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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tonight is SS501 Persona Asia Tour concert, “Nighttime Animal” Kim Hyun Joong is coming!

Credit: udn.com
Translation: ss501fighting
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Tonight will be the first for outh Korean popular groups SS501 to hold concert at Taipei Arena. Yesterday afternoon, they held a big celebration press conference at western chinese restaurant to celebrate the album sold in Taiwan. The album is a record-breaking for five platinum records. Leader Kim Hyun-joong seems tired and lost weight after his illness make people concern about him. He quickly respond in a funny way that’s because he was a “Nighttime animals.”

SS501 show amazing popularity in this visit to Taiwan. A large number of fans chasing Cutting Class , waiting all day, in order to chase them. Five members rented a dance practice room to rehearsal the concert until night. Greater China Warner Music CEO bring special food like “Xiaolong bun”, pearl milk tea to visit SS501. At the scene at a press conference yesterday, he also presented a huge five platinum records for SS501. He said with a smile: “This year, thanks to SS501, so that we can so quickly reach our performance. Our year-end bonuses and staff travel are all depended on them! “SS501 heard that and hurriedly asked, said:” Staff travel? Can we go? Can we go to Hawaii. “

Jung Min who is the most talented in language revealed that he will sing his favorite Chinese song “Sweet Honey” at the concert. Hyung-jun broke the news, said: “He’s practicing behind us for a long time, I have heard some of that and feel that his performance is having a high score of 90.” Kyu Jong said:” He has really been practicing hardly. One day in the morning, he greeted me in Chinese which scared me. “

Kim Hyun-joong compared to the previous visit in June, it seems apparent weight loss. He also seems a little bit our of spirit. When he heard concerns, he quickly said: “My health had been fully restored , did seem a little bit thinner, but just because of busy preparing for the new album, all members have gotten thinner. Because I was originally nighttime animals, I will ensure that the spirit will be a hundred times at the concert tomorrow night.” He also revealed that concert will sing four new songs, including the songs in the will be released new album “REBIRTH Rebirth for love ” which are unpublished.

The well-known Korean dramas in Taiwan, “Boys Over Flowers”, Kim Hyun-joong, said: “Boys Over Flowers is nearly past a year. Most recently we are going to promote our new come back album after 1 year and 7 months to complete. Early next year we will further challenge for new drama.”
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