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Friday, April 23, 2010

[Magazine] SS501 – PATI-PATI Vol.6 2008 October

HyunJoong — [Fighting Power] (sentou ryoku)
Hope to show our fighting spirit in all areas.
Because I’m a singer, so I hope to have fighting power in the area of singing and performing onstage.
In future I hope to have a stronger fighting spirit in all areas.

JungMin — [Bundles and bundles of cash notes] (satsu taba)
Want those bundles and bundles of cash notes so much ne~ Give them to me~
Don’t care la, waiting for you to take the money over!
The above, is only a joke (laughs).
In order to lead a life better than what it is now, I will work hard for that.

— [Reunite, 一期一会] (meguri au, ichigo ichie)
I want to be together with SS501′s fans and supporters until forever.
Being together with you all is the happiness.

— [Imitate] (monomane)
I like to imitate others alot (laughs).
Because through imitating that person, could also roughly guess that person’s personality.
In future I also want to continue imitating others so as to understand them.

HyungJun — [Huge] (dekai)
At backstage, stylist commented that my cell phone ringtone is “very loud”!
Don’t know why I like the pronunciation of this word alot,
until now I can still remember it vividly.


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