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Monday, April 12, 2010

[Fan Accout] Another lucky Triple S in Spain

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Créditos: Kaoru

My sister and I found out about hyun’s arrival to Barcelona!… We were very excited. Maybe we are not full fans of them (honestly, my favorite group is TVXQ!, and my sister likes jrock!) but we have watched dramas and, recently, my sister and I watched “We got married” and “Boys Over Flowers”.

My younger sister, who likes be called ‘mana-sama’XD, and I found out that Hyun was in the Passeig de Grácia that is the main avenue in Barcelona, so we thought that it was more common that he would be there since the avenue is well known for good taste.

We just entered to the hotel; we took the risk to enter in those courses… (Hell! People don’t let me inform more people about that hotel, the hotel is famous for receiving rich people and celebrities. We dressed in the most elegant way we could (I wore my scarf and lady’s shoes, and my sister wore a very cute dress). It was early… I guess Hyun went to have dinner… (We also found out that he would go with his staff to the famous Korean restaurant closed to the avenue or to a nearby bar). We arrived to the hotel and waited outside for him about 30 minutes (According to us, we pretended to be high social status people! Suddenly, we saw about 3 guys (probably, his bodyguards! They were plump…! I recognized one from YT video) with an uncle who was in his 30s… I guess he was his translator… they stayed outside waiting about 10 minutes, and then I saw a lady (very beauty by the way) going out with Hyun! Our surprise was so great! If you could have seen him, girls! He was wearing a long military coat! He looks really tall! So nice! Great guy!… He was wearing a black cap, stretched jeans (my delirium!) and sandals… We just saw him about 10 seconds. The thirty-year-old man got closed to us (very nice) and he told us that we couldn’t take pics ¬¬’ (Girls! What a disappointment!) ): We felt so sad! (By the way, the black marker I carried was not painting! ¬¬ I didn’t have choice but asking my sister to borrow me her orange marker! How embarrassing! A super star signing with an orange marker!) Also, he looked like being in a rush…! Hyun only gave us his autograph and smiled at us! As Korean people say, I felt a SKINSHIP! I felt his hand, so cool! So warm… His hand trembled a little (maybe because he was amazed by our beauty haha XD) the only thing I could say was Gamshagmida (Well, I pronounced in that way, I don’t know if this is right! XD) and he only smiled to us…! Haha my sister said in Japanese “Ai shi te ru” Hyun smiled in an unique way! By sure, seeing the so nice that is my sister… so cute!

After giving us his autograph… he went on a black car… very cute indeed! It seemed as one of those rich people..! We didn’t take pictures again! One of his bodyguards was outside the hotel and had a look so menacing…! What difficult should have been to take a picture! The uncle looked like he was waiting for us to leave or something like that… However, I am still satisfied!! Very joyful! We walked in the avenue near to the hotel! We waited for 2 and a half hours… there were more girls in the hotel! Apparently the news had been spread out. I didn’t want to get closer because my little sister (she loves that guy but I would not expose my sister at that hour of the night…) the bodyguard was still in the entrance of the hotel, so we decided to go home… I will never forget this day! Keep that by sure!


Credit: Kaoru + kanojokhj
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