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Saturday, April 10, 2010

[Info] Jung Min and Hyung Jun Japan NHK/BS2 TV show “enthusiastic stadium” broadcasting news+schedule (Photo included)

photos are two of them taken with the guests 大澤愛 souvenir photos!

DSP Japan message:

Longtime no see

SS501 Asia Tour was ended for a while, And now is preparing to host the premiere on April 25 at the Saitama Super Arena stadium.

More recently,Jung Min and Hyung Jun came to Japan because of recording the program NHK/BS2 TV “enthusiastic stadium” on March 20

For a long recording in which programs are at Theme ”K-POP!” , Hyung Jun and Jung Min these two members has been a senior among many idol groups.

The recording were included the first night and second night in the program

Despite the long process, but because it is such a good friendship of the two. So the atmosphere has been very pleasant.

Broadcast channels and the schedule is as follows (Japan Channel and Japan time)

★First night★

[BS2]2010/04/16 PM10:00~10:59

[Bshi]2010/04/15 PM7:00~7:59


[BS2]2010/04/19 PM8:00~8:59

[Bshi]2010/04/21 AM0:00~0:59

★Second night★

[BS2]2010/04/23 PM10:00~10:59

[Bshi]2010/04/22 PM7:00~7:59


[BS2]2010/04/26 PM8:00~8:59

[Bshi]2010/04/28 AM0:00~0:59


Credit: DSP Japan official+hana1214@PASSION (http://new1001.5d6d.com
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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