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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Park Jung Min - SS501 Park Jung Min “to stop the exclusive contact” - 120412

Member of the five-members male group SS501, Park Jung Min (25) filed an injunction against his agency for “not fulfilling the contract properly”.

According to the legal circle on the 12th, Mr Park has applied an injunction to the Seoul Central District Court against his agency CNR to suspend the exclusive contract.

Mr Park said, “The domestic profits should be divided by 8:2 with the agency, and the overseas by 5:5″ and “However, the agency has only paid 150 million won last year. Except that, the profits are not paid properly”

Moreover, “The agreement is not properly fulfilled, such as the claiming for profit breakdown, the missing profits or excess costs charged, etc.” and “(Seek for an injunction)To stop the effectiveness of the exclusive contract”, he added.

credits: mt.co.kr + 피오나 (English translation) + http://www.park-jung-min.com/ (PJM International Fans Club)@PJMIFC + Lux Mae's Corner
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