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Saturday, November 14, 2009

[News][09.11.13]Hyun Joong is disappointed with SS501 members’ looks

creedit: allkpop Repost with full credit only, kamsahmnida!


SS501 currently in the midst of their Rebirth album promotions, recorded an episode of Star Golden Bell recently and their dorky personalities shone when they were asked questions by the program's host.

In the beginning, the SS501 members were asked, "Which member are you most envious of?", and the unanimous choice was leader, Kim Hyun Joong. When asked for a reason, Kim Kyu Jong said, "This person was born as a sculpture. As an artist, it's really enviable."

The host then turned his attention to Hyun Joong and asked him if there was anything about Kyu Jong's appearance that he was envious of, "Compared to being envious, I would like to touch on the things that disappoint me. Kyu Jong is actually dropping hair despite his young age", which led to laughters all around the studio.

That was not all as Hyun Joong continued in jest, "Even though I was born in the same year as Youngsaeng, he gains weight rather easily. As for Jung Min, my first impression of him was that he looks old. Even now, I still find that he looks old."

This particular episode with SS501 will be aired on 14th November.

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