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Friday, February 18, 2011

[News + Photo] 110216 Park Jung Min's Valentine Special "Not Alone"

14 Feb, a snowy white Valentine's Day, Park Jung Min had his Valentine's Special "Not Alone" fanmeeting which was held at Tokyo CC Lemon. He sang the korean version of "Not Alone" as the opening song, with his dashing expression, even till the last musical note, Park Jung Min gave an opening greeting with a smile.

Firstly, [my motto is to try my best in everything I do] as an opening, [I want to be the No.1 person whom people want to hug most] after which followed by the introduction of his band which he said [wish to be a pillow "Jap Name"], [Jungmin's favourite person "Jap Name]. He continued on with [After working with me, becoming more and more like me "Jap Name" (laugh)], followed by a series of unexpected introduction for the rest of the band members which brought lots of laughter, making the audience anticipating for the rest of the event program.

Have a fantastic rapport with the MC. The day before at the Kobe fanmeeting, Jungmin quipped [Kobe is just like Kobe beef, tender and delicious], he continued to ask [Are there anyone who attended the Kobe fanmeeting here too?] As expected, there were no response. Thus the MC said [I will ask again] and secretly told the audience [must answer (YES) ok?] after which half of the audience put up their hands, making a classic atmosphere. Jungmin exclaimed [Hey, this is simply a lie, right?]

In addition, his solo hit "Not Alone" is the No.1 best selling album on YES24 music chart, at Taiwan he has also gotten No. 1 among all the music charts. Due to this the MC describe [Surpassed DBSK and Yamashita for the No.1 placing. An amazing feat!] but Jung Min replied smilingly [Please don't say that, I don't wish to become enemies with them.] With his eyes sparkling, can see that he couldn't contain his happiness. In order to learn Chinese for his Taiwan activities [我想你(I miss you), means I miss you]. Someone from the audience shouted [加油(Hwaiting)], which Jung Min replied [不行(Cannot), 你好吵(You are very noisy)~] Everyone burst out laughing, even the MC said [He even dared to scold audience, no wonder Jung Min is a person who will make people very happy] making everyone laughed without stopping.

Due to Valentine's Day [I have prepared songs that are similiar to my moods] and he sang "I Love You" by Ozaki Yutaka. With fluency in Japanese, Jung Min sang the song without any difficulties with lyrics deeply imprinted in his heart. When he was singing the song "Love Love Love" by Dreams Come True, [Let's shout Love Love Love together] making as a sing-along session for everyone.

As by default for all fanmeeting events, they played lots of games. For this Valentine's Day event, Jung Min specially prepared 2 performances "Valentine Kiss" by Corridor Running team and hoobae Kara's "Mister". Together with the dancers, when dancing to "Valentine Kisses" the dance looks pretty cute whereas for "Mister" butt dance, Jung Min's charismatic performace surpass Kara.

Lastly, when talking about lyrics composing [To complete good music, I spent a lot of time and money] and he tried his very best to sing the 3 songs from his solo album which lasted around 1 hour for the whole performance. But the fans wanted to listen more which Jung Min replied [Not now. For this album, I do not have any more songs to sing (laugh)]. Coming on stage to bid farewell to the audience [Thank you everyone for giving me such wonderful beautiful memories, I am very happy today] after which he left for backstage.

The live playing of the band, singing voice still ringing by the ear, cool dance, an event with never-ending laughter, this is totally a full marks stage by Park Jung Min. An ab501utely unforgettable experience for all!

The setlist of songs:
2. If You Cannot (SS501)
3. I Love You (Ozaki Yutaka)
4. Love Love Love (Dreams come true)
5. Sign (Mr. Children)
6. Valentine Kiss (corridor running team)
7. Mister (KARA)
8. Everyday is Christmas day (in which he replaced the Christmas to Valentine' s day)
9. Do You Know?
Encore: NOT ALONE (Japanese version)

Credit: Asian-hana
Japanese to Chinese: PJMIFC
Chinese to English: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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