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Sunday, February 13, 2011

[News] 110209 Jungmin: I’m Not Alone

He’s now on himself as aside from the five like before.

Park Jungmin who has stood forth in his solo activities for the first time outside of SS501. Because of the burden from going ‘alone’, he even developed insomnia; despite that, he embraces the excitement with regards to a ‘brand new start’ with his stepping forth alone.

That is why his song title is named ‘Not Alone’, too. To analyse into it, it could be interpreted as “I’m not alone”, and of course, lyrics of all three songs from within this album have been written by himself personally.

“For a singer, it is the most important thing for him to put in all his heart and sing a song. And so for my case, I put in all my heart and experiences into writing the lyrics word by word. Hahaha. We’re all not alone, and ‘are as one’. Though I may be alone for now, SS501 is Forever – such a meaning exists too”.

For the sake of showing an individual like Park Jung Min instead of as a member of SS501, he’s ripped off his soft image of the past’s.

“I want to show a sharper image than before, and so I lost weight of about 12kg. In the gym that I attend includes many body-fit singers like Kim Jong-gook hyung, Super Junior, SHINee etc. I cannot possibly lose to them if compared, can I”.

Though he changed in terms of outlook, his preposterous side and straight-forwardness couldn’t be hidden. He revealed his dieting secrets such as ‘hot creams’, ‘thigh trimming’, ‘blood-vessel massages’ etc.

Although other team members are all now doing activities in each of their agencies, their tenacious affinity still goes on.

“We’re apart for now but we don’t use the term ‘disbandment’. We made a few priority conditions that although we’re dispersed here and there for now, when we gather back as one SS501, we will turn down all personal schedules and be prepared to re-unite. Rather than it being forced, we’ll make it happen au naturel as we shall emit illumination on each of our own when we stand together on one stage in chances to come. We’re preparing to lash on that opportunity when it’s here”.

Park Jungmin who’s been actively appearing in all kinds of music programmes and variety programmes these days has already filled his work schedules to the brim for the entire of this year.

“After May, I’ll be doing Asia tours in 5 countries, after which I’ll be starring in a trendy Taiwan drama in around July~August. In about Fall or Winter, I’ll be back in Korea to do a drama for I want to let people know about an actor called Park Jung Min”.

Credit: http://www.newsgn.com/sub_read.html?uid=5146 + rainaftershine@wordpres
English translation: ode@ss501ode.blogspot.com

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