Friday, October 30, 2009

Makan-makan with Triple S @ Seoul Garden

I really enjoy that last Saturday (24 / 10 / 09)! Meet with you all from triples malaysia blogspot, talking about the same thing .. It's like we all already know each other mutually! we also gathered to have our signature on our Prince Young Saeng Birthday Card! I do not how to relate to you all ... only see the picture below! may not be clear because I took this picture using my handphone!

here the birthday card to young saeng!!

my birthday wish to young saeng! actually I don't know what to write to him!!

Tension!!! I feel like crazy LOL!!!!

I feel like crazy ... angry it is also!!! I don't know what has happened with this broadband.. is near a week ... oh no .. is already a week I can do anything ... what more I want to update this blog .. Its really sad to me LOL!!! much had I missed about the world SSJUNIORISLANDONGBANGSHINEE!!!

actually I want story about a little day last Saturday (24/10/09)!! I will put it the next post! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

SS501 @ Taiwan MTV show “Crazy over Japan and Korea Music”

Taiwan MTV show “Crazy over Japan and Korea Music” recording weekly diary
An exclusive interview of SS501 (broadcast time of 10/28 ~ 1030)

This time during the concert tour, members were all grasp of time for rehearsal. No special trips were scheduled.

Only made a special trip to an exclusive interview with MTV music channel for “Crazy over Japan and Korea Music” programs.

An interesting interviews only in “Crazy over Japan and Korea Music” give you a chance to see their intimate and private side!

In the program, SS501 chatted with the host Wu Jianheng of the re-visit feelings. As Kim Hyun-joong just recovering from illness, and thus be able to catch up with the concert held in Taiwan, he is also very much looking forward to this for a special concert.

In particular, members Park Jung Min feel special mood and exuberance when seeing well-designed welcoming board from fans after arrival in the airport.

Meeting with the host of “Crazy over Japan and Korea Music” Wu Jianheng again, he also excited, ever-changing face when answering questions, and more time fighting for the chance to answer questions, very approachable.

As the [SS501] once again to visit Taiwan, have also expressed the hope that can prepare instant noodles and soft drinks.

oduction unit specially prepared traditional Taiwanese soft drinks Lamune in order for them to enjoy the authentic ancient favor.

5 big boys is feeling very happy to see that particular soft drinks. In particular, Jung Min wanted to open the bottle in bare hands to immediately taste this particular soft drinks.

The host Wu Jianheng explained Lamune should open in a different and special way. At the end, Kim Hyun-joong just give a toast to a full bottle of soda.

In addition, the production units, particularly invited the Tarot teacher , in order to [SS501] to test for the recent evolving situation.

The members feel very interested in the Tarot, each of them are rushing to ask questions.

The Tarot teacher answered [SS501] that the new album will be continuing rise in popularity and revenue will be rolling in.

Of course members Young Saeng who would like to have a girlfriend, also will not make the opportunity because of the busy schedules.

He is so sad that also wanted to do the Tarot one more time just hoping to reverse the answers to it!!

Over more than 30 minutes of exclusive interview, [SS501] not only sang a few chore of the new song in particular, also play the game tongue twisters with the host.

Want to hear the wonderful new song with SS501 beautiful voice? Wan to know more about the private answers of all the questions?

Wonderful interview only in the MTV [Crazy over Japan and Korea Music] program which you don’t want to miss.

The most exclusive interview, on the MTV [Crazy over Japan and Korea Music] !!Wonderful interview and behind the scence will be aired on 10/28 ~ 10/30 for three-day. Oh! you will be a pity to miss it…

Credit: SS601 +
Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress
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SS501 all five members will be starring in SBS Variety Show “Strong Heart”

Comeback with Mini album “REBIRTH”, SS501 five members will be starring in SBS’s “Strong Heart”

SS501 will be recording strong heart at Seoul SBS Open HALL on November 5 (starred as Park Hen Lik,Park Kyung-Tak)

In order for taking time to participate in a full entertainment is very difficult to SS501. That’s why is a great significance for them.

The “Strong Heart” production team said, “SS501 will be full starred in “Strong heart”, let us expect for the five people to break the unknown story of them.”

In addition, SS501 have issued the mini album “REBIRTH” on the 20th. Their official website had revealed the MV teaser of the title song “Love Like This”.

