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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore Press Conference [120503]

2nd May 2012 – The media greeted Kim Hyun Joong in Korean as the singer made his way to the stage at the press conference venue, looking very stylish in an all-black suit with bling wrist accessories, waving and smiling to the cameras.

Shortly after the photographers got their fill of shots of the solo artiste whom many affectionately call Leader (he is known for his leader role in popular Korean boy group SS501), the press conference that was held at Fairmont Hotel Convention Centre commenced.

Kim Hyun Joong greeted the audience in his soft-spoken voice, in both English and Mandarin Chinese, catering to language of the local fans. This trip marks his third time visiting Singapore and he expressed that he misses his fans who always seem to give him such a warm welcome every time he comes to visit. The down-to-Earth singer also said that he will be walking the streets of Singapore and if fans were to bump to him, they are welcome to come up and say ‘hi’!

Fans can expect a novel concept for his fan meeting that will be happening this Friday (May 4th). He has prepared games, songs he has never performed before as well as fun and new elements he incorporated into the ‘mini concert’. He declined revealing more, as he did not want to spoil the surprise and said, “The best way to find out is to come and see it for yourself”. The singer has also requested to hi-5 all 3,000 fans, as he wants to meet everyone and make sure that they have the best of fun.

The media then proceeded to ask him personal questions that ranged from his current preferences in music to his recent collaboration with Japanese group, B’z.

Q: Music influence:
A: No particular type of music, it depends on the weather. While in Singapore, he likes listening to ballads (both others and his own) as it suits the current rainy weather we have here.

Q: Record he wants to break:
A: Being the singer who has held a concert with the most number of fans in attendance.

Q: Views on his own children wanting to pursue the same career as him:
A: Would not stop or discourage them from pursuing a career as an idol. It depends on what they want to do, as long as it does not affect people in a negative way.

Q:What his frequent usage of “…” in the posts on his portal means:
A: It doesn’t really mean anything. It just became a habit for him, the ‘…’ is similar to the frequent usage of ‘lol’ at the end of a sentence here.

Q: Collaboration with B’z:
A: He has always liked B’z and it was great to be able to collaborate with them on a Japanese single titled, HEAT.

Q: Future goals:
A: Preparing to release a new album next year and be active as a celebrity in other areas too so as to not disappoint his fans. After the fan meeting, he will be working on a new drama and more details will be released later on.

The press conference ended on a pleasant note as Kim Hyun Joong thanked fans for their love and support and said that he would not be here if not for the fans and he will continue doing his best for them.

We would like to thank Running Into The Sun for allowing soKoreal.com to cover the press conference. For more exclusive pictures from the event, head over to our official Facebook page!

Credit: SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life

Pictures taken by: Myra
Written by: Myra

Source: http://sokoreal.com/2012/05/03/exclusive-coverage-kim-hyun-joong-fan-meeting-2012-in-singapore-press-conference/

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