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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Jae Joong Show Off How They’re Big BFFs [120418]

Kim Hyun Joong showed how thankful he was toward his friend of 10 years, Kim Jae Joong.

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong made a surprise appearance on the April 14 broadcast of MBC’s K-Pop Stars Take Over the World-Lucky Guy Kim Hyun Joong.

This day, Kim Hyun Joong was shown heading to a bar in Gangnam after finishing his day’s schedule. The one waiting for him there turned out to be JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong. The two are known to be so close they once even lived together in the same house, and even occasionally go on overseas trips together whenever they can find time in their schedules.

Kim Hyun Joong said, “We lived together for about a year, but because Jae Joong hyung (big brother) had schedules in Japan and I went overseas a lot, we only saw each other at home for about one or two months.” Although they didn’t get to see each other much, their friendship, which started since the beginnings of their careers, gave them strength with its existence.

“When I was having a hard time Jae Joong hyung once left a letter next to my pillow,” Kim Hyun Joong said. “It told me not to drink too much and instead to talk it out. I still have that letter.”

To this Kim Jae Joong said, “I wrote a letter and I got a response. It said he was sorry he didn’t get to do much for me and that he was thankful. Do you remember?” Kim Jae Joong said he still had that letter also, and laughed in embarrassment, saying, “These men, writing letters to each other….”

The two were signed with different agencies and were active in different groups, but both said, “Although we were in different teams, we were able to depend on each other a lot. There are things you can’t talk about [with your own members] because you’re in the same team.”

The two had more in common because they were both singers who ventured into acting. “Our conversations flow smoothly. There’s the type of music I want to work with, the music I work with now and Kim Jae Joong’s music. We could swap, and I could change because of that. When I ask him to write me a song over the phone, he immediately does so,” Kim Hyun Joong said in thanks.

He then added, “They talk about Asia stars and the Korean wave, but I feel like I’m trapped. I could be saying this because I’m young but…,” showing the pressure he felt about the title of hallyu star and the great attention he’s receiving. He and Kim Jae Joong could talk about such feelings because they had both gone through it, and this helped them depend on each other.

After the broadcast, viewers left comments such as, ‘I knew they were close, but it’s more touching to see it on TV’ and ‘These friends exchange letters. That’s cool and cute at the same time’.

Credit: global.mnet.com + SS501 ★ Melodies Of Life

Photo credit: MBC

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