Source: SS601
Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

[Info+Video] SS501 is back in MBC Music Core!

although it has not released MV, SS501 finally returned to the k-pop world by promoting the song 'Love Like This' after 1 year 7 months.
check their performance under this:

[Video] Jung Min Modeling for Park Choon Moo on Entertainment News

10/20/2009 SS501 박정민 Park Jung Min Models for Seoul Collection S/S 2010 박춘무 Demoo Park Choon Moo during Seoul Fashion Week on Entertainment News


Credit: ss601+shirbogurl21@ YT
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[Video] Young Saeng & Kyu Jong at Kwak Hyun Joo Fashion Show on News


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[News] SS501 mini album ranked high in SALES CHART

Credit: 번호
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Result as follow:

★ Album sales charts – charts hanteo (한터차트)
TOP1 SHINee - 2009 Year Of Us : Mini Album vol. 3

TOP2 SS501 – Rebirth : Mini Album : Special Pack
TOP3 SS501 – Rebrith : Mini Album : NormalTOP4 Seo Tai Ji - It’s Ultraman vol. 6(reissued)
TOP5 LeeSSang - Hexagonal vol. 6

★ Album sales charts – Fantastic Media (신나라미디어)
TOP1 Yoo Seung Chan - How Are Yoo? : Mini Album

TOP2 SS501 – Rebirth : Mini Album : Special Pack
TOP3 LeeSSang - Hexagonal vol. 6
TOP4 Wheesung – Vocolate vol. 6
TOP5 DynamicDuo – Band Of Dynamic Brothers vol. 5
TOP6 Park Hyo-Shin - Gift vol. 6
TOP7 Epik High - E vol. 6
TOP8 G-Dragon – Heartbreaker vol. 1
TOP9 SS501 – Rebrith : Mini Album : Normal
TOP10 Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry version C vol. 3

★ Album sales charts – hatteuraekseu (핫트랙스)
TOP1 SS501 – Rebirth : Mini Album : Special Pack

TOP2 LeeSSang - Hexagonal vol. 6
TOP3 We are beautiful (미남이시네요) OST
TOP4 DynamicDuo – Band Of Dynamic Brothers vol. 5
TOP5 Park Hyo-Shin - Gift vol. 6
TOP6 Wheesung – Vocolate vol. 6
TOP7 Epik High - E vol. 6
TOP8 Lee Soo Young - DAZZLE vol. 9
TOP9 MBLAQ - The first Singles Albums JUST BLAQ
TOP10 G-Dragon – Heartbreaker vol. 1

SS501 – Love Like This MV Teaser

SS501 will be attending Korea “Global Fair & Festival Incheon Closing Ceremony”

Credit: 한경일 기자 wow@ajnews[Incheon Fair Info]+DSP Media[SBS Chocolate Info] + DKP + ss501fighting
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SS501 will be busy within this week, aside from their comeback stagey in 2 music shows : MBC Music Core (24th) and SBS Inki Gayo (25th), the boys will also perform for the closing ceremony of the
Global Fair&Festival Incheon, Korea on Oct 25th,2009.

The closing ceremony divides into 2 parts, and SS501 will be on the 1st part performer list together with senior singer Bobby Kim. Whilst 2nd part of the closing ceremony will be filled with opera & musical performances as well as awards and prizes.

The closing ceremony will start on 6.30 pm onwards (KST).

Meanwhile, the boys will also come to SBS Chocolate and do their recording on Oct 28,2009 (time is not yet decided).

[Message] SS501 DSP official website new message to Triple S

Credit: SS501 DSP official website
Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress
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Hello. This is DSP media.
SS501 CD all songs are released on the 20th. For the public and many Triple S.
Thank you so much for big love and attention.
I’d like to write in this bulletin to tell you one thing about the CDs released on the 20th.
Love Like This is the current title track of the Mini-album ,
The title track sound source of each streaming source site at the current time.
To guide focus on the rise of charts effectively would LET YOU be considered.
SS501 gave the album a long wait Thanks again to you Triple S,
We will give future notice in this bulletin board as soon as possible
Thank you.
[ DSP Media ]

[news] [21/10/09]SS501 on American advance, “We felt the wall to American advance is really high”

Credit: + ss501fighting
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Group SS501 has revealed that the time is still not ripe for their American advance and for the time being, they will be focusing on their Asian promotions.

SS501 recently met up with a reporter and they revealed, “Currently, there are many seniors who are advancing into the American market and are doing promotions there. But through them, we felt that the wall into the American market is really high.”

They added, “In anyway, right now we will be concentrating on promotions in Korea and Asia. With that, if we get good results and spare time and energy, we will think about it again.”

Currently the group is doing their first Asian concert tour 5 years after their debut. And also on 20th October, they released a new minialbum ‘Rebirth’ in Korea after 1 year and 7 months.

