am not confident about activities will not be able to continue and I cannot post article at homepage from the month of June kekeke [Leader ... we are here to support you and SS501.. be confident ^^]

It’s not last post but one of… [He always says that...who will believe.. hah]

See all articles? Hahaha [The news? no... don't believe all the rumor at all ^0^]

I’m not going to say many thing right now

The only thing I want to say now, the album was released … Nothing to worry .. don’t be Troubled…

Everybody.. our songs come…the fact is like that… kekeke

Anyway I’m not worried ^^

Honestly, my life to lose a lot under the spotlight like this in my life

I’m annoying but I like this life kekek

Under difficulty but name leaves to the earth.. haha

I’ll present past 2012 .^^ Does not ride the boat to Tibet which soaked anyhow

See you soon in wait on this month kekekekeke

Really this article is a writing for everybody will listen, not stops like writing a lot but when will write really

When this article becomes news (Journalist) the person in the field who is not having the job to do ..kekekekekekekekekek

Oh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ss501 is going to dismantle (disband)………………… [hahaha... I won't fool by your joke again]

[After a super long space which I don't capture... haha... here come the answer for the joke]

Believe it? kekekekekkekekkekekekekkekekekekekekekkekekekekek [My 4D Leader's super happy with his own joking again =.="]


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