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Thursday, March 25, 2010

[News] ‘Pasta’ Hyunwoo-SS501 Park Jung Min, turn to classic dandy in catwalk runway

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Hyun Woo in popular drama ‘Pasta’ and SS501 Park Jung Min stands on the Runway.

Hyunwoo and Park Jung Min on March 27th Seoul Fashion Week, rise on the stage of men’s casual wear brand (BON).

Park Jung Min and Hyunwoo that have 180cm expected to show their solid body as good as a working model.

The Brand (BON) official said , “Park Jung Min has a lot of experience as a model of expert beauty features in fashion ,” said “Hyun Woo is equipped with casting sensibility of Men and boys cross -dandy’s features.”

(BON) is a continuous participated brand emerged Seoul Fashion Week since it started five years ago. Stage composition and abundance patterns, and profoundly different feel to a classic sensibility difference will be ready to leave a strong impression.

Their appearance as a model of (BON) which is a collection at Seoul Trade Exhibition Center (SETEC) can be meet on March 27th.

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