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Saturday, February 12, 2011

[News] 110210 Kim KyuJong: I realize members is very important when I’m alone

SS501 appeared as “together, but working individually” last year. After they left DSP Media, although each member went to different management company, but they insist that SS501 will continue to work together/ Kim Hyun Joong becomes an actor, Park Jung Min have been carrying on his solo activity for his album ‘Not Alone’, and Kim KyuJong also started his life as an actor. Together, he and Heo Young Saeng switched to B2M Entertainment, which is also Lee HyoRi’s management agency. He also mentioned, “Although I’m from the flower boy group, but I’m not a flower boy. So I hope to become an actor who succeed not from how I look, but my talent.”

- How does it feel to work alone?
[Last time when all members work together, we will have many ideas. During that time, we can fool around without worries, but when I’m alone, it’s difficult to express the unhappy thoughts.]

- Taking acting lessons
[I’m currently attending acting classes 2 to 3 times a week, 2 hours each lesson. When I’m in the group, acting is not really required for music video and variety show. But now that I’m in the professional world, I will definitely have to do well. Although I will feel burdened by it, but hope that I’m able to make everyone see the brand new me in the new year. We are still in the process of discussing for new project, I believe we will be able to make a decision soon.]

- What kind of actor would you like to be?
[Although I’m not a pretty boy, but I’ve decided to use my strength to win. Although I’m from the flower boy group, but I’m not a flower boy. So I hope to become an actor who succeed not from how I look, but my talent. I really like Ha Jung Woo’s acting, so I always use his show as an example for me. Ha Jung Woo is very handsome in the movie ]

- Often in contact with SS501
[All 5 members have not met up together, because there’s always 1 or 2 of them couldn’t make it. Because I’m in the same agency as Young Saeng, so we met up often. Young Saeng is preparing for his solo album now, we also went to America together, to meet up with people who will be working together for his album, also heard some of the songs. I often call Jung Min to chat over the phone, also watched his performance. Sometimes, I will go for a drink with Hyun Joong.]

- Worrying about his solo activities
[Last time, I will rely on other members. Now that there’s no one to rely on, I will have to be responsible for everything. Of course I will feel worried, but if I don’t carry out the solo activities, I wouldn’t improve. When we were together, when I saw other members working on their own, I will ask myself “When can I do that?”, and this thought unknowingly coming true. So every time I will feel satisfied and proud of myself, I just have to do my best. It seems to be the spur for each another]

- SS501 doesn’t have many fanatic fans
[We have once made an agreement with our fans,. if they were to wait at our house, it will cause inconvenience for both party, so they need self-control. We’ll just meet at event venue or at TV station. After that, fans who wait outside our house decrease. Sometimes, my dad will tell me stories about fans coming to look for us. ‘When they come and look for you, just let them do it. Who will come and look for you after 10 years?’It’s really true isn’t it? I have always been living my life with gratitude towards all who love me.]

- When will SS501 be releasing album?
[My guess is end of this year. It’s not easy to do it when all of us are in different agency. But all members are having the same idea.]

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