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Monday, January 17, 2011

[Twitter] 110115 Boys tweet update

2011-01-15 @ 6:40pm
@2kjdream Saw it now!! Heehee Found the photos in HongKong (fan meeting) pretty~~^^*Be careful of catching flu and come to play when I make my comeback (stage)!!^^*

2011-01-15 @ 6:05pm
Looking at sketchbook and doing what~ke http://spic.kr/2Z9E

2011-01-15 @ 3:54pm
Reciting letter.... Mr Kim HyungJun http://spic.kr/2Z6V

2011-01-15 @ 1:29pm
-16 degrees! It's very cold~! I hope everyone will dress warmly... I wish that it will be less colder during my showcase TT T

2011-01-15 @ 12:05am
@2kjdream O K~ Call~^^

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