They will perform the title song ‘Love Like This’ on KBS Music Bank for their comeback stage on 23rd October.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

[Video][Fancam] Kyu Jong Focus "Because I'm Stupid" at Wonder+Full Korean Concert [9/27/09]


credit: shirbogurl21@yt
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[Video][Fancam] Young Saeng Focus "Because I'm Stupid" at Wonder+Full Korean Concert [9/27/09]


credit: shirbogurl21@yt
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[Video][Fancam] Jung Min Focus "Because I'm Stupid" at Wonder+Full Korean Concert [9/27/09]


credit: shirbogurl21@yt
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[Video] SS501 Performs "Deja Vu" at 11th Korea & China Music Festival in Qingdao [10/6/09]


Credit: shirbogurl21@yt
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[Video] Kyu Jong on "SETI" ep 1 ~ ep 4

[ENGSUBBED] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong On SETI Episode 1


[ENGSUBBED] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong On SETI Episode 2

[ENGSUBBED] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong On SETI Episode 3


[ENGSUBBED] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong On SETI Episode 4


Credit: Hurmutube@yt
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Kim HyunJoong Transformed into 'Homme Fatale'

With upcoming mini album ‘REBIRTH’ to be released on 20-Oct, SS501 company DSP Entertainment released the members’ album jacket photos on 16-Oct.

In this photo, Kim HyunJoong wore smoky make up, exposing his chest which emphasizes on his masculine beauty.

Meanwhile, SS501’s special edition album will be released on 20-Oct and normal edition to be released on 22-Oct. Special edition has exceeded 30,000 pre-order, showing how much anticipation fans have for SS501 comeback.

SS501 departed on 15-Oct for their Asia Tour concert in Taipei Super Arena on 17-Oct.

Credits : kranky@SPN + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[News] 30,000 Copies of SS501 Rebirth Album Sold

SS501 will be releasing the special edition of REBIRTH in South Korea on 20th Oct, and will be releasing the normal edition on 22nd. Their agency, DSP Media, further said that REBIRTH will also be out in Taiwan, but they have not decided if it will be a simultaneous release with South Korea, or later in Taiwan.

“On the day of pre-reservation for the special edition on the 14th, pre-orders for the album surpassed 30,000 copies within a very short time, so the company will be releasing a further 20,000 copies. We expect sales to exceed 100,000 copies.”

REBIRTH will be unveiled on the internet on 20th. SS501 will make their comeback on-stage via KBS2TV Music Bank on 23rd, MBC Music Central on 24th and SBSTV Inki Gayo on 25th, and other programs.

SS501 will be holding their SS501 Asia Tour PERSONA 2009 concert at the Taipei Arena on 17th Oct, and they will also be releasing their latest mini album, REBIRTH.

Credit: newsis + SS601 + (Chinese translation) tkdska @HyunJoongChina + (English translation) happiebb @SgTripleS +
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Tonight is SS501 Persona Asia Tour concert, “Nighttime Animal” Kim Hyun Joong is coming!

Translation: ss501fighting
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Tonight will be the first for outh Korean popular groups SS501 to hold concert at Taipei Arena. Yesterday afternoon, they held a big celebration press conference at western chinese restaurant to celebrate the album sold in Taiwan. The album is a record-breaking for five platinum records. Leader Kim Hyun-joong seems tired and lost weight after his illness make people concern about him. He quickly respond in a funny way that’s because he was a “Nighttime animals.”

SS501 show amazing popularity in this visit to Taiwan. A large number of fans chasing Cutting Class , waiting all day, in order to chase them. Five members rented a dance practice room to rehearsal the concert until night. Greater China Warner Music CEO bring special food like “Xiaolong bun”, pearl milk tea to visit SS501. At the scene at a press conference yesterday, he also presented a huge five platinum records for SS501. He said with a smile: “This year, thanks to SS501, so that we can so quickly reach our performance. Our year-end bonuses and staff travel are all depended on them! “SS501 heard that and hurriedly asked, said:” Staff travel? Can we go? Can we go to Hawaii. “

Jung Min who is the most talented in language revealed that he will sing his favorite Chinese song “Sweet Honey” at the concert. Hyung-jun broke the news, said: “He’s practicing behind us for a long time, I have heard some of that and feel that his performance is having a high score of 90.” Kyu Jong said:” He has really been practicing hardly. One day in the morning, he greeted me in Chinese which scared me. “

Kim Hyun-joong compared to the previous visit in June, it seems apparent weight loss. He also seems a little bit our of spirit. When he heard concerns, he quickly said: “My health had been fully restored , did seem a little bit thinner, but just because of busy preparing for the new album, all members have gotten thinner. Because I was originally nighttime animals, I will ensure that the spirit will be a hundred times at the concert tomorrow night.” He also revealed that concert will sing four new songs, including the songs in the will be released new album “REBIRTH Rebirth for love ” which are unpublished.

