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Friday, April 23, 2010

[Magazine] SS501 – PATI-PATI Vol.7 2008 November

HyunJoong — [Gym] (jimu)
In Japan it’s called ‘jimu’, whereas in Korea it’s called “herusu” (health).
But, in Japan, if you say “I want to go to the herusu”,
others will give you that weird look (laughs).
Because we won’t use the word “jimu” in Korea, so we chose this Japanese word.
(original translator’s note: weird look because the word ‘herusu’ means some thing…..obscene in Jp……)

JungMin – [Petty] (kechi)
I feel that there are 2 members who are very petty (laughs).
One of them is extremely petty! While the other……is it me?
(laughs) Though I have times when I’m petty, but it’d still depend on situation.

KyuJong — [Horse] (Mal) (uma)
In SS501 this popular group, there’s a member with nickname of “Sexy charisma” JungMin.
He has another nickname called “horse”, so he’s also been teased as “Mal JungMin” (horse Jungmin) (laughs).

YoungSaeng — [Eel] (unagi)
Eel is the food I like during these days. It seems to be the food eaten during summer time
to get rid of heat. There was once I ate the eel under an unknowing situation,
from then on, began to fall for it.
Everyone must take care of your own body when summer ends ne.

HyungJun — [Up/down the lift] (mairi masu)
There’s a lift in the dormitory we stay in Japan.
Whenever we take the lift to go up or down the storey, we’d always hear “Lift Goes Up” or “Lift Goes Down” such sound.
Very naturally, this word became something I remembered like some general knowledge.


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