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Monday, April 12, 2010

[Message+Photo] More Kyu Jong chat message @ DSP TOKTOK room [01.04.2010]

English Translation:

We’ve got to have lunch hehhehheh [Kyu Jong]

Why Everybody Everybody looking for me hehheh Tongue (expression) [Kyu Jong]

I would not go because do not know Spanish … about me… Hyun Joong hyung.. really going… [Kyu Jong]

Ahiko, the weather’s no good [Kyu Jong]

Go right this home, basically, you’re beobeok?! (I think is not loading smoothly) [Kyu Jong]

wow!!! Thank you !! haha [Kyu Jong]

My computer is all beobeok TT [Kyu Jong]

Ha ha I know I want to hang out together Seems completely sluggish ~ ~ Whoa That’s the jackpot! Ha ha [Kyu Jong]

From now on use English! Die! Die Together ! [Kyu Jong]

Long time no see every one !!!!!!!!!!! [Kyu Jong]

Slow, slow growing..!!! [Kyu Jong]

wow yeah [Kyu Jong]

In English, have it among yourselves ..Oh, it’s riveting … Hyuhyu [Kyu Jong]

Please buy me buy ice cream hehheh [Kyu Jong]

Trying to get to lunch!! [Kyu Jong]

Woo hoo! Fries~ ~ I like fried eggs and egg [Kyu Jong]
It would have to eat bibimbap! ( a kind of Korean mixed rice) Hahaha [Kyu Jong]

I want to go see .. ㅜ To see the real beauties I want to go abroad also approached local … hukhuk [Kyu Jong]

If you ate yesterday, pass [Kyu Jong]

byebye see u next time !!!! ^^ [Kyu Jong]

We’re SS501 .. ^ ^ Thank you for these beauties Baba ~ [Kyu Jong]


Credit: www.dspenter.com
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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