The well-known Korean dramas in Taiwan, “Boys Over Flowers”, Kim Hyun-joong, said: “Boys Over Flowers is nearly past a year. Most recently we are going to promote our new come back album after 1 year and 7 months to complete. Early next year we will further challenge for new drama.”

SS501 Taiwan Album Red Hot Sale, Record companies not worry abut the year-end bonus

Source: Central News
credit: ss501fighting

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(Central News Agency Sing Cheng, Taipei) South Korea men’s team SS501 at a press conference today, say hello to Taiwan Chinese fans. The Taipei concert will be held for tomorrow. Record company said, SS501 album sales in Taiwan is very successful, this year’s year-end bonuses depend on the SS501.

SS501 album sales in Taiwan breakthrough five platinum record. Celebration press conference was held at the Sherwood Hotel in the afternoon. Greater China Warner Music CEO, presented a giant five platinum records CD to them. Five members have endless fun and happy.
CHEN Ze-shan said, SS501 is having the best results of all the South Korean artists to achieve Warner Music sales record in the shortest time , “Warner employees to rely on SS501 for this year’s year-end bonuses .”

In the press conference, leader Kim Hyun Joong change the image of “Boys Over Flowers”, performing tongue-twisters, become the focus of media attention. He said the new album is the hard work of every member. There should be new breakthroughs in many aspects of vision and hearing , such as his first so short hair cut. In addition, members are also having smokey makeup which I hope you will like it.
For tomorrow’s concert, Kim Hyun Joong said that it would have a special program dedicated to Taiwan fans. That is, members Park Jung Min is going to sing Chinese song, “Sweet Honey.”
Jung Min said that he likes to listen to this song. He also singed “Sweet Honey” on the spot to, won applause.

SS501 “SS501 ASIA TOUR PERSONA 2009 Taipei Concert” will be held tomorrow in the Arena, in addition to a full field to reproduce the contents of Seoul concert, they will be singing new songs in the mini album that is not exposed to the public before.

[Video] SS501 REBIRTH Press Conference~Nownews + Udn + ETTV

Taiwan's ETTV

nownews (clip 1)

nownews (clip 2)



Credit: yyy148@yt
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

South Korean group SS501 arriving in Taiwan

Translation: ss501fighting@wordpress
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Korea men’s team “SS501″arrived in Taiwan today. In addition to Thailand and Hong Kong fans made a special trip plane to engaged, there are of course Taiwan Fans waiting for them. Taoyuan International Airport once need to order and risk control.

Debut in 2005,”SS501″, has a lot of fans in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong . They started the Asian Tour at South Korea in August, and then to Japan on the stage. The third stop in Taiwan is scheduled at the Taipei Arena on the 17th, followed by concert in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

“SS501″ flew this afternoon at Taoyuan Airport. Before they arrived, in the airport control zone, there were already more than 20 fans from Hong Kong and Thailand, with different size of luggage waiting senselessly only for a glimpse idol charisma.

The person who is responsible to maintain order and preserve the safety of “SS501″ because of large movement, pushed two fans to the check-in gallery hallway. Other fans in the control area are in mad chase, catch up all the way out of customs, giving gifts, wanting autographs, lengthening the time of ”SS501″ arrival custom.

When SS501 appears in the arrivals hall, the presence of waiting fans are all screaming. “SS501″ members are smiling and waving to fans. Screaming fans are all the way, emotions surged to the highest point, the scene is almost out of control. Aircraft police need to increase manpower to come to maintain order until “SS501″ members go in the ride to leave. These fans gradually dispersed .

Two fans in order to lead SS501’s attention are wearing traditional Korean clothes. They have been waiting in the entry hall for one or two days. One Hong Kong fan came said that in order to Starchaser, she has spent more than 20,000 NT including air tickets, concert tickets and accommodation, etc. but felt worth it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SS501 in Taiwan and Flight Schedule

Credit: Warner Music Taiwan + (English translation) + Quainte
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To fulfill their promise to fans when visiting Taiwan during end June, SS501 finally going to hold their concert in Taipei Arena on 17 October (Saturday). Having their concert in Taiwan for the first time, the 5 members and their Korea management company put in extra attention. Starting from 12 October, staff from Korea had already reached Taiwan. After this, gradually, a total of 50 Korea staff will be arriving in Taiwan for concert preparation. Returning to Taiwan again, SS501's special request on diet is actually to prepare instant noodle, during rehearsal and resting meal time, they only hope to have fried chicken or packed meal, and also soft drinks to drink only, they could be rated as one of the easiest visiting Taiwan artist to serve.

