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Sunday, February 13, 2011

[Photo + Account] 110126 KyuSaeng @ Palace BBQ Sen no Hana after Japan FM

The customer this time, is the popular group in South Korea SS501's Heo Young Saeng & Kim KyuJong.
Met YoungSaeng today, usually has his own style, at the same time his stage image is also very charming, having heavenly voice.. his hobby is music appreciation, fully showing his piano ability, not only in South Korea, he has a lot of fans in Japan.

Another is Kim KyuJong, is a person that no matter what he do will persist to the end, his hobby is music appreciation, basketball and reading. Not only in terms of artistic, he is also well verse in sports, even know magic, during tour journey he always show his skill infront of his staff, making everybody very happy.

This time, after completed their performance, they came together with around 10 over staff to our shop, ate a full course meal.
Before the food was served, was very interested with the starter porridge and herbal soup, even asked for another serving.
YoungSaeng asked for extra serving of tongue, ichibo beef, harami* (*tender meat around the diaphragm). Looking very contented. Also, they are enjoying the herbal soup and sake, there were laughters from beginning to end.

Final blog photo, also happily agreed to the request for autographs.

Also during the day not fearing the cool weather, fans waiting outside my shop, both of them also responded to fans support.

-- Anticipating YoungSaeng and KyuJong active look in future

Credit: http://sennohana.com/blog/archives/2011/01/501.html
Chinese translation: www.hyunsaengchina.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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