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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[Info] Chart Ranking calculation system

Music Bank

changed their calculation system for chart ranking calculation system (yet) again SINCE @ 14.05.2010 (Friday)

They announced their changing of system calculation of Friday’s episode.

Digital source (50%) (yes it plays a huge %) + Album Sales (15%) + Appearance in music programmes (15%)
+ KBS Fondness Scale via detailed survey check (20%)
Digital source (60%) (yes it plays a huge %) + Album Sales (10%) + Appearance in music programmes (20%)
+ KBS Fondness Scale via detailed survey check (10%)

Requirements for sales-wise has had decreased from (original) 15% to (now) 10%,
while appearances on music progs has increased from (orig) 15% to (now) 20%.

Curious how they calculate their K-Chart’s Fondness Scale?
Audiences’ Gender, Region, Age range; and then get the audiences to choose 3 of their favourite songs out of the nominated songs there. After taking in each response, they will then continue with the calculation
for ranking of each song on the K-Chart.

Curious how they calculate their Appearance in Music Programmes?
7 : 3

Requirements for songs’ nomination on the Kchart:
Only songs in the Top 100 of Digital Song Ranking Chart.~~
Which simply means, the ranking of Digital Chart is highly important.


SBS Inkigayo

Requirements for the Mutizen Take No.1 :
Sales (20%) + Digital source (30%) + No.of broadcasts (20%)
+ Poll Voting (10%) + Searches (20%)

Sites for calculation of ranking: MELON, Mnet, SBS (site)
Sites for calculation of sales: Hanteo Chart (this is again crucial), Shinnara Media, HOTRACKS
Sites for calculation of searches: NAVER, EMPAS
Votes are referring to: Mobile votes + SBS (site) votes

*MBC is also rumoured to be revamping their new system of calculation*


In General,

Sites for calculation of ranking: MUZ, Melon, Bugs, Dosirak, MNET, Box, Mnet, CY
Sites for calculation of sales: Hanteo Chart (this is crucial), Shinnara Media, HOTRACKS
Ringtone Downloads: SKT KTF

Curious how they calculate their Ringtone Downloads?
No. of times the ringtone for that song is downloaded for / (divide by)
No. of times of the Number 1~Number 100 downloaded songs across the 2 main telecomm services

The 2 main telecomm services = SKT , KTF

Requirements: Caller Ringtone (Ringtone that people hear when they call u) + Ringtone (manual download for your phone).
Will only be calculating within No.1 ~ No.100
After which coming up with each song’s individual final ranking.


URLs to each digital music site & its operating calculation:
(korea’s 3 largest markets of digital music websites — MNET, BUGS, MELON)

They go according to the data count for song’s ranking from Number 1~Number 100.

(1 ID to 1 calculation only / day)

(1 ID to 1 calculation only / day) (must finish listening to the full song in order to be counted)

Dosirak - http://www.dosirak.com
(1 ID to infinite / day) (same as soribada’s operating calculation)

(1 ID to streaming of only 49 songs; 50 & above will be cleared to 0, so will not be counted)
(also, cannot listen to the same song for no more than 2 continuous times,
listen to another first, then come back to the same song, and this continues, so on and so forth)

Cyworld musichttp://www.cyworldmusic.com
(Streaming to different songs only, counts as per streaming)

Websites for calculation of Sales:

Both these sites take into account its Number 1~Number 100 of the songs on each’s chart on a monthly basis. After calculating the rankings for each song based on every criteria, they will then derive with a Monthly Chart based on that.

Able to see the Top 6 of highest sales ranking. Refreshes every 20 minutes, but does not refresh all its stats sometimes.



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