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Saturday, April 10, 2010

[News] Hyung Jun is #3 @ ONstylei.com Celebrities Gossip section “Are you a Foreigner?” survey

Credit: http://www.onstylei.com/+(English Translation) SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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English Translation:

Korea is obviously the nationality, this celebrities view are seems to be the more in foreign nationals.

Among the candidates, voting under way on the Suspicion of the best under the usual ‘this person is obviously foreigner ‘ !!! View as a gossip, Do not get me wrong!

#3 Kim Hyung Jun

Recent exposure to broadcast the whole family said the key to prove they are 100% Korean Kim Hyung Joon. But from his cousin sister JanGelri, Chin Dong Saeng, even his brother U-Kiss Ki Bum, effort to present the nationality of his appearance are in vain. The family of Hyung Jun have too long, superiority high nose, usually not see in people in South Korea 50% of them lack a sense of having. Hyung Joon instead of ‘Jun-sama’ has the name ‘Makato San’ etc , feel like to call him in Japan!
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