Recently, the 5 members have been continuously practicing and rehearsing for the 'SS501 Asia Tour Persona 2009 Taiwan Concert'. Member Park Jung Min revealed during interview, in order to communicate in mandarin with the fans, he is learning mandarin diligently and memorizing mandarin song. Having a flare in language, he has been staying in Japan for a long period, therefore is very strong in Japanese. However, learning mandarin for the first time baffled him completely. Park JungMin laughed and mentioned that he hope Taiwan fans will be able to understand the mandarin that he speaks, it will be embarrassing if drying up on stage.

Taiwan fans are very lucky! Apart from the '2009 Solo Collection' which was released in August, which individual members showed their solo ability, SS501 is going to release a mini album 'Rebirth' at end October. In this album, all 5 members will join hands to show their charm. New album cover unveil in a dreamy atmosphere, thick smoky make-up to represent their transformation into male masculinity and maturity, totally contrary to their usual sunny boy image, hoping to give the fans a brand new feel.

In order to repay to Taiwan fan's love to SS501, Warner Music will start pre-ordering for SS501 latest mini album 'Rebirth' from 16 October, and also released:

A version: Taiwan Limited Edition, bundled with limited free gift: Superstar File Holder- Brand new Korea Mini Album CD + Chinese Subbed DVD- Chinese subbed Music MV for the latest song- Latest Music MV behind the scene video clips- Korea latest promotion clip

B version: Taiwan Limited Edition, with limited edition free gift: New Image Poster- Brand new Korea Mini Album CD- Include Superstar File Holder

Other than free limited edition gifts when pre-ordering, starting from 16 October, during the pre-ordering period of 'Rebirth', when buying A or B version album, when purchase together with 'SS501 Grateful Days Thanks for... 2008 Japan Tour Concert 2DVD', will get additional free gift of SS501 100cm x 60cm latest Year Calender poster.

Taiwan Warner Music also obtained pre-approval from Korea management company, the original imported Mini album 'Rebirth' worldwide limited edition to be released in Taiwan, the contents include:
- Special packaging
- 100 pages latest photobook flip book
- Latest poster

SS501 flight schedule is as the followings:
15 October
Asiana Airline OZ711,
Arrival 13:35,
Terminal 2

18 October
Asiana Airline OZ712,
Departure time: 14:35,
Terminal 2

[Photo] Jung Min & Hyung Joon smokey photo for the mini album

credit: newsen

DSP official announcement of SS501 Mini Album “REBIRTH”

Credit: DSP Media + [English Translation] SungAh (Bofrox96) @Double Subbers/TripleS Malaysia

10/12 [info] News on Rebirth Mini Album...from DSP, DSP Notice

Hello , we're DSP media.

The sudden news about the change of SS501's mini album, we think we made many tripleS confused.

The album which was supposed to be official has been changed to a mini album. About this change many people have had inquires ~ to have ofiicial album activities, it would be pressure so after a lot of effort , we have decided it would be a mini album.

We hope you'll take this as a good and generous way.

[Dates of when albums will be on sale]

A 100pages flip-book diary , photo-shoot pics, poster will be included in the special album. It will be selected on the 20th and sold on the 22th.

Online music : Opens 10/20 TUES


Its been a year and 7 months since the 5 of them's album is released and to do an activity together and we hope TripleS will support and love them.

More details about the album (information), will be given.
TIP- 14TH, 16TH, 2 members, 3 members individual cuts will be open/ showed online.
We hope you a lot of interest.

Thank You.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kyu Jong stars in Kim Dong Hee – Women are like that

credit: KPOPMV010@yt
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[Photo] Hyung Joon and Jung Min “BON” clothing sponsor photo

Credit: + ss501fighting

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[Photo] Kyu Jong web drama “SETI” snapshots

kyu jong really really Cute do like that XD!!!

Credit: + ss501fighting

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[Photo] Jung Min @ China Qingdao (Fan photo)

Credit: 翎兒@Kyu’s ( + ss501figthing

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[Photo] Young Saeng @ China Qingdao (fan photos)

Credit: 翎兒@Kyu’s ( + ss501fighting

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