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Monday, April 2, 2012

[Info] 120329 "Sent From Heaven" Woori's 1st love Heo Young Saeng Appear, High School Students Sweet Sight

Cha Woori's 1st love Heo Young Saeng Appear.

On the broadcast of 29 Mar KBS 2TV "Sent From Heaven" sitcom, Wang Mo (acted by Shim Hye-Jin) and Chae-Hwa (acted by Hwang Woo-Seul-Hye) found a diary in a cupboard drawer. This diary was written by Cha Se-Joo's deceased wife.

Because of Cha Ho Min and Cha Woori, Se-Joo's wife hid the time-table. Thus these people as they search for the time-table, at the same time they also reminise the past memories.

Chae-Hwa used to say "Just cry when you are sad" this sentence reminds Woori of Heo Young Saeng. The sentence "Just cry when you are hurt" is Woori's 1st love Heo Young Saeng who said to her when he saw her hurt. Thus Woori cant help but to be reminded of him.

Credit: TVreport + Forever YS (Chinese Trans) + StylishHYS (Eng Trans)

Heo Young Saeng CUT in "Sent From Heaven

Credit: RMDKDL

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