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Thursday, March 25, 2010

[Magazine] Idol Column Vol.24, Mar ‘10, Appreciation of SS501’s Japanese writing

Credit: mint501@ameba translations: (chi) 妃茵@TSTW / (eng+abit of added info+translate) Ode@blog
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-The Loving Guy

1st Word written: ♥ Touch you~ Wants to meet you yo… Kindly stay in my heart.. ^^
2nd word written: Reunite, ♥To Match♥, 一期一會 (Japanese Idiom) (which means, to treasure your affinity with anyone)
3rd word written: To gradually begin growing fondness in the heart~♥

KyuJong, his sweet talks and all that ♥ shaped signs let people’s hands tremble while reading.
There are many heartwarming words amongst the lines he’s written. He must be a very gentle guy ne.

-The Food Guy

1st word written: Eel
2nd word written: new year cake
3rd word written: Peas

Although we have seen many artistes writing the revelant names of food,
never did we expect him to fill in all the 3 spaces for food!
“Eel” reminds us of the times during the ‘土曜丑之日’ (ode: not familiar what the english name is for this day)
(the Japanese eat eels on this very special day in summer, this has a significance to pray about blessings for health)
From this, it seems like he is a very emotionally sensitive child.

-The Natural-natured Guy
1st word written: Gradually
2nd word written: Anyhow
3rd word written: Cat’s tongue

Leader, who chose to mix Katakana (ダ) with Hiragana (ん) to create the word “dan-dan” (gradually),
and “tonikaku” (anyhow),
from this, we seem to be able to understand why he’s been described by people
as a frank and natural person.


-The Money Guy

1st word written: Daily Salary
2nd word written: Bundles and bundles of cash notes
3rd word written: A new game involving many game participants

We seriously couldn’t find any other one who writes as many “money” related stuffs
as he does (laughs)
From the singular words involving money, we got to understand another unknown side of his.
Every month, especially the new words he’ll be writing next month,
will certainly be worth anticipating!

-The Princess-like Guy

1st word written:惡趣味 (Peculiar weird behaviour that's hard for others to accept)
2nd word written: I’ve came / I’m leaving (formal respectful lang.) / I’m taking
the lift up
3rd word written: Long Hair (毛)

For him to write these 3 words so starkly like this,
it’s already very obvious that he’s a princess-like guy. (laughs)
“まいります” (3rd meaning) reminds people of the pet phrase that those
“lift ladies” say
Seems like he’s wanting to tell people that he’s now taking a lift
to the upper storeys

♥ Terima Kasih Kerana Sudi Bace ! Like Yea Kalau Suka ! ♥

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