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Monday, April 12, 2010

[Fan Accout] I am the happiest person in the wooooooorld!!

very lucky girl ... why am I not lucky as she


I am the happiest person in the wooooooorld!!

wa wa wa!!

I have seen him, yes yes yes! HERE to see the photo.

Let me tell you.

At first, today I wasn’t going to try…but at 7:30 or so I read about how one of the girls had seen him in Passeig de Gràcia and so I started to think. If I didn’t go, I would regret it, but if I went and did not find him, well, at least I tried… So in between that and Lore (the girl who got a picture with him) telling me to go with her, in the end I decided to go with my sister! (sometimes she watches Korean dramas with me and since she had watched BOF…)

First, we went to Restaurant Seúl and here a friend told us exactly which hotel he was staying in and so we headed over there. We waited for a long time. Then the stylists appeared with a whole bunch of bags (I am convinced that inside there was a party xD) we said annyonghaseyo and they said hi to us but they went straight in xD. Afterward the bodyguards (t/n: managers) came which were 3. They were scary so I didn’t even say hi xD.

After awhile, nothing new…(only took pictures of the building??)Some girls left (there were a few and so only 7 or so stayed) me and my sister with Lore and Pei were going to leave only because me and my sis would miss the train. As a last attempt, me and Pei were going to enter the hotel, but we weren’t sure if we would be kicked out….Since Lore’s boyfriend offered, he entered (since he is an uncle, they wouldn’t suspect xD) After that, the manager with the supposed translator looked at us and then went inside, the translator pretended to go inside the bar next door?? but actually re-entered the hotel…the manager also went in and out sometimes…Now we really weren’t going to leave since we were convinced that they were going to go out. With all of this, Lore’s boyfriend was still inside and without giving any signs that he was alive (t/n: basically he disappeared and they didn’t know what was going on with him LOL)

Suddenly all 3 came out and finally KHJ, their faces with their mouth open xD we totally said hi to them and they greeted us back…but they continued walking…and so we stayed were we were?? but luckily he turned and began to talk xD We asked if we could take pictures but they said no and so HJ did hand signs like he could give us autographs xD so the papers basically flew hahahaha he signed my agenda.

When there was no more papers left he made more hand signs like if saying if there was anything else to autograph (why didn’t he just use his mouth? did he think we wouldn’t understand or something…xD the thing is that the eye contact…it was to die for *_* ahhahaha) In the meantime Pie was talking saying how she was studying Korean and so I jumped and said -nado (me too) hahaha xD Also Pei had asked if it was true that they were going to Madrid tomorrow and so they said yes and how did we know about it (hahaha xD the whole world knows xD) and we still didn’t know anything about the boyfriend ahahaha. Well, after when they left the hotel we saw how they were actually watching a football(soccer) game xD

The managers then told us that once we were finished getting autographs that we should go home.

When we were finished that is exactly what I did but I lost the train and it wasn’t part of the plan xD
After awhile Lore calls me and says how she saw him again and that she was able to take a picture with him, dammit!

I believe that she was the only one who was able to do that xD
In conclusion, (t/n: don’t really understand but I think she meant that it is normal that the wouldn’t approach you since you (a fan) are the one who is interested. soo…at some point you have to take the initiative and ask?? idk idk)

Credit: http://kumaky.es/he-visto-a-kim-hyun-joong/
English Translation: justdancenow@Kim Hyun Joong thread @ Soompi
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