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Sunday, October 25, 2009

SS501 @ Taiwan MTV show “Crazy over Japan and Korea Music”

Taiwan MTV show “Crazy over Japan and Korea Music” recording weekly diary
An exclusive interview of SS501 (broadcast time of 10/28 ~ 1030)

This time during the concert tour, members were all grasp of time for rehearsal. No special trips were scheduled.

Only made a special trip to an exclusive interview with MTV music channel for “Crazy over Japan and Korea Music” programs.

An interesting interviews only in “Crazy over Japan and Korea Music” give you a chance to see their intimate and private side!

In the program, SS501 chatted with the host Wu Jianheng of the re-visit feelings. As Kim Hyun-joong just recovering from illness, and thus be able to catch up with the concert held in Taiwan, he is also very much looking forward to this for a special concert.

In particular, members Park Jung Min feel special mood and exuberance when seeing well-designed welcoming board from fans after arrival in the airport.

Meeting with the host of “Crazy over Japan and Korea Music” Wu Jianheng again, he also excited, ever-changing face when answering questions, and more time fighting for the chance to answer questions, very approachable.

As the [SS501] once again to visit Taiwan, have also expressed the hope that can prepare instant noodles and soft drinks.

oduction unit specially prepared traditional Taiwanese soft drinks Lamune in order for them to enjoy the authentic ancient favor.

5 big boys is feeling very happy to see that particular soft drinks. In particular, Jung Min wanted to open the bottle in bare hands to immediately taste this particular soft drinks.

The host Wu Jianheng explained Lamune should open in a different and special way. At the end, Kim Hyun-joong just give a toast to a full bottle of soda.

In addition, the production units, particularly invited the Tarot teacher , in order to [SS501] to test for the recent evolving situation.

The members feel very interested in the Tarot, each of them are rushing to ask questions.

The Tarot teacher answered [SS501] that the new album will be continuing rise in popularity and revenue will be rolling in.

Of course members Young Saeng who would like to have a girlfriend, also will not make the opportunity because of the busy schedules.

He is so sad that also wanted to do the Tarot one more time just hoping to reverse the answers to it!!

Over more than 30 minutes of exclusive interview, [SS501] not only sang a few chore of the new song in particular, also play the game tongue twisters with the host.

Want to hear the wonderful new song with SS501 beautiful voice? Wan to know more about the private answers of all the questions?

Wonderful interview only in the MTV [Crazy over Japan and Korea Music] program which you don’t want to miss.

The most exclusive interview, on the MTV [Crazy over Japan and Korea Music] !!Wonderful interview and behind the scence will be aired on 10/28 ~ 10/30 for three-day. Oh! you will be a pity to miss it…

Credit: SS601 + wretch.cc/blog/ILOVEDJKEN
Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress
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SS501 all five members will be starring in SBS Variety Show “Strong Heart”

Comeback with Mini album “REBIRTH”, SS501 five members will be starring in SBS’s “Strong Heart”

SS501 will be recording strong heart at Seoul SBS Open HALL on November 5 (starred as Park Hen Lik,Park Kyung-Tak)

In order for taking time to participate in a full entertainment is very difficult to SS501. That’s why is a great significance for them.

The “Strong Heart” production team said, “SS501 will be full starred in “Strong heart”, let us expect for the five people to break the unknown story of them.”

In addition, SS501 have issued the mini album “REBIRTH” on the 20th. Their official website had revealed the MV teaser of the title song “Love Like This”.

Source: SS601
Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress
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