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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[Info] How to support our princes through digital sales?

The digital sales start 24 May 2010 at @ 5.01 PM

If 1 TS international at least can buy 1 digital song. It will help them sooooooooooooo muchhhhh!!!!

Because you know for winning mutizens weekly DIGITAL SALES is so important, because the part is 60% !!!!
So please buy their digital song too to help their digital sales much.. Because SS501 weakness is always so lacking in digital sales…

Its easy everything is in english!!!

How to support our SS princes through digital sales?

A. We use soribada..

B. Use internet explorer to open the sites!

C. Go to SORIBADA.. Just 2 sites in korea can receive foreigner application… soribada and mnet… but i really suggest you just buy from SORIBADA because soribada is the easiest way and SORIBADA is TAKEN IN CONSIDERATION BY INKIGAYO and MUSIC BANK for weekly charts!!! Soribada is taken in consideration too by annual awards. Golden Disk Award considerated soribada too.. So please buy ^^

D. The cost is 7700 won (including tax) -> after that you will get music card which you will be able to download 40 songs/month. it means you can download for maximum 40 times /40 songs!

E. Only works if you have a VISA card or other international cards like mastercard (no other way than this , so don’t ask how to do it if you don’t have a Visa.)


1. Go here http://www.soribada.com/foreigner/index.php

2. Klik the most bottom that said ‘Buy now’

3. choose smart music card: 7000 won/month -> klik buy

4. Email adress confirmation:
Fill up only the box : email address and emaill address confirmation. Dont write in ID and password box, just leave that blank! after that click confirm…

5. A pop up open: fill the box cardholder’s name with your name, then click confirmed.
the pop up close as soon as you clicked confirmation!

6. Please check the information you have entered. The serial number of music card and the payment information will be sent to your email address

7. Open your mail
You should have 2 mails: one bout your bill to soribada, and the second with the card number.

8. Okay just fill the box with your credit card numberl… Then click buy…

9. Back to the main page


put on your serial card number (the one in your email) -> klik sign in

10. And then you will be redirected to soribada main page

11. You will see your id at the top of soribada page (it is a sign you have already ready registered)

12. Then choose of course SS501 – LOVE YA… ^^

13. ss501 love ya page will open.. and there is 3 thumbnail besides the tittle song. It is lyric l download l share link. Click the one in the middle!

14. after that a pop up window will open… Because you still virgin user you noticed the ’4o’ number in the pop up ne? It shows how many songs you have left in your card. Then click the download sign! Finish!
It will ask you in which folder to save the song, it’s like a direct download, so no need software!

Please buy their CD and their digital one too and support! ^O^

Please spread this info among TripleS only XD!

Remember: If 1 TS international at least can buy 1 digital song. It will help them sooooooooooooo muchhhhh!!!!

Support DESTINATION!!!! Daebak comeback SS501 fighting ^^


1. 40 quota download means you just can download 1 song once only.
Example: you cant use your 40 quota download for buy LOVE YA only
my suggestion: save ur quota for LOVE ya later when our boys comeback week..
But you can download the rest of the song in destination now.. as alternatif You can dl many of their old song too..
2. Its not monthly subscribe.. The card will get expired after the limited time (1 month)
so b4 the expired time, buy many song as u want..
3. After u dl, it means u have that song legally as ur own collection that you can save in your media player/computer/etc


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