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Saturday, November 14, 2009

News][09.11.12]Exclusive Interview with SS501: Not fear of the ups and downs, go on upholding own features

credit: Sohu New Korea-line + Authors: text / Rongrong Photography / Zhang Hui, video / Ma Jun + [nEnglish translation] ss501fighting.wordpress

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Sohu New Korea-line Shanghai reports Sohu Han-wen / Rongrong Photography / Zhang Hui, video / Jun Ma

November 12 afternoon, the South Korean popular group SS501 five members appear in Shanghai to publicize the concert start held at the Hongkou Football Stadium on November 14. SS501 accepted Sohu New Korea-line exclusive interview after the press conference. Even though they have mature a lot after debut five years, they still do not change their playing nature intermittently in the interviews, like a natural kind as always.

Sohu New Korea-line: first please greeting our fans of the whole of China through Sohu’s camera len.

SS501 together: Hello everyone, we are SS501! (Waving)

Jung Min: I am Jung Min. (sweetly waving) Hello ~

Hyung-jun: (snatching mic) I am Hyung Jun. (Waving)

Hyun Joong: I am Hyun Joong. (Waving)

Young Saeng: Hello everyone, I’m Young Saeng.

Kyu Jong: I am Kyu Jong, hello! (Waving)

Sohu New Korea Line: This is the second time came to Shanghai to open concert, when compared with the first time, is there any difference in feel? For the upcoming concert, have any particular expectations for it?

Hyun Joong: this time is coming to fill the failure to show our best to the fans last time. And this time will perform in the outdoors. this is our first outdoor concert. For fans who come please give us the greatest enthusiasm to support us.

Sohu New Korea Line: The just-released mini-album “Rebirth” in South Korea has achieved great sales performance, congratulations to you all, then the fans are very concerned about the regular second full album, when will it intend to issued come out?

Hyun joong: We also hope to quickly release the second album, in order to make it available as early as possible, we will be more hardworking. (Other four members applause)

Sohu New Korea Line: In the year end award ceremony, do you have any expectations of winning? SS501 is currently the number one in MAMA Overseas Viewers Award ceremony, how do you feel?

Jung Min: ah, first of all because this award is a vote by fans, also is an overseas viewers Award, I believe that the Chinese fans also have a great contribution, thank you. I hope you will continue to support us, also there is our latest mini-album “Rebirth”, please give the generous support !

Sohu New Korea Line: Now members have begun creative work such as write lyric, composing song , have you thought of releasing an album that all songs written by the members themselves?

Hyung-jun: By now, we have had lyricist, composer’s experience, this time in the mini-album “Rebirth” where five fans together also wrote the lyrics. Probably it is our next album that will be having our own lyrics, song composing or even production in a masterpiece. We are singer, song writer, SS501! (SS501 suddenly replaced by the Chinese pronunciation, Jung Min laughing endlessly at the side ~)

Sohu New Korea Line: debut five years, what is the biggest gains and regrets?

Hyun Joong: Five years is not very long, or a very short time, in these year time, we have a lot of overseas fans and fans in South Korea, popular also “up ~ down ~ up ~” this rise and fall … … In fact, all are very interesting, because by now, finally SS501 also have their own features and characters. In the future, we will continue to have the SS501 qualities of music for everyone.

Sohu New Korea Line: So for the next five years, what are the plans and expectations?

Young Saeng : I think that even five years later, we, SS501 five people will still make music together but also through a variety of personal activities, to show more of our charm. And I think we will not change even at that time, we will be continuing our path as present status. (Other members applause together)

Sohu New Korea Line: Although Leader had gone from “Yoon Ji-Hoo” return to “Kim Hyun-joong”, if there is good drama, movie works, not only leader, will all the members of SS501 want to challenge? Would like to ask members, what is the most liked starring role?

Kyu Jong: In fact, five of us were prepared, Jung Min through the musical performances have opened the door to acting, while the Hyung-jun has also finished in a drama series, will soon be broadcast. Five of us are very attentive for our own personal activities. Hyun Joong should soon be in a new drama/movie work, so I hope that you not only concerned about our activities in music, but also of these other activities in other area such as actor, DJ, host, please support me.

(Kyu Jong handed the microphone to Young Saeng: Youngsaengie, what is the most wanted role?)

Young Saeng: In fact, I have ok with any type of role, and (Kyu Jong doing the boxer action at the side), the kind of role like Hyun Joong’s “Flowers Over Boys” F4, I would also like to challenge.

Sohu New Korea Line : While undertaken the activities in South Korea, also need to do theAsian tour , is it hard to handle both?

Hyun Joong: This is the question lets gives the most attention to our health member, our Jung Min, our “herbivorous male” (translate and annotate: South Korea’s “herbivorous male” means equivalent to “Otaku”.) Answer.

Jung Min: Our members have continued to manage their physical, like I would eat some ginseng, red ginseng such food to supplement the strength. And I think that under the high-intensity work, attitude is the most important, do not heap too much pressure, that is also good for health … … (suddenly shouting at the direction of the other members) “So loud!” (To continue to smile front of the camera) Like this way, is also a good help to absorb pressure . (Hyung-jun due to the sudden shouting is in stagnatione, Hyun joong put the mic in front of Hyung Jun)

Hyung-jun: Hurry to the next question now.

Sohu New Korea Line : What is the plan of future activities ?

(At this point Hyung jun began to push the mic to Hyun Joong, and Jung Min insist on Hyungg-jun to reply, the scene of friendship appear)

Hyung-jun: We will continue our efforts, and after one year and seven months five members comeback for our activities. In the year end’s activities, as well as the Asian tour, will be in our best state and appearance to see you. I hope you will give the generous support of our new mini-album “Rebirth”. SS501 ~ (applause together)

Sohu New Korea Line: Finally, say a few words to fans in China!

(Jung Min grabbed the mic)

Jung Min: friends, help me? Help out! (Not sure the Chinese pronunciation, look to the translator to confirm)

Hyung-jun: Thank you!

Hyun Joong: How are you! (Note! Hyun Joong say the words in Shanghai dialect)

Young Saeng: I love you ~

Kyu Jung: You’re welcome (laughing himself)

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